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Information for Serco AsPac employees: Coronavirus COVID-19

CEO update:

Message from Mark Irwin, CEO Serco Asia Pacific 3 June 2020 (click to download):

This site has been developed for Serco Asia Pacific employees to provide information and resources about Coronavirus COVID-19. Information will be updated reguarly.

Additional resources for team leaders and people managers are available on the Serco AsPac hub (login required). 

If you are a Serco Fiona Stanley Hospital employee, please go to the FSH Resources page. Additional information is also available on the Serco FSH hub site (login required), or speak to your line manager. 

News and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

Here you will find FAQs for Serco employees.

The answers to some questions and the measures we adopt will be different for different regions. This is due to Government decisions at the National, Regional or Local level. There will also be differences as a result of the different work we perform in our contracts and the diverse environments we operate in.

Resources for Sites

On this page you will find information and communication materials which can be used at your sites.

Australian Government Coronavirus App

Stay informed.

Download the official Australian government “Coronavirus Australia” app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, or join the Australian Government WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android.

Government Health Information Pages:

Australian Department of Health

Ministry of Health New Zealand

Hong Kong Health Department