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Viewpoint Comments

At Serco, we value the feedback of our colleagues and every year we conduct a Viewpoint engagement survey. In 2022 more of our colleagues than ever (30,105) took the time to share their views and opinions and encouragingly so, our engagement score remains strong. In total, 56,042 written comments were received – over 12,000 of these were in response to our ‘Tell the Board’ question which invited colleagues to state what it is they’d like our plc Board to focus on now. 

The richness of this information is incredibly helpful as we continue to work with colleagues to understand these important messages and agree actions to further improve the experience of working with Serco. 

As a business, we want to be transparent in all that we do and therefore, we publish what it is our people say about us. Please find below a random sample of comments that relate to our three key strengths (Role Clarity, Customer Focus and Health & Safety) and our two key areas of opportunity (Career and Opinions Count).

Role Clarity - I clearly understand what is expected of me in my role

  1. On the whole, yes, but sometimes having two Managers can be tricky in terms of prioritising workload but generally it's manageable.

  2. This role description varies based off location. My role seems to be ever-evolving and adjusting.

  3. Yes, I do but not when the goals are always changing.

  4. I enjoy working in my role and know how to do my job well.

  5. Regular catch ups (weekly), with more formal performance reviews and goal setting quarterly, this makes it very easy to understand my current role on an ongoing basis and what the expectations are in terms of performance and attitude. 

  6. Sometimes this is unclear, not on Serco but on the customer. A lot of missed communications because some of the staff have been in the same position for too long.

  7. I know what my role is however the day to day management makes it difficult to perform my role to the best of my ability. 

  8. Expectations are clear and guidance is available for most areas.

  9. The work load is so great that I don't believe that I am completely fulfilling my role, while at the same time I don't fully understand the role.

  10. My role with Serco is clearly explained, however on base, the parameters of the job, KPI's and expectations shift and change quite often.

  11. We have clear instructions and expectations. We are regularly provided with updates when there are changes.

  12. Job description and role are different from what is happening on the ground. Sometimes it is aligned. Most of the time it is not.

  13. I understand my role. Its unfortunate that my title and pay rate do not match that same role.

  14. My role requires me to be flexible, adaptable and quite dynamic in approach. I enjoy that about my role and feel I succeed in what is expected. Should I not understand, I know I will have the required support needed from my Line Manager.

  15. As mentioned I recently started a new role within Serco. All the learning/training is coming together now, however, at first it was very unclear.

  16. Yes, once explained. New hires should know what/who their supporting to eliminate any confusion regarding tasks and expectations.

  17. Direction was not clear in orientation.

  18. Things keep being asked of me that are not in my role. I went for a different role here to advance my career, I didn't get the job but I'm now doing part of what that role is because no one else has been hired.

  19. We have a lot of change going on and knowing what to focus on and prioritise has become more difficult.

  20. There is a lack of guidance and often conflicting advice.

  21. This is straightforward and there is always someone available to help if needed.

  22. I clearly do understand what is expected of me but I am not working as per my job description.

  23. I understand what is expected of me in my role.

  24. I don't believe anyone in our team really know what their job role entails, so much so that job titles on recent job adverts have changed to attract applicants so any new staff will come in under a different job title to the rest of us.

  25. In my role at Serco, there is a large variety of work that I perform. There are always new challenges and opportunities to develop skills and provide more services. I enjoy that.

  26. I have been slowly shifting to different responsibilities since I have been hired. Sometimes I am assigned something out of left field, but I always have the option to accept or reject the new tasking, though I have always accepted new work.

  27. I constantly go above and beyond the requirements of my role which often gets overlooked and not acknowledged.

  28. Again, communication is very poor, and sometimes things change without us being told that they're changing. Some of us were taught to do things differently than others, so there is a clear dissonance in the workplace that creates uncertainty and confusion.

  29. No one has told me I am not performing in my role, so I assume I have a clear understanding.

  30. I feel we as support contractors are treated differently than our government colleagues, in a negative manner, and that means not always knowing what is expected of me at work.

  31. I personally feel that the Initial Training Course (ICT) was great and very informative. However, when I started the job, I learned more in the first week then I did on the 6 week ITC. The ITC was great at explaining what the role is and how to do it, but you can't get a feeling of it until you actually start the job.

