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Service photography

Serco provides a high level of sophisticated and complex services that make a difference to the world on a daily basis.

To illustrate this level of expertise, service photography should be shot to convey this. 

Use the environment to create compelling compositions that tell the Serco story. Lighting plays a big role in achieving a great image.

Consider dynamic angles to create engaging imagery.

Always ensure the service images are taken professionally using a DSLR camera. Modern smartphones can create excellent images but do not tend to provide the quality required in wide landscape images like the ones shown.

Always ensure that photography tells the right story. The image of the pilot, although a nice looking image, isn’t a true representation of the Serco service.

Serco doesn't supply pilots to the RAF. 

The image of the tractor gives the impression that Serco supplies tractors rather than the Environmental services.

Any Serco colleague that is in a potential position to be taking shots for the brand, whether it’s of colleagues or a service, or a professional photographer, should bare these points in mind.