Your 2020 Maintenance Enterprise Agreement

Update 26 November 2020

Serco has met with Unions again this week to progress discussions about the Maintenance Agreement 2020. Our negotiations continue to be respectful, open and productive.

Ahead of the planned protected industrial action tomorrow, Serco employees are reminded that acts of bullying or harassment against other employees, inappropriate language and behaving in a disrespectful manner are serious breaches of our Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.

Please remember that as a Serco employee, you are not permitted to speak to the media. If you are approached by the media, please refer them to the Serco Media team on 02 9409 8700.   

Contingencies are in place to ensure there are no interruptions to our maintenance service during this time, and our focus remains on ensuring the safety of patients, staff and visitors to the hospital.

If you have any questions about the industrial action being taken please speak to your MO, Paul Garland, Gary Small or Gary Lloyd.


Update 4 November 2020 

Serco has received Notification of Intention to take Protected Industrial Action from the Unions representing their respective members in the Maintenance workforce, specifically a 24-hour stoppage of work from 06:00am on Friday 13 November 2020.

In Serco’s view, all sides have been engaging constructively in the negotiations so far so we are disappointed that the Unions have decided to take this step.

Whilst we respect the right of union members to participate in this action we continue to believe that the best and most efficient way to reach a deal on a new Enterprise Agreement is to continue to focus on our negotiations.

As an essential public hospital, it is paramount that patient care is not compromised by any industrial action. Our primary focus during the action will therefore be to avoid disruption to hospital operations and ensure the safety of patients, employees and visitors.  

If you choose to participate in this industrial action, you are responsible for ensuring the action is protected and carried out in accordance with the Fair Work Act.

We also remind all employees (regardless of whether they take the action or not) that they are still bound by Serco’s governing policies including Code of Conduct and Media policies. In particular, any acts of bullying, harassment or discrimination against an employee because they choose to participate or not to participate in protected action will be considered serious misconduct and will not be tolerated. 

Anyone who participates in industrial action can only access public areas of the hospital on the day that protected action is being taken.

If you have any questions about the industrial action being taken please speak to your MO, Paul Garland or Gary Lloyd.

Common questions about industrial action

Will I be paid if I don’t work on the day of protected industrial action?

No. Serco is required to withhold payment for any period you participate in this protected action.

Who can take industrial action?

Only union members are entitled to take the protected industrial action. Other employees are required to report for duty as normal.

Do I have to participate in the protected industrial action?

No. Only Union members can take the action, but they are also free to choose whether or not they wish to participate in the action.

What action can be taken?

The only protected action that can be taken at this stage is a 24-hour stoppage of work from 06:00am on Friday 13 November 2020. Any other action taken might not be protected and could result in disciplinary action if you are in any doubt about whether something is protected action or not you should check before doing it.

Can my employment be terminated for participating in industrial action?

Serco cannot discipline you or terminate your employment for participating in protected industrial action. However, as an employee, you are still required to behave in accordance with Serco’s Code of Conduct as outlined in your employment agreement and adhere to Serco’s policies during any stoppage of work. This includes Serco’s media and social media policies and our bullying and harassment policies.

Can I still attend work if I choose to?

Yes, arrangements will be made for anyone who will be coming to work during the period of protected industrial action to do so safely and without prejudice. It is unlawful to force anyone to participate in industrial action and to prevent anyone from coming to work.