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Captains' Log: The 'Galati Four'

Image: L-R: Captain Scott Laughlin with Chief Engineer John Wicks, ETO Cameron Grant and ETO Mathew Wright.

This week Captain Scott Laughlin introduces the ‘Galati Four’ as they form their first impressions of the ship.

6 November 2019

Our Tasmanian-based crew commenced with Serco in April 2019 and have been supporting the vessel development from Hobart and in Europe.

Chief Engineer, John Wicks (Wicksy), lives in Launceston and brings over 30 years of engineering knowledge, including new build experience on two offshore vessels.

Electro-Technical Officer’s, Cameron Grant and Mathew Wright (Cam and Mat), both from Hobart have most recently been working in the offshore sea-going industry. 

Cam has worked in the electrical industry for 20 years and has also spent 14 years on the Aurora Australis as an electrical contractor during port calls and lay-ups. 

Mat started his working career as a mechanical fitter and turner before transitioning to the electrical industry, and brings 18 years of electrical and mechanical experience to the team from various shoreside and offshore positions.

Altogether we have been nicknamed the ‘Galati Four’.

Cam says of his first impressions of the ship:

“Seeing the enormity of the Nuyina reaching up from the banks of the Danube for the first time was extremely exciting and inspiring.  It really is such an honour to be given the opportunity to be involved with such an amazing project.”

Mat shared a similar experience:

“I have had many people ask me the same question: ‘What’s the ship like?’. There is no easy answer as it is really something that every individual requires to see for themselves first hand. 

“RSV Nuyina is a complex ship full of features, and the platform of science and resupply capability is well beyond what I expected when I first embarked on this project. I am looking forward to being part of the operation sailing to Antarctica for the first time on the Nuyina, and am thrilled I have had this remarkable opportunity to be part of a great team of people bringing this ship online.”