  32. I kind of understand but sometimes it's hard to know the edge of my role and the start of someone elses!

  33. No clear communication or direction in my role.

  34. I have regular one to one meetings with my line manager to discuss the expectations of my job role.

  35. Clear expectations are set and attempts are made to maintain and improve this process.

  36. Performing tasks well beyond my role without being appreciated by senior management.

  37. There is no standards of what my role is other than a broad overview which can be changed and manipulated to how its suits on the day.

  38. There are times where things change which means that I'm not always 100% sure.

  39. I strongly agree but as stated previously, staff shortages can make it extremely difficult for me carry out all of the roles expected of me.

  40. Induction training is 2nd to none here, it takes all day but very is very thorough.

  41. After many years in the same role, I understand what is expected of me.

  42. These past few years have been difficult, low resources and higher workloads have not allowed for proper training, leading to performance issues or some confusion with our roles.

  43. Communication of expectations can be unorganized and unclear at times.

  44. My tasking, deadlines, and product quality demands are clear by the customer. 

  45. My role changes often and flexibility is the key in my position. Expectations change from time to time based on client requirements which is challenging yet interesting.

  46. Since returning from maternity leave, it is unclear what role I am doing.

  47. Communication has been somewhat lacking recently.

  48. I understand the general expectations required for my role but there are plenty of aspects I would appreciate more insight into.

  49. On the job training/learning is something I have experienced a lot here.

  50. Yes - however if anything outside of my role is asked of me, sometimes I struggle to understand what I am doing and if i am doing it right - but there is always someone there to support and guide when needed or asked.

  51. I have been thrown into the deep end in my department and only know what is required each fortnight.

  52. Sometimes the directives seem to be contrary to the objective.

  53. I do feel that a lot is expected from some departments where the level of greatness can be somewhat diminished because of what is expected.

  54. Yes, I understand the expectations of my role.

  55. There is a lot of training, support and mentoring that is given to new members of the team to support us in understanding our roles and expectations. I feel that managers are approachable and I can ask questions if I am unsure about something or need advice.

  56. I don't think the company really understands what it wants me to do in my role, so its hard to know what is expected, although I always try to deliver on whatever it is that i'm asked to do.

  57. I don't think my managers know what my work exactly entails. Anyway, I know what to do and how to do it.

  58. My role is new to me and I still am learning everyday. I do feel I am required to constantly perform duties not what I would expect for my role, but we are a small team and I am happy to do this to achieve the goal.

  59. Yes, I have a great team manager who pushes me and gets the best out of the team.

  60. Yes, an open door policy was implemented by my Department Manager.

  61. Roles are not defined and not provided to the employees or they are not up to date anymore.

  62. Duties and responsibiltiies are clear.

  63. Some aspect of our daily routine can become grey at times and some of the support documentation is well out of date or irrelevant.

  64. My direct manager gives clear advice and feedback.

  65. I understand what is expected of me and my job role. What is not clear is all the additional expectations required for the Team and Business; and when this becomes recognised as going above and beyond or whether it is just expected.

  66. I understand what I need to deliver, however, the expectation of the contract is poor.

  67. Since starting earlier this year, I have sometimes found it difficult to know what is required of me at each post I work at.

  68. I do understand what is expected of me, but I don't always know that I am doing the proper proportion of the activities. I'm not getting negative feedback from my manager about this, but have my own internal feedback loop going on.

  69. I do feel that sometimes tasks do get passed to myself when this is not my role and then becomes my duty to carry on.

  70. Clear objectives and performance management not in place.  I can't remember when I last had a one 2 one with my supervisor.

  71. I have regular catch ups and information discussions with my direct line manager, peers and other departments.

  72. Despite numerous requests, I do not have Terms of Reference or a clear definition of my roles and responsibilities. I believe a number of the employees are in the same boat.

  73. For the most part, I do clearly understand what is expected of me, but our guidance changes often and with little notice.

  74. There is lots of confusion about this when you first start because you get advice and guidance from many people, all who have different ideas about the role.

  75. With my skillset specifically there are a lot of contradicting procedures and no clarification on which one applies to us.

  76. Yes but the role is constantly changing with more and more becoming our responsibility.

  77. I understand my role and KPIs.

  78. This can often get confusing as priorities shift very quickly. Not all goals and objectives for each group appear to align with one another, and this often leads to confusion as to what is truly important.

  79. My line manager and above set clear goals and targets for me to hit .They also support me in my efforts to achieve these targets and I feel a valued member of the team.

