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Viewpoint Comments


As always, our annual engagement survey, Viewpoint, ran during September and is now closed. This year, more of our colleagues than ever took the time to share their views and opinions and encouragingly so, despite the Covid-19 disruption, our engagement score increased to a record high. We also received 45% more written comments than we did in 2019 – 64,550 in total!

The richness of this information is incredibly helpful as we work with Colleagues to understand these important messages and agree actions to further improve the experience of working with Serco. 

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Health & Safety
  3. Pride
  4. Career
  5. Communication
  6. Opinions Count

As a business, we want to be transparent in all that we do and therefore, we wanted to publish what it is our people say about us!

Customer Focus - Where I work, we provide a high level of service to our customers/service users

  1. Always a high level of service but can always be better.

  2. Profesional pride is something we excel at.

  3. However, I often feel our team and the work we do is not appreciated.

  4. We strive daily to offer the highest level of service to our consumers.

  5. We exceed our client's expectations on a regular basis.

  6. This is because as a team we push ourselves to strive for the best.

  7. It's all about the contract.

  8. We cannot complete a high level of service from the customers point of view as long as we do not meet there expectations...eg working WiFi a/c  etc.

  9. We could service our customers better if people had this in mind rather than their own agendas.

  10. During the last 9 month period, I really think we have worked well with our customers to deliver our services; a real sense of working in partnership for once!

  11. Majority is a yes however there are a few groups who don't.

  12. I feel we can offer better customer service at times.

  13. Covid restrictions make it hard to do all we were doing before lockdown.

  14. We always try to satisfy our consumers and try to get all info to them.

  15. I think the level of service is sometimes compromised by trust decisions.

  16. We could provide a better service if given time to concentrate on areas where my skills and expertise would be more beneficial to the Contract Management Team at all levels.

  17. I believe some people need further training on customer service.

  18. I feel we do but our customer sometimes doesn't support what we do.

  19. I feel as though our office is divided by people who really care and work hard and others that get by and do the minimum to just keep their job and there is not much concern for those that slack and it is frustrating to us who actually work hard and spend time correcting errors or fixing the incorrect work of others that are not held accountable.

  20. I feel as though my team do to the individuals who we work with, however this can be very much limited due to limitations put on us my management. For example when individuals complete programmes, they are often not interacted with again, which I feel can undo all of the therapeutic rapport building we have done with the individuals and potentially become more harmful for their progression.

  21. We are acknowledged as providing an excellent service.

  22. We do but sometimes I feel we forget what we actually do and appreciate it.

  23. I feel that we provide good service. 

  24. Hotel staff provide a high standard of service to passengers. Deck crew use their skills to load the car deck with very little space leftover and carefully plan & execute routing especially during winter. Engineers work tirelessly to keep machinery operational and all facilities available throughout the ship.

  25. We meet the customers requirements and receive great feedback from them.

  26. We go above an beyond for our customer every day to ensure they are getting the products and support that they need.

  27. We always strive to provide a high level of delivery to our customers.

  28. I do believe we provide a good standard of service however feel with recent short-cuts taken with on-boarding and ongoing support we are unable to provide the highest level that we are capable of.

  29. I have just changed depts to Equalities, and realise now that we cover lots of areas to help the prisoner in their incarceration.

  30. I agree with all our procedures to ensure that all the bikes are going out on a perfect condition.

  31. I do me, and all my team we do everything we can and go the extra mile for the patients.

  32. We spend a lot of time on stakeholder engagement to try and smooth the operation to make benefits to both us, them and the service users

  33. My Department, even though the team plays a very important role we seem overlooked a lot of the time. The team still gives a 100 %!

  34. We are always striving to provide a high level of service to the customers and clients in resolving any issues as best we can.

  35. I believe that my Team endeavour to always give a high level of service to our customers. We all have pride in doing our best in whatever job/task we do.

  36. We are all dedicated to making sure that the services we provide or develop are to make the thing perform easier and better for all.

  37. I am so busy recently that I feel I am not managing to provide the same level of service that I have in the past.

  38. Only if you have the right team working for you and behind you in terms of managing service team personal.

  39. Dont really have a choice do we? We don't get any incentive other than having our hours cut some more.

  40. Sometimes it feels as though the workers putting in all the effort don't matter, just the business side of it to make the company look good.

  41. I feel we provide the second mile of service to our customers.

  42. Our staff often go above and beyond to provide the best customer service.

  43. Felt very proud to contribute but the general manager and director needs to listen more.

  44. I feel that my department provides a good level of care and service but I do not feel the prison as a whole does.

  45. I feel I go above and beyond, even if all prisoners don't agree.

  46. I feel like we have been selected carefully as a team to give out great customer service to the public.

  47. I would say there are both positive and negative aspects to this. Customers that are advised correctly and get sorted are genuinely happy however there are a lot of people that are passed from pillar to post because certain colleagues do not have full training and send people to the wrong place resulting in a lot of angry and upset claimants.

  48. I feel my direct team offer a high level of service, however I would not say that the service as a whole does.

  49. Customer service levels could improve if permissions were not so tight.  Simple tasks could be resolved immediately instead taking days if not weeks to resolve causing frustration with the customers.

  50. Some do and some don't. I'm appalled at some of the customer service being delivered by certain examiners. Frankly, appalled is an understatement.

  51. Too many restrictions, i.e. no skype, no calendar invites - things could be much more improved.

  52. Yes, we always try to provide the best.

  53. I personally work to my highest standards however I don't think Serco itself influences this. The methods and processes around delivery of services is driven by the client.

  54. With the issue we have today with covid-19 and so many scams over the phone I think we loose a lot of our Spanish speaking callers due to not having enough Spanish speaking people to make outbound calls these calls are from the Spanish call Queue. I get hung up on probably 85% of the time either during my opening or while trying to get IU on the line. I can't give the reassurance they need when the call is started. I know a high number of people I call who speak English their first questions how do I know this is not a scam. My response is important as to if I loose the consumer there or keep them on the line for that reassurance. Thanks.

  55. I feel we do provide a high level of service, however are hampered by delays in information being provided in relation to new initiatives or changes.  We sometimes look like fools when things change from week to week.  It would be nice to have some foreknowledge before changes happen.

  56. As a team we are able to provide one on one care to our patients. We are able to listern to their concerns and voice their concerns to the receiving nursing staff. We receive regular in house and external training which keeps us up to date with new techniques.

  57. Our department is all about services and we strive to provide that service to our users and clients.

  58. We do provide a high level of service to all who we come into contact with but sometimes we need to put US first.

  59. Yes we do.

  60. Prisoners get what ever they want.

  61. This response is specific to my current role and not to the centre or particular contract.

  62. There will always be opportunities for improvement, for myself its important to aim high and follow through with these opportunities.

  63. We go above and beyond but not everyone is paid equally or fairly.

  64. Not enough staff to be able to carry out a high level of service to our customers.

  65. The ground floor staff do. They make the difference. Despite the fact that training opportunities, unless free or online, are seldomly approved. Well, unless you're the manager. Despite all this we do a great job, not that staff are ever praised or thanked for it.

  66. We have intentionally surrendered providing higher order thinking and analysis to our customers.  We have self identified and proactively positioned ourselves as white collar cable pullers.  That's how our customers view us now.

  67. Some do some don’t.

  68. I fully understand and support vulnerables. Any good service for them is often acknowledge by them with a grin on their faces.

  69. We are trying hard under the current pandemic circumstances.

  70. The detainees within Immigration are very well looked after.

  71. The intent seems to be there but sometimes the execution falls short.

  72. We work hard and reach our KPI's as a business.

  73. Very difficult to get through to people, so difficult to answer the questions, sometimes.

  74. Again, having more efficient work tools would help me achieve a higher level of service with less frustration.

  75. I would say that the Team do provide an excellent level of service. However this is let down by poor management.

  76. I've provide high level of my service to my customer/High level Officer to go beyond my performance and being notice that I do care for my user.

  77. Also to our safety.

  78. I think we do.  We provide services which touches the lives of many Veterans and their families.

  79. I've tried to support people wherever I can. I feel like a middleman though.

  80. On the night shift we deliver a 100% clean hospital every morning and our rate of pass of the audit is well above the required standard.

  81. I have had a number of 'service users' thank me for the work I have done which has in-turn helped them to maintain family links during the covid-19 lockdown. This makes me proud to say that I am making a difference and will continue to do so.

  82. We are regularly challenged on   how would you feel if you were the end user  .  What more can we do for them at a fair price/free. 

  83. There are many areas in which the service could be improved, and this often means paying attention to the finer details which often get overlooked by cutting corners.

  84. Have to assume so. Don't have the visibility to know for sure.

  85. It has the potential to be. The tool set-up and management expectations and experience of the team are all disjointed. Experience is badly needed.

  86. Customer service is the heart of everything we do.

  87. We do provide a good service but could provide a better one. 

  88. Instead of hiring  tons of people, train current employees more.

  89. We want to however but time constraints is effecting this which is disappointing.

  90. I feel that I have the knowledge and experience to do so.

  91. My department and others make a big difference to the service users by considering their needs and how these can be met. 

  92. I always endeavor to offer a good service to our customers and I believe the same applies with my colleagues. Our calls are regularly monitored to ensure the required service level is adhered to.

  93. I feel sad knowing the kinds of experiences customers must have given the quality of staff in my office.

  94. I will always strive for perfection and my team around me is supportive and provides a top quality service and product.

  95. We deliver the best we can on a limited budget. This is not the fault of Serco but the reduced specification and budget of the authority.

  96. Only been here a month, but I am enjoying it...

  97. Being that I've worked in different locations. I feel like the company needs to do a better job vetting some people that they hire. Worked with quite a few employees that were level 2s/ level 3s hired in and they were more along a level 1. Not taking anything away from them its just nice to know that your fellow employees are in a position that they are able to handle the situation they are placed in. And being compensated accordingly for their personal ability.

  98. Agreed. I feel proud of my colleagues and the work they do to provide high quality care and therapy to a difficult forensic population.  

  99. I like to think so, we try our best.

  100. We are literally just trying to keep our heads above water, we are only providing the most basic level of care.

  101. There is no doubt Serco's number 1 priority is customer service.  You see and feel this every day, the push to provide high quality products and services.

