Whether heavy rail, light rail, ferries, intelligent transport systems, cycle hire schemes, air navigation services, or more, we are committed to delivering the best performing transport systems.

Building capacity and delivering world leading transport systems

Serco runs the full spectrum of transport systems around the world – from air and sea to road, and with a particular focus on rail. We have the capability to deliver end-to-end solutions, from the design and delivery of new transport systems to turning around underperforming transport services. 

We help governments to overcome urban congestion and maintain vital transport links. We manage complex transport programmes that deliver reliable performance, build future capacity, and keep citizens and economies moving.

Through a focus on the end-to-end passenger journey, delivery of operational excellence, and the application of intelligent systems and analytics, we are able to design and run more efficient transport services to deliver a better passenger experience.

Transport in Asia Pacific

Serco is a global leader in delivering innovative and sustainable transport solutions. In Asia Pacific, our transport capabilities include the operation and maintenance of passenger rail, road traffic management, and transport information services.

Internationally, Serco operates some of the world’s best-performing transport networks, including the Dubai Metro, the world’s largest fully automated driverless metro system. Under Serco’s tenure Dubai Metro has developed into one of the world’s best performing metro system, serving more than 830 million riders since opening in 2009 and achieving 99.9% on time performance.

In the United Kingdom, we have redefined luxury on the Caledonian Sleeper and have successfully managed Merseyrail, one of the most intensively used networks in the UK, with more than 37 million journeys each year. In addition to this, we ran the highly successful Docklands Light Railway from 1997 to 2013 and increased service reliability from 90% to a consistent 99.4% MAA or above.

We are also the largest non-government operator of civilian air traffic control in the world and offer a range of airside fire and rescue services. 


  • Each year, we answer more than 2.5 million calls from commuters needing travel assistance, log 146,000 passenger feedback comments, manage public transport websites, and process 164,000 forms on behalf of the New South Wales and Western Australian state government transport departments.
  • Serco has 25 years’ experience supporting Hong Kong in road and toll management. 
  • In 2018, Serco was awarded the contract to manage, operate and maintain the new Lung Shan and Cheung Shan Tunnels in Hong Kong. The Lung Shan Tunnel will be the longest road tunnel in Hong Kong. Under the contract, Serco will be responsible for traffic operations management, incident response, and maintenance and repair work for all tunnel equipment. 

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