Intelligent Transportation Systems

Integrated solutions that encompass the full spectrum of regional transportation needs for road, tunnel, bridge, and traffic management.

Serco has over 30 years' experience developing and operating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for national highways, state-wide transportation networks, major cities, counties, and municipalities.

We enable our customers to define a vision of an advanced intelligent transportation system that best suits their needs, roll it out quickly, achieve high levels of efficiency and safety from day one, and then monitor and analyze performance based on agreed upon metrics.

Increasingly, state and regional transportation authorities are looking to take an integrated approach to surface transportation that marries the efficiencies of ITS technology with a focus on safety outcomes, quality of service, and driver satisfaction.

Serco is uniquely qualified to take on complex programmes that integrate multiple service lines. We provide our customers with in-depth data analytics and incident “heat maps”, intelligent traffic management and tolling systems, and optimised safety responses that save lives and keep travellers and commerce moving.

We provide ITS as a managed service solution that encompasses the full spectrum of regional transportation needs, including the traffic management center, bridge and tunnel operations, ITS and traffic signal maintenance, incident management and Safety Service Patrol (SSP), technology integration, and tolling services.

Our integrated solutions encompass system development and integration, operational control center development, incident detection and management, lane control signals, CCTV control and surveillance, intelligent congestion management, and manual and automated toll collection.

Key Facts

  • In Hong Kong, Serco worked with KML Engineering to design, supply and install the HK$82.6 million system for the Shenzhen Western Corridor. The system has 11 gantries incorporating eight full-function, Chinese-English Variable Message Signs, lane control systems, and variable advisory speed restrictions, and includes links to external applications such as weather and structural monitoring systems.
  • In the US, our Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) provides a consolidated view of 3,500 separate devices for Georgia’s Department of Transportation (GDOT) sophisticated Intelligent Transportation System.
  • When Serco began working with GDOT in 2010, device availability hovered around 50%. Serco was able to bring this to an average of 99.3% which is significantly above industry standards.
  • In 2016, GDOT and the Serco team received the Best of ITS Award at the ITS America conference.

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