  102. Always professional at my location and we do a fantastic job keeping things moving.

  103. I believe we have room for improvement with regard to customer communications and adherence to schedule. However, steps are being taken to address this.

  104. No we don't. We provide a barely adequate level of service.

  105. We believe that the service is important to the running of the Station.

  106. Absolutley agree, highest level of service I have seen in this industry.

  107. We do try.

  108. We try to.

  109. We provide a very high level of experienced service but as I have mentioned elsewhere I don't believe the business maturity is there for that service to be accepted and utilised in the right ways.

  110. All I can say is that I do.

  111. I believe everyone takes pride in delivering great customer service to all of our customers and service users.

  112. I feel there is a gap here (in my area only), we have waded through and responded to criticisim from the customer though have still not provded reasonable programs with end to end outcomes. This would take a monetary investment from Serco which I believe is the hurdle.

  113. With a limited headcount we provide our best, stretching every day.

  114. We promote a high level of service.

  115. It is felt that rehabilitative culture is not currently a priority. Although we are starting to ease COVID and lockdown restrictions, this still does not feel a priority for residents and staff could be supported to deliver this service.

  116. I do agree with this however, there is still some confusion on regulations, about who we can and can't speak with, that need to be addressed here at our location.

  117. We all try our best but some have had limited training and others have not had training at all. Some have better opportunities, others do not. 

  118. I feel like we are progressing quickly as far as the quality of officers but we still have plenty of room to grow.

  119. The new technology we are using is flawed. We cannot give a high level of service while there are the still flaws in the system. Us operators don't feel confident in the system but we still have to use it.

  120. I do my best to complete my tasks in a timely manner.

  121. No strong opinion one way or the other.

  122. Well organised & good teamwork.

  123. The  department in which I work within always demands that a high level of service be maintained to its customers. These demands I do not find unreasonable as it is through my work and dedication that allows other members of Serco to be able to carry out their job as I recognise the importance of the team effort mentality that Serco instils in its employees.

  124. We provide a high level of service as we are first patient and staff contact.

  125. In our team we always work to make things as straightforward for the customer as we can. Regular surveys show our customers/service users are pleased with the work that we do.

  126. I frequently see staff going the extra mile for the customer/service user, but with COVID this is being appreciated more now.

  127. The customer is the main reason I try to do my best everyday.

  128. employees provide exceptional support to their customers.

  129. I would say so. 

  130. We do deliver a great service, but it is dependent on the same individuals time and time again. 

  131. I do not believe that we offer a  high level  of customer service to the customers. 

  132. We do not have proper access to information that would also help us. 

  133. I feel that the majority of staff endeavor to provide a high level of service at all times.

  134. I feel we are almost there.

  135. We do provide an excellent service. We have numerous audits to confirm our compliance which have good results.

  136. This seems to be more difficult to achieve lately due to the increasing workload over the last few months, so tasks are completed in a hurry with less attention to detail.

  137. Quality is the highest level for our consumers.

  138. Even with Covid restrictions we are doing great things for our userbase.

  139. We strive every day to ensure we are providing the best service we possibly can.

  140. We used to, but someone came up with the bright idea to split departments up.

  141. There is currently a big difference in standards between the regions.

  142. The customer is always provided a high level of service. That is one thing our office has always been known for is exceptionally responsive to customers and their work we support.

  143. For such a large company, I feel we could excell and provide a better service to our customer in regards to communication.

  144. Yes where I work I provide high level of service to our customers.

  145. We could do better.

  146. Serco maintains a standard.

  147. I hope everyday in my role I am providing a high level of service to our customers.

  148. We do because us at the bottom make it work it's not those in charge it's the ants working hard.

  149. I know the customer is very satisfied with the support we provide

  150. We strive to deliver the highest level of service possible, not just my team, but the wider Operations and Serco in general.

  151. The support process working from home has been far from perfect.

  152. Each health care team member I work with is dedicated and passionate in their role.

  153. A huge amount of effort is put into this.

  154. All serco are interested in is filling out paperwork. 

  155. Our stake holders do receive the best that can be put forward with current management.

  156. It can always be improved. 

  157. More so the customers than the staff require support in order to provide the service to customers efficiently.

  158. The team are warriors.

  159. We do a lot of work and sometimes it does not appear that the managers pass all thanks on.

  160. There is so much more that we could be doing, an example of this would be to provide our managers with the ability to run reports in real time. 

  161. To customers, yes. To staff, no.

  162. Yes, the service provided is excellent.

  163. Some processes can be better.

  164. Everyone wants to do their best and provide the best service to our customers.

  165. I feel I provide within my team a great level of skill to help maintain the building to a great standard.

  166. I think it can be too busy and things are missed.

  167. We try to do our very best and give a high standard of service to all the customers.

  168. Things need to improve.

  169. We are highly reactive, never disagree with the client or feel we can negotiate on things.

  170. We do try, however our lack of training, supervision and operational manuals means we are literally guessing most of the time.

  171. I feel we have a very clean hospital.

  172. We provide a high level of service but I worry about the amount we charge for it.

  173. At present, I feel that everything is a little disorganised and communication between departments is quite poor, so in my opinion we could do better.

  174. As individuals we would offer the highest level of service, but at times, client demands prevent staff from being the best they can.

  175. I do my best.

  176. We carry out our duties to the best of our ability with the equipment we have.

  177. We are working on project to improve this offering to customers at the moment as the priority.

  178. This is a big deal with everyone here at this contract. We are constantly trying to find ways to meet the demands and needs of our customers and service users. Striving for perfection takes us to excellence as we communicate and deliver on our promises and  obligations while always listening and communicating effectively and considerately. We understand perfection in every instance isn't possible but it is a clear path to excellence. The Leadership team SERCO has assembled here is second to none. Thank you.

  179. We go far and beyond to make our customers feel respected and heard.

  180. We delivers customer service beyond the customer's expectations.

Health and safety - Health and safety is taken seriously where I work

  1. Serco has been very informative with where the company stands during the pandemic.

  2. Health and safety as a whole, yes. During C-19 even more so regarding risk of transmission of infection. However, I think that consideration of staff wellbeing could be improved upon.

  3. Yes! I'm so happy Serco has made it possible to work at home for our safety during this pandemic!

  4. The Health and Safety Manager does a great job and shows genuine care and concern for staff.

  5. H&S has been taken very seriously at my workplace and the measures taken since COVID have allowed me to feel safe in my workplace.

  6. Safety protocols are in place and followed.

  7. Appreciate the response to Covid-19.

  8. The importance of safety is well-evidenced by corporate behavior during the Coronavirus.

  9. Covid 19 return to work process was handled with exceptionally high standards and all practically possible precautions were put in place.

  10. Everyone works really hard on this at contract level.

  11. Health and safety is taken seriously.

  12. Covid measures were discussed at the start of the outbreak in a meeting, with suggestions for things to implement to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  13. Yes, as it should be. 

  14. This also varies person to person but on a whole, is pretty good. I take safety quite seriously so would make up for any short-falls regardless.

  15. COVID has shown intetesting discrepancies.

  16. People forget our measures which they have to be reminded about. Serco take it very seriously.

  17. During the months the covid was at its worst, we was asked to get staff to sign risk assessments. This was not really explained well. Felt like it was more of just ticking the boxes and not taken seriously.

  18. Generally yes - a budget is there to ensure we are all safe.

  19. Need more PPE.

  20. Aircraft safety is taken extremely seriously by Serco and the employees.  

  21. Done really well through Covid.

  22. I believe the COVID-19 could of been handled way better.

  23. Perhaps the biggest issue.

  24. It can still be improved.

  25. Physical health isn't too bad but mental health? 

  26. It is by people who have worked there for a long time.

  27. Tt's improving.

  28. We don't see the Health and Safety Officer.

  29. Room for improvement!

  30. High vis protective clothing and CSA approved climbing equipment purchased this year.

  31. I work remotely from home.

  32. It took a covid-19 outbreak in the office to get us the ability to work from home.

  33. Yes it is especially with covid-19.

  34. Regularly updates in regards to PPE/covid measures and various others measures put in place.

  35. I feel when COVID hit the site was flooded with confusion.

  36. Very small precautions taken regarding Covid-19. 

  37. I was very impressed with the measures put in place during the start of the pandemic. It was handled professionally and with minimum disruption.

  38. Yes very seriously. I feel safe and supported.

  39. It took too long for social distancing and additional hygiene measures to be put in place.

  40. Need to be improved on given resources.

  41. In a recent HSE survey incorporating some 300+ companies, we placed in the top 5%.

  42. Most of the time.

  43. On the whole, H&S is taken seriously particularly in light of the covid pandemic. I am happy to be working in the office as we are well spaced out. 

  44. Supervisor is always communicating the need to be comfortable with environment as we operate in COVID times.

  45. I started working for Serco towards the end of July this year, and I've only had 3 days in the office for training as we've been working from home.

  46. I believe Health and safety is taken seriously.

  47. Can't fault this in the current environment.

  48. We do inspections, but there is no pressure on the contracting agency to improve facilities. 

  49. All staff members are encouraged to report any safety observations or near misses.

  50. It took 5 months of the centre being open for a single broken chair to be removed from the premises.

  51. I can't get mask and disinfectant alcohol when I need, I buy them by myself.

  52. Health and safety is monitored extensively and I feel like during this pandemic it was a bit slow to take the necessary precautions however once the   red tape   was removed as such, the plans and practices that have been put into place are relative, effective and constantly monitored for review.

  53. This is demonstrated by repeatedly achieving 100% on the sites health and safety audit.

  54. Terrible that the lifts are always out of service. Health and safety jeopardised with carrying hot food up stairs.

  55. Need more awareness around mental health.

  56. Serco do not care about employees well being.

  57. I don't believe our needs are met or understood and if its not understood then it doesn't exist.

  58. The workforce is definitely on the large side of the scales. In terms of myself I am a rather fit and healthy person (I can run 5km under 20mins for perspective). In terms of employee health - I have not been offered any incentive or discounted rates or bonuses for maintaining my health. In terms of the vending machines they are all filled with high sugar/ caffeine drinks. There seem to be little healthy options around. I understand you don't go to a vending machine to get a health bar/ drink, but if you want low absenteeism you'd maybe look at the culture you are building by offering the current selection.

