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Web hero images

Hero images are not just high impact views of our services, such a an aircraft carrier assisted by a tug boat, or defence aircraft preparing for take off. People are also the heroes of Serco so should be considered as a primary image too.

Composition for webpage hero

When shooting subjects for Serco it is essential that composition of the subject is considered. Bare in mind how the image could be used. There are certain key things to consider when shooting or selecting an image for use in the hero space on a Serco webpage.

It is recommended that an image area of 2160 x 990 pixels is considered when shooting or selecting hero images. This is an area that will allow correct scaling if the image is used in the hero space on a Serco webpage.

A hero shot is scaled centre/centre in the hero position of a Serco webpage. Consider this when composing images that could be used in the hero position. Allow plenty of room around your key focus.

Correct: Key focus within 2160 x 990px
Incorrect: Key focus outside of 2160 x 990px

Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a recommended way to compose an image. For example; the firefighters below are positioned in the ideal zone, shown by the green keylines, using the rule of thirds with the key area.

Rule of thirds: Ideal position for hero image
The image of the service worker, although shot well with good depth of field and focus on the colleague, could not be used as a hero image. The service workers head would be cropped out if this was used as a hero image. It could only be used as an inset shot in a web page.
Rule of thirds: Not suitable as hero image