  80. I feel my role has a lot higher expectations when it comes to admin, responsibility and dealings with the client than other roles within the same pay category. I sometimes do not understand what is expected and appropriate.

  81. I know what I need to do and how to do it, however, a lot of time is spent endlessly discussing ways of working with no clear way forward.

  82. The expectations are clearly defined and are continuously discussed at MyCatch-Up meetings.

  83. This was made out to me at the start of my employment and I know my role exactly.

  84. Having done the role for 10 years, I fully understand the responsibilities of the role.

  85. I understand my job description, and I am good at my job.

  86. Not often is there a handover note for when managers are off.

  87. Although the overall expectation of what my role entails is clear, there is often confusion on day-to-day activities and priorities due to rapidly changing situations and slow or missing input from line managers.

  88. I have recently taken on more responsibilities in another area of the workplace, and the guidance of the managers of this area has allowed me to fulfil more and more tasks that are important in this area.

  89. The head of department, deputy head and line manager have worked to make sure that my team specifically knows what we are doing and aims to help us if there’s any problems that arise.

  90. I understand my role and expectations however insufficient resources make it very challenging.

  91. As the Serco landscape changes frequently, my role becomes unclear and my priorities/objectives become blurred. It would be better to have more frequent catch-ups and reassess my objectives.

  92. While it is often difficult to meet production and quality standards due to the variety of workload I face, I do understand what is expected of me.

  93. It's clearly set out what is expected of me and is steered by my manager what he expects of us.

  94. We clearly understand the basics of what is expected however additional expectations constantly change and get very frustrating.

  95. I am given monthly production targets and my job is to hit those targets while maintaining a high quality of work.

  96. I understand my role and what we are aiming to achieve, however, the goal posts are constantly being moved (often with little explanation as to why) and therefore the job changes.

  97. The job can be learned but expectation is very hard to meet.

  98. I have joined a different business within Serco and I am still on a learning curve in regards to the business processes etc. used within this sector.

  99. Sometimes my job is affected by improvements and changes that aren't discussed with myself they're just implemented. This can be frustrating.

  100. I am proud of myself for achieving in my job.

Customer Focus - Where I work, we provide a high level of service to our customers/service users

  1. Our work environment revolves around the customer and therefore we are always looking at how we deliver the service that we provide.

  2. I have witnessed situations where I felt that we could have delivered (services) in a better manner or better quality if there were more hands involved.

  3. We do, however the customer service levels are not where they used to be due to the management failing to listen to improvements that could be made.

  4. Standards have dropped massively with the new starters.

  5. We provide as high a level as is possible given the circumstances, the resources available, and the expectations of our customers/service users.

  6. I personally provide great customer service and perform the job to the best of my abilities.

  7. We keep a good line of communication open to maintain positive relationships with our stakeholders.

  8. Information sharing does not happen frequently, some team members believe that knowledge is power and try and use that to increase their level of importance rather than sharing with our Teams.

  9. I like to pride myself in giving good service to our customers, providing correct information by using our database, signposting if needed or sending messages when necessary.

  10. We provide a high level to the trust but they treat Serco workers with disrespect all the time.

  11. I like to think myself and the team I work with do work to their very upmost to provide a high level of service.

  12. We deliver quality work to satisfy our customers and polish our company's name.

  13. The service level has dropped dramatically since getting out of the Covid restrictions.

  14. I know the complexity of the contract and the difficulties within the public service but there's lots of improvements to be made.

  15. With better leadership, the organisational would have better results.

  16. As a section we bend over backwards for the customer even with the lack of resources we have.

  17. All the Serco staff on my particular contract are very hard working and always put the mission and customer needs first.

  18. I take great pride in what I do and I ensure I do my very best every day.

  19. We might not always get it right, but we put our hands up and take ownership of our failings and learn the lessons that we need to.

  20. For some we do it to the best of our ability. However, there are times when we feel impeded by policy.

  21. In my experience the workload split is 60/40 in favour of internal time & effort against focus on delivery. I think it would be healthier if this were the other way round.

  22. There is definitely room for improvement. The passion and the intention is good but the lack of resource and processes in some areas result in us failing to provide the service we should.

  23. We provide the best level of service we can with the poor equipment, management, and technology.

  24. If properly supported we are an amazing team doing a difficult job. Unfortunately, we often are not.

  25. I think we have been unable to deliver this and certain decisions have been made which has not been good for our customers.