  59. Especially with COVID19.

  60. I feel health and safety is taken more seriously for people who work in the offices and people working from home.

  61. Slow to provide items such as gloves and hand sanitizer.

  62. There have been remarks in the past on more than one occasion about the working environment, which included an health and safety appraisal.  The result was a decision to clean the area due to the quality of the air.  This has never materialized and seems to be forgotten.  I have the feeling I am banging my head against the wall.

  63. The health and safety of the employees is taken seriously where I work.  Hence, putting most of us working from home during this Pandemic of 2020.  I am very appreciative to Serco for fixing it so that we can work from home and be protected from those who might have the Covid 19 virus.  Especially for those who have preexisting health conditions so that they can be protected.

  64. I would like see as much time given to our wellness program as compared to our recreation committee to support healthier eating habits.

  65. After 5 months, our health and safety manager then decided it was about time the department finally wear PPE. 

  66. Yes by my line Mangers but the work often takes months to get done, this isn't the fault of serco but we shouldn't have to wait a long time for health and safety repairs.

  67. We feel pressure to go back in to the office despite the covid pandemic.  Although the spoken communication is the employees should go back if they are comfortable, but the undertone of other communications has been getting people back in as much as possible.

  68. It is taken very seriously.

  69. Most of the time.

  70. I feel that the company's response to Covid 19 was slow and was not sufficient.

  71. I do believe H&S is taken seriously with in the department but the constant push from the BU leadership in regards to reporting hazards seems to be more of a tick box exercise with the push for numbers submitted causing the quality of hazards to be low and not appropriate.

  72. Once a year refreshers are not enough to keep people sticking to the procedures.

  73. I feel the company's response to Covid 19 has been spot on right from the start.  Serco has been quick to adapt to the constant and rapidly changing scenarios and following government recommendations.  I have seen the 'Care' that has been given to employees in the new way of working and that is heartening.

  74. Health and safety has definitely increased since the COVID-19 pandemic, however managers do not have access to assure in order for the system to be updated with monthly checks.

  75. For the most part I strongly agree with this.  

  76. It is but there is more to do on culture and being less tolerant of poor performance.

  77. Yes there is a diligent Health and Safety Officer and there are Health and Safety issues that need to be addressed within this newly erected facility and its surrounding gardens and parameters. e.g. a pathway that staff walk on (concrete) which needs a railing as it is down an incline.

  78. We have a very good H&S culture supported by a good H&S manager.

  79. No risk assessments taken during the COVID pandemic in our Office.

  80. H&S not a major risk in support functions unlike e.g. Defence, CS etc. But approach to return to work is positive.

  81. This is correct for physical health and safety, however based on past events i do not believe that mental health is taken as seriously and at times ignored at least at a team leadership level.

  82. Health and safety is taken seriously by most members of staff however there has been very little appreciation of some incidents by the senior managers.

  83. Some changes could be made.

  84. Make clear the procedures when working alone.

  85. This has never caused me real concern. I think we are provided with the PPE to carry out C&R which I think is where the majority of health and safety concerns arise. In all honesty I thought there should have been more PPE at the start of COVID due the front of house department I worked in at the time however as a staffing group I think we became hardened to it and most didn't want it.

  86. Serco take care of us very well.

  87. During these difficult times there has not been consistent rules.

  88. Reactionary and if you mention something that you believe is relevant you worry about retribution.

  89. I like the Serco policy of everyone and sub-contractors needing to wear a mask when not at desk. Would like to see it better enforced.

  90. There is an obvious uptick in the conversations we have about wellbeing.  The difficulty the team has is the feeling of working reasonable hours due to the pressure and constant requirements of the business which feels 24/7.

  91. Safety is taken seriously by BU leadership. However, operations leadership still put pressure on employees to perform and deliver in the field which undermines safety and can result in injuries.

  92. Due to the covid period, yes, it was taken seriously...before, very little was done.

  93. Yes it is. And I appreciate this.

  94. Only been here a month, but am enjoying it...

  95. Almost too seriously.

  96. Not really as staff do not have a proper working area.

  97. My health issues are taken very seriously and I have amazing support from my senior. Covid-19 I think has been handled very well.

  98. It does now, but leadership should be held responsible for earlier this year when many of us were warning everyone about how serious this pandemic was.

  99. The senior management team have responded to safety observations in a timely manner.

  100. Schedules do not take medical requirements into account. I was once scheduled in such a way that it would be impossible for me to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep during that week due to my medication schedule. 

  101. I believe that currently Serco has done a good job to make sure employees  health and safety are a priority.

  102. Officer to inmate ratio.

  103. 6 months we havent been able to open a fire exit properly so i guess its not taken seriously.

  104. 200 % . No doubt. Proud of it.

  105. Mental Health is a problem here at Serco.

  106. So many incidents happened and never heard from management, our safety is not important.

  107. Serco has done an excellent job for taking care of their people especially in the most difficult time.

  108. Yes very good.

  109. Yes but have to remind the managers sat behind a desk that you wont always hurt yourself if you move from behind the desk.

  110. Only if your one of the customers and not staff.

  111. Depends on the issue and how serious the issue is considered to be by the powers that be. Some issues have been given much less attention than has been warranted.

  112. Different things are week to week but never consistant.

  113. Canteen can get very busy at certain times.

  114. When being monitored.

  115. With the exceptions of some concerning decisions the management of the pandemic has been pretty good.

  116. Not in relation to COVID health regulations.

  117. Not really. When I expressed concern about returning to work after Covid-19 lockdown, I was informed that I shouldn't worry about that and that all safety measures were in place.  In my opinion, they were inadequate.

  118. I am extremely impressed with the way SERCO is handling the pandemic and the employees health and safety.

  119. There were several confirmed cases of covid that had already been reported to Serco at least a week before the site shut down. I do not feel like our health and well being is taken seriously.

  120. All lifts broken for over 4 months. No consideration for COVID. We have to work on the wing and exercise yard but leave our workplace through the front gate 3 at a time.

  121. Always short of PPE.

  122. It depends on the number of staff working and if an audit is approaching. Management will turn a blind I if it suits them.

  123. We need hazardous duty pay.

  124. Our health and safety manager is very on top of the risks and prevention of these risks.

  125. Tasks given at last minute and as an urgent request and sometimes through wrong channels causes pressure and stress for the employee.

  126. Lengthy wait times for ergonomic assessments and only just received a copy of the covid safe plan. Management try but communication is sometimes lax.

  127. Changes to suit apparently.

  128. During the first wave of covid19 we were told we couldn't work from home due to lack of trust.

  129. Currently working from home but I do believe health and safety at the office is good.

  130. Not enforced enough and not adhered too at all times.

  131. Too seriously at times and we are very risk averse.

  132. Safety and health are certainly one of the focuses in Serco. There are several procedures and during the covid-19 period I must admit they worked perfectly. 

  133. Every meeting starts with a safety moment. No one is ever asked to do anything that could be their safety at risk and anyone could speak out if they felt that they needed to.

  134. It will depend on how the back to work goes with covid-19.

  135. When covid19 first started the company was very slow to react.  Initially we were told buisness as usual. 

  136. We do a lot of toolbox talks.

  137. Totally agree, health and safety is both seen and taught as a priority.

  138. All processes in place are well known to staff and managers.

  139. Covid has really opened my mind up to how undervalued we are.

  140. Work took too much of a precedence over the health and safety of staff on a recent bid I worked on. From a physical and mental health perspective, a better balance needs to be achieved.

  141. I and many feel the wearing of masks and social distancing in the office has come 6 months later and we wasn't protected by these rules during the height of the pandemic.

  142. This is one thing I can really pride Serco on, this is extremely important and serious where we work despite it being an office environment. The safety and wellbeing of everyone is the highest priority and it is very evident.

  143. I have just popped inside the office to complete this survey, prior to this I had been outside freezing and management are aware its cold but their has been no welfare check.

  144. With the threat of Covid ever present I hope it is taken even more seriously.

  145. Yes, when I was still working at the site before transitioning to home, precautions where taken at the site with more cleaning and sanitizing stations, social distance measures and mask's. And now at home I am safer.

  146. Especially with COVID-19 the workplace has provided very safe measures to help keeps its staff safe.

  147. Haven't been to the office yet (new employee).

  148. In some aspects. I would say managing coronavirus for staff could have been improved. There are spaces in work that cannot be socially distanced but no extra precautions have been taken.  The priority was on getting all staff back into the work place rather than limiting foot fall, and there was no negotiation for altering start and finish times to allow for a less congested entrance.  The hand sanitisers are often empty.

  149. As a team we take Health and safety seriously. 

  150. Some times people over stack boxes on shelves or don't clear up a spill they made.

  151. In my office, there is multiple trip hazards that have been highlighted.

  152. Health and safety is top priority at Serco and they have done well implementing and enforcing changes throughout the site to ensure everyone well being.

  153. Disagree. During COVID 19 facilities started with less capacity however the capacity continues to increase where it makes it difficult to social distance within the facility. This puts the staff and public at risk.

  154. Zero target for injuries and accidents.

  155. Our contract has just been awarded with the ROSPA Patrons award for 25 consecutive years exceptional health and safety at work, I would say yes. 

  156. HSE seems to be the most important metric ... More so than profit.

  157. Yes but hoping that we can get a better insurance coverage that what we have currently.

  158. The prisoners requests come before the safety of the officers.

  159. Not always.

  160. Catering does but not the case in other areas.

  161. Very much agree.  Under normal circumstances it is always high on the agenda, during CV19 we have done everything we can to mitigate risk and ensure that staff are safe to return to work.  

  162. Workplaces are not set up very well ergonomically. The right equipment is purchased, but not necessarily applied well.

  163. This was evident during COVID-19, all the actions Serco put in place in the office we're amazing and made everyone feel confident and safe coming to work. 

  164. Especially not when it comes to mental health.

  165. The office was a little slow to act in term of putting things in place for Covid-19.  

  166. Maybe even too much.

  167. This pandemic has proven y'all take our safety seriously.

  168. Health and safety are taken seriously.

  169. We have faulty equipment, flooring is in poor condition. 

  170. Still some outstanding issues that have been raised several times.

Pride - I feel proud to work at Serco

  1. I feel proud to work at my specific location and for my own team.

  2. It is the job that I do that I am most proud of. 

  3. I think its an exciting company to work for and feel we have really made a difference during covid 19.

  4. There are always critics but Serco is doing good work in some of the most challenging environments with a good set of values underpinning it.

