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Cropping webpage hero


The various sizes that a website is viewed on different screens affects the cropping of the hero image.

As described previously, the recommended artwork size of 2160 x 990 visible area (suitable for high resolution displays) should be considered for the original image.

When the hero image is viewed on a common display size with a visible area 1366 x 600, minimal cropping occurs, indicated in yellow.

When the hero image is viewed on an extra large display with a display area of 1920 x 600, a larger area of cropping will occur, indicated in yellow.

The amount of cropping that occurs on various display sizes should be taken into consideration when selecting an image for a webpage hero image.

Recommended artwork size of 2160 x 1990 (suitable for high resolution displays)

Commonly used display 1366 x 600

Extra large display 1920 x 600