  26. I do my job as best I can and offer 100% of my ability and what I'm capable of doing.

  27. I feel that we over service our customers and under service the staffs needs at times.

  28. As Serco, I strongly agree that we provide a high level of service. However, I don't think that we as a company always get the credit for providing a high level of service.

  29. We take pride in our service to the customer. It's a pity the local management do not recognise this.

  30. Often over and above contractual levels.

  31. We do the best we can with the resources we have but we are not where we should be in line with the contract.

  32. At times we are understaffed, which I believe can cause a drop in standards.

  33. We would if we can retain staff. People need to be remunerated in line with the type of work we do.

  34. I can comfortably state that we always do our best but this might not always please our customers.

  35. I pride myself on providing a high standard to service users as are all our team and managers.

  36. We do our best but with lack of staff we cannot provide a high level, just enough to get through the day.

  37. We would like to...we have in the past...we aspire to do so again. However, we are prevented from providing the service that we would like to by the current constraints placed upon us by contract management.

  38. Our staff are not supported or given the resources to do this.

  39. We provide the best service with the resources that are available.

  40. Yes, our customer contractual compliances and KPI's are green (across the board) since last year.

  41. I believe my team always works to the best of it's ability and provides the highest level of service possible.

  42. The team work together brilliantly to provide the best service they can provide to the customer.

  43. So much depends on third parties that we cannot service our customers in a timely manner.

  44. We all try our best with the resources that are available to us.

  45. Staffing pressures, retention and recruitment across the board is very poor. However, the service we provide is still high. With a full compliment of staff, I believe this would be top marks.

  46. I do the very best I can and so does Serco.

  47. Where I work, we strive to provide a high level of service, inspite of the hurdles that get put in our way.

  48. The quality of housing we provide has definitely deteriorated in recent years, but I can't comment on the service provided.

  49. Detainees are treated fairly and are given the appropriate care needed.

  50. We are limited in resources but a good number of us provide quality customer service in the best way we can.

  51. I personally believe I provide a good service to everyone.

  52. We’ve definitely made positive improvements but there is still much work to be done.

  53. We always do out best to support and help our customers.

  54. We attempt a very high level of service. However, this is often compromised due to problems with processes, scheduling, resourcing.

  55. We do our best in my view as a Team.

  56. We provide the best level of service we can with all the restrictions we are given, however this is no fault of Serco.

  57. Due to being understaff, we are not providing the level of service we should be doing.

  58. We provide the highest level of service that we are able to within the constraints which we have.

  59. We are encouraged and we try to do our best service.

  60. We have a good relationship with the client.

  61. In many cases we go over and above!

  62. Everything is done to the highest standards for the client. The client is the No.1 priority. 

  63. We focus maximum effort!

  64. Serco is a place that puts its service users and customers first and people feel a genuine connection with the government mission we serve.

  65. I can personally speak for myself and know that I do my absolute best to give each customer a great experience.

  66. Very high levels, Serco like to give a great service to staff and service users.

  67. Some people do provide a high level of service but some people do not. This makes the people who do provide a high level of service feel disheartened.

  68. We've been told many times that our department provides an excellent service to our customers.

  69. I know I do in my job but over hearing other staff, I can for sure say that this isn't something everyone provides to our customers.

  70. There are some gaps in the process because of the nature of our consumers but it is positively evolving. We are not there yet but certainly heading in the right direction.

  71. We cant provide a high level, we are over worked and under staffed.

  72. Our level of service has been hindered over the last few years but we have been trying to work with the customer.

  73. This is something which I believe is practiced by the majority of staff regardless of position or experience.

  74. I try very hard for my customer but sometimes disheartening by how some co-workers treat customers.

  75. We would provide even more service if we could - this is our greatest strength.

  76. Yes, I give more priority to our clients and always give my 100% efforts in my job so that my client will be happy and safe.

  77. The customer's voice is often lost.

  78. There is too much focus on admin and stats and not enough focus on results and being personable.

  79. Unfavourable relations with other departments.

  80. Our level of service has been greatly affected by low staffing.

  81. Our team provided a high level of service to service users, I'm unable to comment on the centre as a whole.

  82. We always respond to the customer and work to exceed their expectations.

  83. This would be higher if the requirement for better resources/tools were better acknowledged.

  84. I really am proud of the service we provide to our customers!

  85. I believe that we place customer service at a very high level of importance but I do think we can do more to try to understand their points of view from time to time.