  5. Serco have not demonstrated that they put its employee's health and safety before profits.

  6. Serco's values and ethos matches my own and therefore I feel completely comfortable working for them. 

  7. Serco places the importance of providing outstanding service to all its varied customers at the forefront.

  8. Any sense of pride has now been removed.

  9. Can't fault what Serco does and the general efforts of those on the front line. I often have discussions with people who are quick to have a go at the outsourcing sector and I am happy to defend what Serco stands for.

  10. Not that I do not feel proud working at Serco but the amount of hate Serco get on social media I will not openly tell anyone that I work for Serco.

  11. Very proud in ways.

  12. I'm more proud of the work I do rather than where I happen to be doing it.

  13. In general yes.

  14. Serco does do some important work.

  15. I do not know that proud is the correct word.

  16. Proud of our HR Advisory team and our efforts. Don't feel compromised on my Values which is good.

  17. Yes I feel so proud working as Serco because we have good privileges and good system compare to other Companys.

  18. I believe Serco delivers some really important societal services that have an impact on almost everyone and for that reason I am proud to represent Serco.

  19. I do feel proud to work at Serco and sometimes find myself defending it due to adverse media coverage.

  20. I think we do good work, but Serco is large and has some complicated history, also I can't be too public or open about what I do, but I'm happy working for Serco usually.

  21. Serco has received bad-press this year because of Track and Trace, UC etc, and some employees have not been proud at all to work for Serco.  

  22. Being proud to work at Serco is a very loaded statement. I'm proud of my team, my direct manager, and many of my colleagues. 

  23. I am glad that we are doing well financially and we are serving the defensive needs of the country. I was glad to hear that we are doing more for those who are serving.

  24. I believe that we are a great place to work and genuinely try to treat our staff and those in our care well.

  25. I used to.

  26. Poor image in press media. 

  27. We haven't been given an opportunity to be proud to be working for Serco we seem to have been promised many things but nothing has become of those promises.

  28. I do feel proud to work with Secro in the role I have.

  29. I feel that public confidence in Serco has dropped during COVID.

  30. Used to..

  31. I always like to feel proud of no matter which company I work with otherwise I could not do it...

  32. Serco has quite a bad reputation though this isn't set in stone.

  33. Neutral feelings, this is a difficult contract. I don't know how the rest of the Serco Contracts are managed.

  34. Be more proud if we got paid more.

  35. I am proud of my contract.

  36. I don't feel at all proud to work for SERCO.

  37. Serco has a bad reputation in the market.

  38. Sometimes I feel proud, other times I don't.

  39. In fairness I have worked at various SERCO sites, where the experiences have been so different, so not sure whether it is based on the leadership from these sites. I am proud of my work ethics.

  40. I feel extremely proud to work for Defence. 

  41. I am enjoying my time and its improving day by day.

  42. Contrary to some media reports I do believe that overall Serco is a company who try to do the right thing.

  43. Because of the faith and trust Serco have given me I feel that I am valued and so I am very proud to work at Serco.

  44. With several high profile   mistakes   that have been made by other arms of the company, we are all   tarred with the same brush   and this prevents me from   shouting from the rooftops   that I work from Serco.

  45. I'm proud to be a part of my team at Serco.

  46. Centre manager makes you feel the Pride in what we all do.

  47. I feel embarrassed to work at Serco - where possible I avoid telling people.

  48. Seeing what our front line teams do on a daily basis is humbling and sometimes as a back office person I feel that I am not adding enough value. I feel proud to talk about the Company.

  49. The Serco  feeling  is a bit dim, but has improved with the new management. 

  50. I was really excited to   tupe   over but feel very underwhelmed by the experience so far.

  51. I like my job. But Serco for me is no different to any other big corporate company. 

  52. I did feel proud at the beginning but now I feel that if your not happy with changes then you know where the door is.

  53. I am proud of the work we do and the compassion we have toward the consumers.

  54. Compared to other competitors in the industry we have an edge on them both financially and as an efficient company .

  55. I feel my managers are over worked we are over worked so how can we feel proud to work for Serco

  56. I am proud of the service that I provide. but I believe that Serco are complacent and happy to sit back until something goes wrong

  57. Always I feel proud working here.

  58. I do not feel proud to work for an organisation that appears to leave employees feeling undervalued.

  59. I take pride in my work and in my team.

  60. Used too.

  61. The way SERCO has suppport their employee in COVID-19 by not deducting salary is remarkable.

  62. Too often I have felt more like a resource and less part of the Serco family.

  63. The way management handles itself could be improved. Things are a one way street. Workers are not listened to when their view is unpopular. Sometimes you need to be able to discuss the situation with someone. They say nothing but my way or the highway.

  64. I mostly feel proud in having lasted as long as I have with the company. 

  65. We have a terrible reputation in the Media. 

  66. I have no reason to feel proud of what Serco does.

  67. I do not feel currently we are giving the inmates everything they need which decreases proudness.

  68. No strong opinion one way or the other.

  69. Especially with how the company has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic both in terms of the support to the nation but also in terms of how it has treated the importance of the wellbeing of its staff.

  70. I am proud to support an excellent team and site.

  71. Serco take care of the employee.

  72. It is the contribution we are making toward the client that makes me proud; more so than Serco.

  73. I am proud to work for Serco as we do help many people use services especially if they don't have internet access. During COVID I was very proud to say that I could still work from home and still offer a good service to customers in a very trying time.

  74. If we had better support from our Management, particularly when working at home then I would feel proud to work at Serco.

  75. I am very proud of the work that I do, but can't say that this is because of Serco.

  76. I do feel proud to work at Serco, I love the company ethics and those I work with.

  77. Under the circumstance, I would feel proud if management underwent an ethical and proper management training.  Just because you're a manager doesn't mean you're good at managing.  Managing take on a well-round set of skills; dealing with adversity, allowing your team the autonomy to do their job that they were hired to do and effective communication to just name a few.

  78. There are very few companies that I would feel proud to work for maybe Tesla or Google. I might feel pride in having done my job well but I don't think the fact that the company happens to be Serco has anything to do with that feeling.

  79. I feel proud working for such a great compassionate company.

  80. It is really nice to work at Serco and it makes me proud.

  81. Again not sure if proud would be a word I would use to describe my feelings. I feel pride in the experience and skills which I apply to accomplish my work at Serco.

  82. I feel under valued and over looked.

  83. I am, but I have to be careful who I express it to. 

  84. The coworkers are awesome and it's very diverse.

  85. In the current climate Serco have been in the news regarding contracts for Track & Trace which if the news is anything to go by is an expensive failure at the cost to the tax payer.

  86. Large company with a valid ethos.

  87. Lots of negativity surrounding Serco within the media - general public see Serco as an incompetent company based on past controversies and affiliation to the Conservative government.

  88. I feel proud of the work that I do just not really the place that work at.

  89. Yes I represent the company and I'm proud to work for it.

  90. On the whole, yes.

  91. I take pride in my work, but I feel Serco's poor reputation is well earned. I avoid telling people I work for Serco as it is usually embarrassing.

  92. The nature of our work is fulfilling a basic human need, transport.

  93. When I talk to friends/family externally about benefits and policies, I'm embarrassed as their benefits and support from their employer far outweigh my own.

  94. During the lockdown we have been classed as key workers keeping the islands economy afloat so I feel proud that our efforts are recognised.

  95. Overall I have always enjoyed working for Serco but have felt particularly proud over the pandemic period - a real demonstration of how hard we have worked as an organisation to provide essential services in really challenging and unprecedented circumstances - a real example of the organisation working together across business units and divisions.

  96. Definitely feel proud and honored working at Serco. I have started working as a casual employee and now working in managers role. Obviously Serco have given me an opportunity to expand and step up from my skills.

  97. Bringing service to life.

  98. I used to feel prouder, when we were more of a partnership with our customer. These days I still feel somewhat proud but it feels more like a commercial arrangement and less like a partnership that it used to. 

  99. I absolutely love my job. I love the work that I do and all of the opportunities that have been made available to me - they have allowed me to make a huge impact and difference on the people that we serve and assist and I am proud of that.

  100. I feel that my work is getting more recognition now.

  101. I am pleased that I have a job

  102. I have worked for quite a few companies, Serco is very similar in its approach.

  103. On many levels I feel very fortunate to work at SERCO. 

  104. No, not really if I'm honest.

  105. How can you say you are proud to work for Serco when you are always put down.

  106. Although I work to the best of my ability, have quickly fallen to   going through the motions  .

  107. Enjoy my job!

  108. There is a part of me that is.

  109. I do for the work we do for the public.

  110. Serco spend a lot of money on trying to develop and force you into thinking Serco Cares, but Serco spend money in the wrong areas.

  111. I think Serco takes great care of its people and is an excellent employer. I feel that my contributions and performance are noticed and valued by the company.

  112. I feel proud to work at Serco as a company.

  113. Only have the customers interest in the customers welfare and not the employees.

  114. I am proud of the job I do but unfortunatley by doing a good job im hiding the fact the management are doing a very poor job.

  115. There are parts I am proud of but too many things are not right and the intent to fix them needs to be there.

  116. I feel proud to work at Serco, especially when i hear positive feedback from a consumer.  It makes me happy to know that we are making a difference in the work today.

  117. This has improved since working from home.

  118. There is nothing to feel proud about with Serco. I am proud of myself and my employees for things they may have had to over come.

  119. I am proud to be surrounded by a team who cares about their quality of work.

  120. I personally feel proud of all my accomplishments with Serco.

  121. I enjoy and feel proud to represent the government.

  122. I feel proud to work at the Defence Academy. 

  123. I'm very proud to work for my department. However, I feel that Serco as a brand doesn't have as good a reputation - deservedly or not.

  124. DIfficult to measure this due to COVID-19. However I am appreciate of the support provided and flexible working arrangements.

  125. I have other skills that do not apply to this job that would be better used elsewhere.

  126. I do but thats because of the consumers appreciation when on a call and of course, my supervisor is amazing and inspires us.

  127. I feel proud of the job I do.

  128. I feel proud of the work I do and I am proud to be a part of my specific teams, but Serco as a company is just the corporation that facilitates that work.

