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Captain's Log

IcebreakerĀ Captain Paul Clarke shares news from the bridge as the team readies Australia's new icebreaker for its maiden voyage in 2020.

Knowledge is key

31 January 2020

As work continues on the Nuyina in Galati, Captain Paul Clarke returns to Tasmania to undergo polar code training with the Australian Maritime College. 

Goodbye Antarctica, hello Romania

29 November 2019

As the Aurora Australis crew say goodbye to Antarctica, Captain Clarke has an opportunity to help out with underway water sampling for two research projects on the ship. 

Davis station refuelling

22 November 2019

In Antarctica on the Aurora Australis, Captain Clarke participates in the Davis research station refuelling.

Harbour Acceptance Trials

20 November 2019

The Galati Four are in the swing of Harbour Acceptance Trials for the Nuyina's elevators, cranes and life boats. 

Welcome to Galati

13 November 2019

Captain Laughlin participates in ‘test readiness reviews’ and meets the ship for the first time.

Antarctic-bound on the Aurora Australis

7 November 2019

Captain Paul Clarke gets a taste for Australia’s Antarctic operations on the Aurora Australis’s voyage to Davis.

The Galati Four

6 November 2019

Captain Scott Laughlin introduces the ‘Galati Four’ as they form their first impressions of the ship.

Meet the Captain

Headshot of Paul Clarke

Captain Paul Clarke

Captain Clarke has extensive experience in the Antarctic, having spent 11 years working for the British Antarctic Survey, and undertaking more than 20 voyages to Antarctica. 

Born and raised in the Falkland Islands, Paul began working for the British Antarctic Survey as a deck hand in 1994 and has always aspired to become the Master of an Antarctic research vessel. 

Most recently, Paul spent the last decade sailing as a Master for shipping company Solstad/Farstad in the oil and gas industry around Australia and many other parts of the world. He brings with him valuable experience sailing in the ice and knowledge from the British Antarctic Survey that will complement and enhance the operation of the Nuyina.