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Colour treatment

Hero image

When using hero images i.e. full page in print or full width in digital, a colour treatment should be used to bring visual brand interest.

The image colour treatment consists of a gradient overlay using the Serco Grey and a colour from the Secondary palette, primarily one of the Serco reds, but other colours can be used depending on use. A single colour can be used but the two colour setting is preferred. The treatment can be applied in various software such as Photoshop, Indesign or PowerPoint, for example, depending on its final use. This adds a brand aspect to the imagery as part of the Serco visual system.

The gradient can be adjusted to draw focus to the primary content of an image e.g. a Serco colleague.

Note: This treatment should only be used on full page images in offline collateral or full-width hero images in digital i.e. Serco website. All other images used should remain full colour as their original state.

Before colour treatment

After colour treatment

Photoshop settings for colour treatment

Select appropriate hero image from the Serco Brand Bank.

Open in Photoshop, select correct colour settings from the Serco colour palette.


Set the blend mode. Overlay or Multiply tend to produce the desired effect. This will differ depending on the image and colour content.

Experimentation maybe be required to produce the desired effect.

Set the gradient positioning and adjust to draw focus to key feature of the image. In this case the machinist.

The angle of the gradient should adjusted to suit the image selected. Always ensure that the primary focus of the image, in this case the person, remains as unaffected as possible by the treatment. This creates more engagement with the primary focus of the image.

Colour treatment – PowerPoint

The gradient effect can also be applied in PowerPoint as a gradient overlay. Again use the Serco Grey and/or Rich red as a primary choice, but the visual style will also work well with the accent colours in suitable situations.

Colour treatment – digital/web

When the gradient treatment is applied on the Serco website, there is no need to add the gradient to the original image. This will automatically be handled by the Content Management System (CMS).

Users are only required to upload a single image at the relevant size.