  129. Still new so hopeful but very unimpressed at the moment.

  130. Serco meets my high standards, integrity, work ethic etc.

  131. The fact that we are taking the current public health risks seriously and understand how a premature return to the office could destroy our business is wise.

  132. I feel more proud to work for the hospital.

  133. I like to work with Serco as it plays an important role to the government under their contract. 

  134. Serco has overall been a positive employer for my time here, and it effectively deals with extremely busy contracts.

  135. Serco is a premium company, therefore I feel proud and happy in my work place.

  136. Management feels more in touch with their workforce than the average company. It does not feel like we are just a number on a spreadsheet.

  137. I use to be very proud to work at Serco but now it's only driven by meeting KPI's and profit.

  138. Serco have always been good to me.

  139. Serco is a massive international company that has organized my work place to be full of part-time employees who receive no benefits. This makes me feel like I am of no value to Serco whatsoever and that the only reason I receive a fairly good hourly wage is because of the union.

  140. I feel proud wearing my Serco jacket on those cold days.

  141. I don't initially tell people I work for Serco, just that I work at the Defence Academy.

  142. Serco made a mess of the track and trace so don't have a good rep right now.

  143. I am proud of the work done at Serco.

  144. I'm super proud working in Serco.

  145. This year, as a result of COVID-19, I think Serco has gone up in many peoples estimation, both internally and externally.  Definitely Serco and Proud this year.

  146. I do have certain level of pride.

  147. I think the company have been fantastic during COVID and all the challenges that we individually and collectively have faced.

  148. The proudness has gone.

  149. I used to, until we just started getting more and more work dumped on us without any extra incentive and any adequate training.

  150. I feel proud working on the beautiful parks and garden and it gives me a sense of pride.

Communication - Serco does a good job of communicating with colleagues

  1. Very good communication, frequent update emails and Teams updates.

  2. Notice boards updated all the time.

  3. Perhaps at times lack of communication, or timing of it.

  4. I feel that there is great communication between Serco and colleagues, I have many options for communication throughout the company and I am updated or reminded of these options regularly.

  5. Corp comms is sometimes very good & sometimes very bad. Changes to the SMS are poorly communicated, often not at all. The email groups that are used to communicate to different levels of management are not consistent & at times seem random.

  6. Communication is typically informational and top down with limited opportunity for peer to peer.

  7. At a high level yes.

  8. Really pleased to have had visible leaders across the business during the pandemic.  Tone and frequency of comms is useful, relevant and interesting.

  9. Especially during covid period with daily updates.

  10. During the lockdown period the communications have improved tremendously which is reflected in my score.

  11. Serco sends lots of information via emails etc. about the company as a bigger picture, it the more local management that doesn't want to or have the time to share.

  12. This has improved. The area I work in has been a new challenge for Serco, therefore teething problems are expected.

  13. The company sends a ton of e-mails keeping us in the loop on future things. 

  14. our team lead will talk to colleagues and communicate to us any information he feels like sharing so we are quite isolated which I believe is my line manager preferred method.

  15. Internal communications from Serco are great, but it'd be better if you can access them easily.

  16. COVID has made us much better communicators.

  17. As discussed before, lack of communication, has caused a lot of confusion, which needs to be looked into a lot more.

  18. Plenty of communication channels are used.

  19. With changes with roles, most of the time it just gets implemented without asking staff for opinions.

  20. And this has improved even more with Covid restrictions.

  21. The company does a good job communicating. Sometimes my leadership (or second line) does not communicate a lot and there is confusion over some things or information is hearsay or through the grapevine.

  22. I feel that sometimes communications do not filter down to the frontline staff as quickly as it should. 

  23. Across different sites, meetings are held which are helpful. I feel managers are less open about potential changes which becomes frustrating when we aren't given the opportunity to know what could happen and manage our feelings around this.

  24. Some do and some don't. Our leader does nothing to communicate with us unless we are in trouble, however the overall site manager is fairly committed to good communication.

  25. There is a lot of useful information which is withheld from staff until someone does something wrong, communication is something which needs the most work.

  26. Lack of communication from management.

  27. I have found that communication has improved recently.

  28. Historically no, but improving.

  29. On the site level my answer would be no, we usually find out things either at the last minute, or when the information is leaked prior to it being announced.

  30. Yes they do. Transparency is hard but the best option.

  31. Only received a round up from the Centre Director which is weekly.

  32. Not external to my contract.

  33. Communication can be an issue at work, often we are singing from different hymn sheets.

  34. Leisure does but this.

  35. Getting better!

  36. Can de done better to be very honest.

  37. Serco maybe but where I am working it seems that all are questions fall on deaf ears.

  38. They expect things to be completed with very little information.

  39. We are very much left on our own to do our own things, not much communicating going on really. Unless something goes wrong or needs to be fixed. 

  40. Feel at times there is a delay in receiving clear communications for senior leadership.

  41. My direct Mgrs do but have heard talk of lack of communication in other areas.

  42. No one communicates with anyone. Eg managers.

  43. Communication is key and Serco have been quite good at this. Inter site collaboration/knowledge share groups aimed at those actually using the systems could help all concerned.

  44. Since COVID, yes Serco has been great. 

  45. Communications are sometimes delayed, e.g, with Covid-19. It often takes time to get clarification from upper management/group which means team members have to repeatedly ask line managers for answers. This can be frustrating and gives the impression that queries are not taken seriously.

  46. Some managers will never speak to us.

  47. Strongly disagree, lack of communication.

  48. There has been an improvement with the Friday calls.

  49. At time there may be some confusion to the priority of conversation.  For example, communicating to staff decisions that effect them and their attitude to their job.

  50. Usually yes but since becoming short term, communication is very poor.

  51. We receive newsletters ect. which is a good way to keep everyone up to date with Serco as a company.

  52. Could be improved on greatly.

  53. Communication continues to fall flat as far as day to day roles and responsibilities - communication re COVID precautions has been very good!

  54. Not here I'm afraid until there's a butt to kick.

  55. When we need information then we always get that information at the time that we need that information.

  56. It's improved dramatically because of the COVID calls.

  57. Meetings don't happen very often and it's always same issues are brought up. People don't feel they can raise certain issues.

  58. Communication has improved massively over the past year.

  59. Serco have ben outstanding in their comms during COVID-19.

  60. Yes they do and normally in the area where SERCO want.

  61. I think there is better ways of communicating with our staff and faster ways people don't always have the time to read notice boards and the majority of staff don't have access to email.

  62. I feel many times we are bombarded with too many emails.  

  63. I think this is dependent on the person. I tend to be very communicative with my coworkers and colleagues.

  64. Depends who does the communicating.

  65. In the last year, we have lost dept communications due to manager changes and some individuals with their own agenda.

  66. Sometimes there is too much communication on too many channels.

  67. It depends on the colleagues, not the company.

  68. Still feel that we need a better way of communicating to our front line teams, I believe that a lot of the communcation is filtered through our post and hard to disseminate this to all staff in a timely manner.

  69. Colleagues at my level via briefings yes. Shocking communication from other departments.

  70. Communication is currently shocking.

  71. If you mean via technology - good if your first language is English or you're not dyslexic.

  72. Have to disagree with this, how many times are there changes to IT & access without ANY notification. 

  73. Personally, I'm happy with communication but I know colleagues that have struggled with lack of communication whilst working from home during COVID.

  74. It could be much better. We have been working from home for 3 months and have just had our first meeting with upper management. I have great communication with my 1st line supervisor.

  75. No communication with staff from the upper management.

  76. I think there is plenty of   good news   communication but not so much around business direction, opportunities and performance at a country-level.

  77. Internal communication is better but not close to where it should be.

  78. No you hear from staff below you in the kitchen. There is no handover for team leaders starting their shift it's dire. How the place runs sometimes is shocking. So communication needs to be improved a lot.

  79. Information is there, one has to find time to read it.

  80. Limited communication during Covid.

  81. Too much communication sometimes - email overload.

  82. Limited IT availability can hamper efficient communications.

  83. This could be improved. Many times I feel I have to go out of my way to find things out.

  84. I feel that the daily briefings and frequent announcements are good. However, day to day communication is poor.

  85. 50:50 really!

  86. The new text messaging service is great and think it has made a huge improvement to the communication within Serco.

  87. It does an adequate/good job.

  88. Serco seems to rely on tools such as Yammer. Most colleagues at our site do not sit at desks with IT in front of them. The only interaction with Serco is for holidays, checking out the shift plan and Essentials. Yammer does not reach an essentially older workforce who have little interest in computers. Indeed all Yammer messages go straight to my junk folder.  I think Corporate would do well to recognise that not all contracts work 9-5 5 days/week. Many people work shifts on irregular hours.

  89. At times. The rostering and communication around this is extremely poor. Emails are often not replied to and calls aren't returned.

  90. Multiple times we are not informed of changes made.

  91. Serco still suffers greatly with opreating in silos.  Although we've been provided with modern technology and tools to enhance collaboration across the Enterprise  (e.g. Yammer, Team, SharePoint), the rollout of this technology has not been accompanied by a similar investment in training.

  92. Not really. Word of mouth often used which is not efficient considering that most of us work a shift pattern and are not always in.

  93. Words are all very well but action is what staff need to see.

  94. Covid-19 comms have been plentiful.  

  95. I do believe this, but I feel there is a lot of colleagues who speak about others as well and its not very appropriate on a management level.

  96. There is a lot of miscommunication. Team Leaders know things and won't advise what is happening, especially with Covid related issues.

  97. Not in my department

  98. This is improving.

  99. Yes we do get emails and yes we do get blogs. Oh and yes we even get the Serco magazine. So well done Serco!

  100. I think they have been too busy trying to catch up and create a better work environment. 

  101. For the most part, I would say the communication is very good here. However, I think there should be more guidance for our team as we are all new and don't have as much experience as other team members.

  102. Generally I think Serco does try hard and do a pretty good job to communicate with its staff yes.

  103. Yeah, we have weekly toolbox talks, and they are shared out via emails to those not working that day. I think Rupert's talks are worthwhile, but as we don't have access to a computer everytime we are on, it's difficult.