  86. I always make sure I give a 110%.

  87. We constantly strive to deliver the best possible service for the men in our care.

  88. Agree, we all care about our work - you can hear the pride in people voices on our weekly calls.

  89. We have a very good relationship with our client and always strive to provide the very best service we can.

  90. Alot of work goes on in the background to make sure we are delivering or enhancing the service for the customer/service users, my role is key to this, and feel we do it well.

  91. I would say that the majority of the team in general are hard working and strive to ensure that the level of service is high. It concern me that there is a minority of individuals who do as little as possible but are the most vocal which enables them to manipulate their positions.

  92. Still lots of things to improve but we are one team reaching towards one goal!

  93. Our department is extremely responsive to the needs of each individual.

  94. Agents do a majority of the actual work that is done for Customers. Due to our pay, good agents often leave for better pay.

  95. We are forever attempting to.

  96. I feel we are part of the community and try to have a good relationship with the general public & other services.

  97. We provide the best level of service with the tools and time we have to meet our customers needs.

  98. We are focused not just on employees but also in providing excellent service to our internal and external customers.

  99. I do believe that the customer is extremely important to Serco.

  100. I am a shift worker and I can speak loudly and proudly that our team do provide a HIGH level of service!

Health & Safety - Health and safety is taken seriously where I work

  1. The whole team has strong views on Health and Safety in our work, it is regularly discussed in our meetings and we always ensure everyone in the team has all the equipment they need to carry out their role.

  2. Yes, that is the nature of a highly operational environment

  3. Staffing levels can sometimes make it feel a little unsafe.

  4. We could do more for mental health and wellbeing - beyond webinars, posters etc.

  5. So many things can be done to improve safety.

  6. My Team Leader is an amazing person who tries to keep all of us supported and confident within our roles.

  7. Safety is rarely discussed at our toolbox talks.

  8. PPE is poorly provided.

  9. 100%!

  10. Where I work, we have to cut corners sometimes due to lack of staff.

  11. New H&S manager on site is doing a great job.

  12. Policies are in place and enforced to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

  13. Health and safety procedures are closely followed and we are all encouraged to be aware of our surroundings and the safety of our selves and others and to report any problems or any ideas we have to make sure we are all working in a safe environment.

  14. I honestly thought WFH would never be an option, but WFH makes me feel better about getting up and working.

  15. We have had a number of examples with trades people operating in an unsafe manner on site, our safety team have asked them to operate safely or leave the premises if they don't have the tools to do so.

  16. Yes we follow health and safety regulations, we follow Zerco Harm policy.

  17. I strongly agree with this!

  18. What happens in the field is totally different to what is taught on induction.

  19. PPE is also available and injuries always investigated.

  20. It seems to be getting better year on year.

  21. Covid regulations seem to disappear as soon as they become an inconvenience (staff testing, cross deployment, etc).

  22. Overall, safety is taken seriously but there are instances where individuals don't think the rules apply to them.

  23. I worry that If I get COVID, I won't be able to provide for my family.

  24. I have a good HSE manager on site that can provide a good health and safe work environment.

  25.  More consideration needs to be taken. We need to walk the walk not just talk the talk and tick a box.

  26. I am working on a project to improve this with training, equipment, documentation and PGI's.

  27. Zero Harm and health and safety is a priority for every aspect of our business.

  28. Depending on the situation.

  29. Yes and no. Some people returned to work fairly quickly after contracting Covid, and the masking policy was loose. Some of the long hours required to get a job done are unhealthy, and recovery time is not always given.

  30. To a degree - but I feel like they nitpick and only focus on stuff that inconveniences staff and isn't actually needed.

  31. Safety of the custodies is more important to Serco than the staff.

  32. I agree with this statement with regards to our department.

  33. Some what. When it comes to the slips trips and falls, yes. Mental health, no.

  34. No, there is mold actively growing in our conference room.

  35. Managers are very "on it".

  36. Since i have been working for Serco, I have heard a lot surrounding mental and physical health.

  37. I feel our health and safety protocols are up to industry standards. On-site. Clean work stations. Clean bathrooms. Hand-wash stations. Mask guidance.

