About Serco at Fiona Stanley Hospital

At Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia, Serco works in partnership with the WA Government to deliver outstanding care thanks to the best people, practices and technologies.

Western Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facility

In 2011, Serco was awarded the contract to deliver non-clinical services at Fiona Stanley Hospital; one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities.

Since that time, Serco has worked as an essential partner with the Western Australian Government in the commissioning and operation of the 783-bed tertiary hospital, including procuring and deploying $350m of equipment, furniture and technology.

Since opening in 2014, Serco has successfully provided 25 non-clinical services at Fiona Stanley Hospital, working in partnership as one team with the Western Australian Government’s doctors, nurses and allied health staff.

The patient experience really matters to us

At Serco, we constantly listen to patients and staff so that we can continuously improve our services and support the recovery of the people in our care.

Increasing efficiency and driving standards for the WA Government

Our non-clinical services increase efficiency for the hospital and provide best value for tax-payers money by using tools such as:

  • Real time location systems for equipment and resources
  • Tracking devices in linen
  • Robotic logistics to reduce workplace injuries
  • Leading practice microfibre cleaning methods to deliver the highest standard of safe cleaning

Innovative services at Fiona Stanley Hospital

We provide services at Fiona Stanley Hospital that keep improving and incorporate the latest innovations for the benefit of patients and clinical staff.

We are committed to achieving high standards of customer satisfaction and incorporating patient feedback mechanisms across our services through satisfaction surveys and other feedback.

Our service innovations at Fiona Stanley Hospital include:

  • Advanced patient entertainment systems providing touch screen technology to patients and staff and a range of patient entertainment options
  • Automated guided vehicles to reduce workplace injuries and improve efficiencies
  • Single point of contact through a helpdesk for all non-clinical requests – managing 5000 calls each day
  • Automatic stock control for goods and materials
  • Leading microfibre cleaning methods delivering the highest standards
  • Managed equipment scheme that ensures up-to-date and well maintained medical equipment
  • State-of-the-art building management system with 150,000 data monitoring points
  • Secure, hospital-wide video conferencing (telehealth) via mobile computing devices
  • Advanced ICT infrastructure with a secure and reliable single network
  • Freshly cooked meals made from scratch using local ingredients – 2000 plated meals and 200 snack boxes each day
  • Real time location systems in place for staff, equipment and patients
  • Linen tagged with location tags, ensuring efficient lifecycle management and theft reduction.