  104. Communication during lock down has been excellent and very supportive.

  105. Of course but communication is a two way process.

  106. I have no problems with communication.

  107. New intranet page is good, needs to be populated more. Teams has been a very good tool for communicating.

  108. All information is provided through our people.

  109. Improving all the time.

  110. I have received clear communication from all levels within Serco, something that has been of great help during the Covid crisis. Weekly catch-up sessions with senior management have been good to keep a sense of community and helped me feel connected to the wider team.

  111. With recent events top Serco managers on our contract (and above the contract) have done their very best to provide communications throughout the service. This may be via video meetings, phone conferences or mobile phone apps. We have communicated with people throughout the pandemic which has helped keep us all working and keeping all involved in what is and what still is required.

  112. Yes often have emails of updated policies.

  113. Throughout the Pandemic, we received little or no contact from Senior members at Serco. Locally, however, communication was managed really well.

  114. For the most part communication is very clear and concise.

  115. Too many communications at times, with some mixed messages that are confusing.

  116. Serco in general do as they have lots of different avenues to reach to staff.

  117. No communication with colleagues from our Area Manager. Send emails, txt messages and leave voice messages with no response.

  118. The corporate communications team does an outstanding job!

  119. There seems to be some inconsistency in how communications are delivered. Sometimes we get exactly the same message from different sources. 

  120. Sometimes meetings are conducted, however decisions made at meetings are lost and forgotten. Follow-up emails and procedures are not communicated and updated so if you're not at the meetings then you don't know.

  121. Transparency is key. Reminder that Care and Trust are core Serco values.

  122. Communication always needs improving.

  123. Senior leaders have provided regular, thorough updates throughout the COVID pandemic.

  124. For the most part yes!

  125. Getting better, but lack of communication through all levels of management.

  126. Our people info been really good.

  127. We are always last to know changes.

  128. Top down company communication has vastly improved this year.

  129. My manager spoke to me one day like I was a child its annoyed me since. I felt like a school kid.

  130. Good job done with the COVID19 coordination /communications, new business wins, etc.

  131. If the message is being distributed in a timely manner.

  132. Yes they communicate and updating what is going on in our company and outside the world about pandemic and how to stay safe.

  133. We lost our IT person.  It is difficult to get items fixed in a timely manner. We can put in a help ticket but without someone in IT to troubleshoot, some issues are taking longer to fix.

  134. This will no-doubt fall on deaf ears. Plus I'm unsure how private or confidential this is. I'm passionate about my work but feel unsupported.

  135. Communication is becoming stronger and stronger.

  136. Sometimes the customers are telling the staff what is going to happen.

  137. Not all regions communicate equally.

  138. Senior level, yes - contract level, non existent.

  139. Have had minimal interaction with Higher Lever Management so no info/experience to use to evaluate.

  140. Leaders need to improve on their communication skills and how they talk to staff members. 

  141. Communications have improved - but it seems it is all the pretty things that are communicated, not the things that impact people and their roles.

  142. HR yes. Some work colleagues yes, but not all.

  143. A lot of information is kept from us.

  144. Yes espeically if somethig isnt right.

  145. Local management yes, but above there is only faceless emails and may be a video from Ruppert once a year.

  146. Not a lot of communication between departments.

  147. Since I returned to work I had to wait a long time to be put on regular mailing lists so missed some policy changes.

  148. Have not yet seen any feedback from last year's Viewpoint.

  149. Serco keeps everyone in the loop with emails. Our Team Leaders do a wonderful job of communicating with us.

  150. The staff briefing was informative.

  151. A lot of system issues and lack of communication.

  152. In a constantly changing environment communication is important. Shame none of it happens here.

  153. Not all the time. 

  154. NOT REALLY. I have recently learned a little more about colleagues elsewhere after 'discovering' Yammer. But the work of SERCO colleagues elsewhere around the world remains a mystery. i.e. what is Serco's involvement in the European Space Agency? what does Serco do in the middle east? I have no idea.

  155. Not at all.

  156. Communication has improved greatly over the years I have been with Serco. I wouldn't say it is perfect but I feel we are much more transparent in our communication within the contract.

  157. Communication is very poor with events within the workplace happening without my knowledge. 

  158. Definitely improved with this the last 16-17 months.

  159. Second to none particularly during Covid and bearing in mind how I was feeling, about lack of support and acknowledgement, during Covid getting Rupert's letter of thanks through the post made me weep...it was so timely and made me feel better that at least higher up the organisation there was some recognition that I was in some small way helping to keep the wheels on...Messages are cascaded down routinely and emphasised. All good.

  160. Feeling very hopeful about this question again due to managerial changes.

  161. The management does not provide a clear communication for the lower level employees.

  162. Continues to improve year on year.

  163. In regards to Yammer and newsletters yes. But in regards to changes that affect you directly, not so much.

  164. Things can get lost in transit, and different Team Leaders tell their staff different things at different times. It is a little misleading and worrying.

  165. This is getting better, team meetings help.

  166. Communication to me is never something that happens unless someone needs something and than you find out at last minute.

  167. Sometimes two much information is coming out and your drowning in information to a point where you miss important information.

  168. Local communication at times is infrequent or inconsistent.

  169. Some information doesn't get dispersed properly, because some people don't keep up to date with their emails and communications.

  170. More contact would be great on a personal level.

Career - I have good career opportunities at Serco

  1. I have had good opportunities to expand my skills.

  2. I feel there are really good opportunities to progress in Serco, but I'm happy in my current role.

  3. I am awaiting what my future looks like at serco.

  4. I feel that I have good career opportunities at Serco. 

  5. I hope for promotion, however I've applied for a job, received conformation and nothing else by way of update, despite the job being advertised again.

  6. I know there is room for advancement but it's never been made clear how to advance or if those positions are even open.

  7. The selecting of staff for opportunities that are given is not very transparent.

  8. I hope so!

  9. I know when I want to seek future opportunities I am going to be fully supported by my Manager.

  10. I would like to feel that I have a continued future within Serco.

  11. My Manager has asked me if   all the training I do is necessary  , when I explained that its for my progression he said   just need to make sure I have a grip of it  .

  12. I feel I would have to wait for someone to leave before an opportunity would arise.

  13. They don't focus on the career path that the staff have. They put first the work must done.

  14. No opportunities, no progression- we've been waiting for a new progression scheme for years.

  15. I have never seeked to progress in my career so this does not apply to me.

  16. If a job is available.

  17. Unsure of what the paths forward are.

  18. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to retrain in my role. I am grateful for this.

  19. There are good opportunities but with the high work load for each person it is difficult to take advantage of what might be available.

  20. I think there is good career options on offer however as a weekend member of staff I am unaware of them. I feel there is little to no communication as to what's on offer.

  21. I am very happy in my current role but not sure there is a career path for me. However, I'm not looking to become management, so I'm neutral on this topic.

  22. Not many opportunities for career progression.

  23. My current role is redundant, I am unable to provide a true response at this time, time will tell.

  24. I am exactly where I started off at, I have no thoughts to progress after seeing how managers are treated. Progression is not a stable or reliable option. Every time there is a change you have to reapply for your job.

  25. By migrating two manager groups together, I feel that the opportunity for progression has been restricted.

  26. Serco has a complex and wide organisational structure which promotes career opportunities. I would benefit from having access to a visual, detailed organisation chart to identify a career path. 

  27. Positions have been offered, but these never materialize, false promises.

  28. My skills far outweigh the role but are not wholly utilised, I have offered my support further up the structure in a positive way but it was not considered.

  29. There does not seem to be any room for progression in my current role.

  30. Unclear yet, I feel I have good training opportunities to date.

  31. Yes I agree.

  32. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to work in the role Serco gave me. I have learnt a lot and continue to do so.

  33. There is no natural progressive role to move to, feels a bit of a dead end to be honest.

  34. When you reach the height of the skillsets that are available at your site, there doesn't seem to be open and transparent communication about what other opportunities there are nor do I feel like I have a mentor that is backing my growth at all.

  35. There is no upward mobility at my current posistion.

  36. Nothing about progression or career opportunities has been discussed with me...so, if there is good career opportunities it would be nice to know about them.

  37. New Manager roles (which have been advertised externally, not internally) seem to give the impression that SERCO do not want to promote from within.

  38. At age 65 career progression is not a factor for me.

  39. Too old to worry about my career now.

  40. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Unless you're a friend of management, you will never ever improve on your current position. 

  41. I have opportunities to learn and grow through stretch assignments and training, but I'm not sure how or if that will translate into promotions or career progression.

  42. Opportunities for progression are very few in Serco.  HR processes around applying for a career 'opportunity' was entirely unacceptable.

  43. I doubt it. Most career progression seems to be along the operational side of things.

  44. As a 73 year old, my career is essentially complete. Career opportunities are of little concern to me.

  45. There is no opportunity for career progression on my current site.

  46. I believe it really depends on who your manager is, if they will fight and push for a promotion for their people.

  47. I don't know what my progression options are - there is no clear route for progression in my role.

  48. When I joined I applied for several responsible jobs such as managers or quality and never got any of them despite my excellent call centre managerial background. 

  49. I absolutely agree 100% that I have good career opportunities at Serco.

  50. There are no career opportunities. Asked about that in a meeting and was fobbed off with a long winded political answer.

  51. There are not enough advertised or known opportunities to upskill or progress within Serco.

  52. I have progressed since joining SERCO but looking forward, I cant really see what my next step would be. 

  53. I am never considered for promotion.

  54. There is good career opportunities but i believe these are aimed at the younger members of staff.

  55. The opportunities are there as long as you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and put the work in. Nothing is handed on a plate.

  56. Yes. They gave me lot's of opportunities to learn and grow.

  57. This area could use improvement.

  58. I do now. It's difficult to advance but once given a chance on a new position like I have been I feel like I have more opportunities.

  59. I will need to apply for alternative positions as I have reached the grade rate for this particular position.

  60. I believe I do, however its not very clear to me at this point. 

  61. I know the opportunities are there if I want to pursue them.

  62. While there are often opportunities to upskill and move into management, L&D, Quality etc roles on the contract or roles for other contracts advertised, there is minimal information about how to move into roles at Serco that aren't attached to particular contracts (e.g. HR, Accounting, Marketing, Communications etc. roles). It would be great for there to me more information available about how to potentially move into one of these roles at Serco if we have the appropriate qualifications.

  63. Really appreciate being given a job!

  64. SERCO promotes from external sources!

  65. There are opportunities to progress and move within the service. 

  66. Not within my contract. That depends more on who you know and if your face fits.

  67. There is good opportunities but would not want to progress.

  68. It has been made clear in the past that any Group roles must be based in the UK.

  69. I have had plenty of opportunities throughout my career with Serco.

  70. Self development yes, promotion no. Laterals, possibly.

  71. I've applied for two jobs with Serco to better myself. One position I applied for never got back in touch and the other job I applied for I unfortunately didn't succeed. However, I never got any feedback as to why I didn't get the position.

  72. I am not allowed to take anything other than internal CBT training and the recruiter has told me she is not looking for new work for me until I get retrained.

  73. This is not a career. It is a job. There is little opportunity to advance. Those who do advance are usually groomed by friends for positions prior to being promoted. It pays to be in the right clique.

  74. In the past, I have had many wonderful developmental opportunities.

  75. I don't see a lot of opportunities for growth in my field.

  76. The jobs go to those they know. Their friends get most of the opportunities.

  77. I took a step backward professionally to join Serco. I am concerned that this decision will stifle my overall career growth opportunities.

  78. On my current role, the next position/promotion is only limited.

  79. I'd like to think I do but at a certain point you see how it really is.

  80. There are no new positions getting created in my department compared to other departments.

  81. Serco gave my chance to boost my knowledge and experience.

  82. There is not much career progression from my current role.

  83. Always been given options to expand and build on my skills, to try out new roles & tasks.

  84. Haven't seen opportunities.

  85. I see myself having peaked within Serco. My current role and job responsibilities are not defined.

  86. I wouldn't know not looking for another job.

  87. Opportunities for progression are communicated well within the company and by management.

  88. Been told there is no chance of promotion.

  89. I am happy in my current role.

  90. I would like to develop myself and have a good career opportunities. But nobody talks about it and nobody offers any opportunities.

  91. Depending on what happens with the next contract at the moment there isn't a lot of career opportunities avail but hopefully this will improve with the new contract.

  92. While I am content with the role I have at Serco, I do believe that there is good career opportunities available for those that seek them.

  93. Indeed. But right now because of pandemic situation I cannot see any upcoming opportunities from the day I joined.

  94. I am at the end of my working career. Not looking for any upward movement.

  95. I have just been demoted and pushed back at least 5 years back so how can I see any future career.

  96. This is a hard one for me to Judge. I don't always feels there is enough opportunities for disabled people.

  97. Hardly any promotion opportunities.

  98. If you are already in a managerial role within Serco, then you have further chance of progressing within the company. For those striving to be a manager often struggle more due to lack of experience and or not having the necessary qualifications in place. 

  99. There is nowhere to progress to.

  100. Applied for multiple positions and didn't get any.

  101. I don't ever see any similar positions to my own in career opportunities. Leads me to believe that my job will be finished upon completion of my current project, with no further use for me.

  102. Generally good but still a bit of a culture in Defence of the old boys network.

  103. I am not aware of any opportunities available to me.

  104. I truly believe that leadership is taking an active role in my career development at Serco.  This makes me want to stay and creates a feeling that I am invested in, that I am valued.

  105. There appears to be many strong career options within Serco and they are always showing us further options available if we would like to consider moving to a different contract or section within the company.

  106. I would like to go higher.

  107. I have had some amazing opportunities so far.

  108. I feel that as much as a I want I will be able to progress.

  109. Not in it for career, just sustainable role.

  110. I think that holds true for the younger employees.

  111. Not aware of career opportunities and ways I can progress within the business.

  112. Sadly my contract ends soon and at this time there is little or no opportunities for me at this time.

  113. Somehow but there is delay because of favouritism and monopoly and conflict of interest also difference of packages offered to same positions which is unfair. That is really discouraging.

  114. It would be difficult for me to progress further within this department - my progression may take me out of this department.

  115. It depends on the Director at the time.

  116. Unsure as Serco have promised so many opportunities and I am yet to see if they deliver with these promises.

  117. When applying for job roles within the work place they seem to already have the person in mind for the job position, this occurs on most job opportunities that arise.

  118. Given the vast fields Serco covers I would love to continue working for Serco and expanding on the skills I already have, given the chance I would apply for roles at Serco.

  119. There is no progression in the role unless it is to become manager, which only increases admin work and removes a bulk of the technical work which is what I enjoy and why I work the current role I work.

  120. I suspect that there are career opportunities at Serco though I have not felt the need nor found the time to explore.

  121. We all could have opportunities if favoritism were not shown.

  122. There is little scope for progression and salary increases, find it hard to stay within the company.

  123. Doesn't appear to be proactive.

  124. I have reached my ceiling and happy.

  125. What career opportunities? There is no ladder here.

  126. Too new to determine.

  127. No opportunity to advance.

  128. No opportunities to go further

  129. There are a lot of career opportunities in Serco.

  130. Very limited advancement.

  131. For clarity, answering based on my own experience. My experience is certainly not shared with others on the contract who have somewhat limited opportunity.

  132. There continues to be a lack of Full Time opportunities.  

  133. In my present role, I cannot progress any further.

  134. There are opportunities for younger members of the team.

  135. No career options as my face does not fit.

  136. On a local level, there are no opportunities. 

  137. What I have observed so far is that Serco puts a focus on promoting and moving from within. I am hopeful that one day my personal ambitions of moving interstate will be realised.

  138. It feels as if there are good opportunities up to a point. I am limited by the current contract and there is no certainty of continued employment.  

  139. I've been very fortunate to date in my career but now need to be driven harder to continue to progress.

  140. I have been too busy to explore any opportunities within Serco.

  141. This is where I feel frustrated within my role and my progression within Serco.

  142. I hope to keep progressing, hopefully next step will be team leader.

  143. Roles are promised but not delivered.

  144. Other than a very select few who become team leaders or work in other areas of management we have very little career progression opportunities. 

  145. There is no room for development at Serco at all - you are simply stuck in the same position.

  146. I feel I will be able to grow during my time at Serco.

  147. Neither agree or disagree, have only joined the company this year and I am still learning the role.

  148. I'm seeing people leave Serco as they can't get on within the business.

  149. Definitely, as progression and development are an individual responsibility. 

  150. No prospect of any promotion.

  151. This one will always give you a bad response, career opportunities are very few and far between.

  152. As mentioned in a previous comment. The proverbial 'glass ceiling' is so low that moving companies is your best opportunity for career growth.  

  153. Succession planning is limited. Also, there is no process for mobility between divisions, employees need to resign from one division to join another which puts people off.

  154. I am not sure if internal applications are viewed openly; rather than having a person in mind and calling applications for formality sake.

  155. I do feel as though the only way to progress my career with Serco, would be by progressing to team leader, then perhaps further. However I do not wish to be a team leader.

  156. I was given opportunities but never took them.

  157. No - and no development opportunities.

  158. I need to discuss this with my line manager but also it seems there is a lack of clear career progression guidance.

  159. Age and lack of higher posts restrict opportunities.

  160. Unable to progress unless someone leaves.

  161. There is more that could be done regarding career planning, this could include more access to development programs, secondment opportunities. 

  162. Lucky to work myself up to a off-phone role where I can used the skills I am passionate about.

  163. Yes!

  164. I'm working at Serco for almost 10 years but until now, still on the same position despite of trying to apply to a higher position.

  165. I feel I have gone as far as I can in my role.

  166. My personal development has taken a massive hit and I've been waiting a long time to start a course.

  167. I have been  unsuccessful  at 24 interviews in a little over 2 years. 

  168. I have not had any career progression in last seven years even though I have been rated exceed expectations on many occasions and generally I get good reviews about my work.

  169. Certainly no issues very forward thinking organisation.

  170. There is little room for upward mobility.

Opinion Counts - My opinions seem to count

  1. I feel heard and validated but not always empowered to enact change. I look forward to learning more about how I can provide feedback and contribute to service and organisational innovation and improvement.

  2. At my level, I feel completely confident that people will listen to what I have to say and I feel the management trust me to always try and do the best I can.

  3. Have really felt excluded from some critical decisions which I could have been a part of.

  4. Not all the time it depends who you speak to.

  5. Most of the time.

  6. Unfortunately not. The humanity has been taken out of this office.

  7. Management are   too busy   to people/performance manage. File notes or records of 'conversations' are not documented, so the same behaviour continues to happen.

  8. Management and above like us to believe that our opinions count but lets be honest were not payed to think, just to do as were told or were constantly threatened about our position.

  9. Opinions voiced but ignored.

  10. I believe in my work office, my opinion does seem to count. However, we are often overlooked as a department for what we do.

  11. No one will take action on your opinions no matter how good it is.

  12. My opinions count within my work place but seem to get lost in the ether when passed on.

  13. Our manager doesn't listen or act upon my concerns.

  14. I don't feel that my opinion means much to Serco, but my direct supervisor / manager do respect my opinions, and I feel respected by my colleagues.

  15. I know that my manager listens to me and takes my opinions into consideration.

  16. My managers take on board my opinions.

  17. I think to my team and peers my opinion counts.

  18. Never ever listen just interested in putting profits before people. Just use the cheapest option available every time. 

  19. Staff always come to me for advice.

  20. My opinions don't really count towards a lot, I can't see how to progress in this company past the entry level.

  21. I feel listened to and do believe my opinion is valued when contributing in team meetings and discussions with my manager.

  22. My line manager always acknowledge my ideas/suggestions. Which is really great!

  23. In some occasions opinions fall into a broken sack where managers would listen but don't do much about it.

  24. Nothing from these staff surveys is acted on nothing changes just disgruntled employees.

  25. I think that more effort could be made to ask staff what is on their minds more regularly.

  26. Being apart of some type of leader and mentor/ teacher to others who did not utilise training as well as me I do have times where my assistance is rewarded with the satisfaction of helping someone out. However in terms of process updates and further guidance to assist a more positive environment/ workplace, they fall on deaf ears.

  27. Management imposes the decision, does not not seem to bother to ask for opinion. Viewpoint is becoming protocol only. 

  28. Not at all and I am never asked.

  29. Opinion is too often ignored so the feeling of encouraged involvement is muted down. I feel little involvement or awareness of future direction in spite of building a career in this.

  30. I believe my opinions count with some people but with many, they have their own agendas and can be unwilling to see and utilize a differing point of view.

  31. I have an enormous amount of experience which is mostly not used.

  32. Only my boss' opinion counts.

  33. The introduction of the innovation lab has helped worker's ideas to be heard and I appreciated having a place to introduce suggestions for improvement.

  34. Depends on the topic.

  35. I do feel they are listed to, however sometimes overall policy/process are not able to be modified which sometimes leads to frustration.

  36. I want to rate higher on this one, because of the system in place for us to offer ideas to improve the system (Innovation Lab).  The fact that people have offered ideas and the Business Process Analysts actually put some of them into place. I was floored.  But outside of that, if you include your opinions towards team discussion, it depends on your supervisor.  

  37. My opinion does not count in any way.

  38. My opinion is usually disregarded and my word means nothing when facing problems with system issues.

  39. My opinions dont count at all, so I end up saying nothing at all.

  40. When it suits.

  41. I disagree because it feels like my management are just trying to satisfy the demands of the contract.

  42. My Line Manager always takes my opinions into account.

  43. Opinions are shot down as management team leaders know better even though they are rarely on the shop floor.

  44. This will probably be my last Viewpoint, I will give my opinion and write like this as this is the 3rd year I've given my opinion and nothing has happened. So now its just a waste of my working time. This probably won't be read or taken into account. This is obviously not what you want to hear and I completely understand that. But it is my opinion and I've been asked to do this. If I feel like I don't get anything from this then I won't bother again.  But if I make a suggestion at work I know its heard and something is either done, or I am given an answer.

  45. I have given my concerns and was advised that they would be addressed, my experience has taught me otherwise.

  46. Opinions are totally ignored and on ocassions taken up but made out to be seniors ideas.

  47. I did View point last year but I could not see any difference.

  48. I no longer voice my opinions as no one takes any notice.

  49. Some new systems in place have made our jobs a lot more difficult and time consuming but we still have the same time restrictions to work to. This has caused a big slump in morale and the team are struggling. We have given our opinions on the new system and we are told essentially just to deal with it because it has been signed off and will not be changed.

  50. I feel that my opinions are not taken into account when needed to.

  51. Ideas from workers are not listen to.

  52. My supervisor listens and acts when there is a change or concern that needs to be addressed.

  53. Since the change of direct management happened I have not felt like voicing my opinions. I am afraid that if I don't agree with my manager my job might be at risk.

  54. Its difficult to express an idea or opinion in relation to Serco processes to higher management outside our site. I don't believe there's an open forum or that the ideas will be taken into consideration at this point.

  55. With line managers yes!

  56. More than ever since introducing focus groups and innovations lab. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our opinions on how to better our work daily! =)

  57. People aren't interested in opinions, only doing the job quicker, cheaper and more accurately.

  58. My opinions do not count.

  59. Agree my team take into consideration all my thoughts.

  60. My opinions don't get recognised.

  61. My manager always ensures my opinion is heard and will give me valuable feedback on any ideas that are presented.

  62. Sometimes it seems like a formality.

  63. There was no change from the previous Viewpoint.

  64. So far no but with new leadership, it does look promising so I am excited!

  65. Any points or suggestions made by anyone below senior management are not listened to. 

  66. Always feel like I can suggest things or raise issues and I'm listened to.

  67. This survey proves our opinions count.

  68. Suggestions that I make are considered and therefore, I feel my opinions count.

  69. Comments and opinions do not seem to get answers.

  70. Not always. I believe that what matters most is the bottom line and although there is a focus on people it is again a matter of whether they are cost effective. The low salaries are evidence that the work people do is not in line with their compensation.

  71. Thus far, any ideas have not been used and I have been   corrected  . 

  72. I feel that Serco Management has little genuine interest in what its people think about how they work.

  73. I feel that my team's environment welcomes the opinions and ideas of others.

  74. Within my contract, yes but interally within our team, no. 

  75. We're verbally told to express our opinions but, in my experience, it's just tokenism and often dismissed on receipt.

  76. I do not feel heard. 

  77. Our opinions are never asked for.

  78. There has been nothing to suggest that anyone's opinion matters.

  79. I have a great Supervisor that encourages us to voice our opinion. 

  80. Sometimes I feel that my opinion is just that.....an opinion.

  81. My Manager listens to my opinions however, I have yet to experience any acknowledgement from him.

  82. Line manager always seeks our opinions.

  83. I think to a degree they do, within my own line manager. However, beyond that I dont believe they do too much.

  84. NOPE!!! Experience means nothing, knowledge and common sense are despised.

  85. They are taken on board.

  86. Limited flexibility for process improvements.

  87. Absouloutly not.

  88. Despite regularly feeding back to management about problems, we are told that we are performing well and there are no concerns.

  89. Not really. Asking for more hours, because 12 shifts a month is not sufficient.

  90. Serco is constantly seeking feedback from its employees.

  91. Although I feel my opinions are valued, I feel that others have been made to feel less valued from speaking to staff as a manager. As a manager, it is for me to take their opinions into account.

  92. It's the job leads way or no way.

  93. Unsure but overall I hope so, I don't have many to offer, the learning consumes my time.

  94. I do feel my voice isn't heard, on many occasions I have either raised concerns or asked for help and it's only certain managers that help and make a difference.

  95. I'm always given the opportunity to voice my opinions, regardless of being a lower grade to my peers and they are always taken into account, which makes me feel valued!

  96. I can share my views and propose ideas.

  97. With my boss, my peers, my managers and teams - yes.  With the client overall - not really.

  98. Opinions are discouraged and staff are just told what to do, and if they don't like it, they are told to leave.

  99. My opinion is listened to but that's where it ends.

  100. My opinions are never acknowledged. We are never consulted with any change.

  101. I feel that our voices can only be heard when it feels right for the company.

  102. After years of feeling that my opinion doesn't count, I now feel that it does.

  103. Continual improvement never ends, and I feel in my job I can voice my opinion. All us Managers collaborate and are not working in Silo's.

  104. I have seen colleagues bring up brilliant ideas for the centre which are not implemented.

  105. Past experiences show that ideas are perhaps listened to but very little changes which makes me believe that opinions count for nothing when shared.

  106. I am constantly ignored. 

  107. This varies. 

  108. We have regular team meetings where if we ask any questions or suggest anything it is usually shut down. 

  109. I have completed this Viewpoint survey almost every year for the 11 years that I have been at Serco. I observe that the executive team puts the responsibility for change at the business unit level. However, most of the dissatisfaction in the company is with the executive team, who set the culture and tone for the entire company. They are the ones that need to make changes. Executives actions are the actions that will count.

  110. Our opinions do not count. This site is ruled with an iron fist, and those are the only opinions that matter.

  111. Not any more.

  112. I do not comment because I feel it won't be heard.

  113. Management does not want to hear what I have to say. I make suggestions but they are ignored.

  114. Only been here a month, but I'm enjoying it!

  115. Sometimes.

  116. I have been impressed at the level of receptiveness to new ideas by Serco, particularly in HR.  

  117. I feel my opinion does not count and when I do give my opinion I get told not to argue.

  118. Senior Management listen!

  119. With my customer - yes, with the wider Serco - no.

  120. Management wouldn't care. Unless it involves cost savings.

  121. Our opinions are often listened to but not really taken on board.

  122. Within my team, I feel strongly about this.

  123. Opinions and ideas made by individuals rarely come to fruition and there is a general vibe of 'reactive not proactive' when attempting to prevent situations from occurring in the first place.

  124. They are listened to but that's about it.  

  125. Although I feel my supervisor listens, I feel opinions are blocked by upper management.

  126. Sometimes I feel validated, other times I feel pushed to the side and discounted.

  127. My manager is always happy to hear my point of view!

  128. Sometimes improvement ideas are not being embraced but are rejected without them being listened to.

  129. I think this is absolutely true in my team!

  130. Only within my work area, not always within the business as a whole.

  131. I feel the part time staff have very little say. I feel the full time employees have a better chance to get the same point across then we would.

  132. All listen and are interested!

  133. Being outspoken and wanting to be apart of something great here within the organisation, my opinions get pushed to the side or credit given to others who take over.

  134. I am grateful of having the opportunity to express an opinion!

  135. My comments are very much counted between my superior and myself. We have an excellent working relationship with open communication.

  136. I feel that I am able to communicate at all levels of the business, and provide my opinions appropriately so that they are relevant and are heard. I acknowledge that my style and personality may not be received by all and there may be times when my opinions are disregarded.

  137. I am very opinionated and stand up for what is right rergardless of the situation and person.  

  138. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  139. I feel sometimes they count!

  140. Sometimes.

  141. Not really had to give any opinions so can't really comment.

  142. Serco listens to employee needs and concerns for sure!

  143. This has not always been the case but this has vastly improved with the current management team.

  144. Fairness and transparency are always key corporate characteristics to ensure that employees are valued and feel that they are listened to.

  145. My opinion does not appear to count or make a difference in my working environment.

  146. If you make your Line Manager aware of an opinion, it goes two ways; if it's a great idea, they somehow turn it into their own and sing their praises to the SMT on the idea they have come up with or they get a hump and the valid point you are making, doesn't get changed or improved.

  147. My colleagues value my opinions and input!

  148. I am seated off-site at a customer facility so I have little or no interaction with SERCO management.

  149. I did have an issue and the new management and trainers that came from Serco did listen.

  150. When giving feedback or suggestions there's positive change and actions!

  151. Get fed up of saying   I told you so  .

  152. I feel my opinions are always given due weight, whether they are followed or not.

  153. My opinions are listened to by management during 1 to 1 and team meetings, we're always looking to make improvements to how we work.

  154. I feel management listen but as Serco is such a large company they are still in a position where they are not able to influence changes which discourages people from raising issues or suggesting changes.

  155. Opinions do not count unless you are in upper upper management and get along with the right people. My opinions only count to those who I have built a strong relationship with.

  156. I think it's a manager by manager thing - my current line manager is phenomenal at hearing me out but I've had previous managers in Serco that listen to me as a token and don't actually take my views into consideration.

  157. My opinion counts within my team!

  158. I feel management often fails to utilise the expertise of it's senior staff.

  159. Whilst I know my opinion counts to my direct Line Manager, beyond this, I feel that this isn't considered.

  160. Only the opinions of a few seem to count.