  38. It's a mixed experience varying by person and area of work. On the whole, Serco does good work in this space.

  39. We are sometimes pressured to work extra shifts.

  40. I did get time to work from home when I was sick.

  41. I am a first aider and on checking the first aid boxes, multiple things where missing.

  42. At our local facility, I have voiced concerns over mold and mildew and local management have taken some action to try to correct the issue.

  43. Health is taken care of with fruit boxes for everyone.

  44. The building where we work has many different issues and when concerns have been raised, they are not always actioned quickly.

  45. I strongly agree and this is due to having an Excellent HSE Manager.

  46. I unfortunately had an accident earlier on in the year and I couldn't fault the support I got from my Team Leader.

  47. Yes, we work with 100% safety.

  48. Health and safety is paramount. No corners are cut, ever!

  49. The management understand the responsibilities upon them and their employees, however, I believe further education is required to generate the same level of understanding for the whole work force.

  50. Lack of modern safety equipment.

  51. Safety is always discussed and is the first item at any meeting held.

  52. As per my opinion, priority given for mental health of staff members is not up to standard.

  53. For sure!

  54. Its taken seriously on site, however, expectation of reporting is excessive and needs to be made easier.

  55. For the most part yes, but sometimes we can do more with small things like ensuring walkways are clear of obstructions and cabling is tidy etc.

  56. Absolutely taken seriously!

  57. The health of some of my colleagues is a concern and could lead to a safety risk to myself and others around the department.

  58. With staffing being so low, I would have to alter everyone else's schedule to take a sick day off.

  59. Too many people are allowed to go sick without being sick.

  60. True, issues are addressed.

  61. I think how Serco handled the pandemic is proof that Serco and the Management team really do care about the employees and our health and safety!

  62. Not sure Covid was taken as seriously as it should have been especially when staff members get Covid and we are unaware.

  63. Health and safety trumps everything in our working environment.

  64. With regards to the work-life balance side of "Health", SAP/HR approval emails are regularly sent in the evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays which puts a pressure on staff to address them outside of working hours.  Whilst I understand the off-shore team work different hours/days to the UK, I believe there should be a process put in place that only sends out SAP/HR approval emails during a 9am - 5pm time period Mon - Fri.

  65. We do what we can but the lack of staff and quality staff makes this a challenge to effectively deliver.

  66. There is regular communication from HR regrading mental health and the boss talks to us regularly about health and safety.

  67. When things like this gets reported we are waiting a long time for them to be sorted.

  68. The new fleet and safety manager is doing a sterling job at keeping on top of HSE.

  69. Very, why compromise when injury to yourself could be the result.

  70. I felt like COVID has been handled well.

  71. COVID showed inconsistencies.

  72. There is clear communication about the value of health and safety.

  73. On going staffing issues continues to be an ongoing safety issue.

  74. Health and Safety is taken seriously but I feel there is more improvement needed.

  75. Health and safety is extremely high focus on our contract and is discussed daily with the focus being on how we can improve this.

  76. When it comes to my job, it is the absolute priority and is taken very seriously.

  77. Mental health still feels like something we need to find a way to address more, but there is definitely more of a focus on taking care of yourself physically and mentally than there was before.

  78. Physical health and safety but not mental heath and well being.

  79. Most of the time it is.

  80. At my work location, yes.

  81. It is taken seriously by all, but there is a focus on achieving targets and pressure being applied if we're not hitting the targets.

  82. Strong H&S culture across the sites with excellent procedures in place.

  83. Throughout my working career with Serco, H&S has always taken seriously.

  84. This is extremely right. Health & safety is always considered first.

  85. I do wish there was more mental health awareness, not all health problems are visible to the naked eye.

  86. We need more staff and people in the job that are fit to do it and want to do it.

  87. There is a long wait having things fixed, but that isn't Serco's fault as they don't own the building.

  88. No H&S manager on site.

  89. Certainly within health and J&I,  it is taken very seriously

  90. Due to the nature of our work, H&S is taken very seriously, by us all.

  91. Serco take safety seriously from the CEO position down to staff on the ground. Various procedures are in place to ensure staff work and act safely in line with Serco policies.

  92. I don't believe mental health is taken as seriously as it should be.

  93. Our work place is risk heavy by nature so not taking it seriously is not an option.

  94. Work from home but when visiting the office health and safety is taken seriously.

  95. We have a policy of "Zero Harm" and we live by it every second. As a department, we are over 5 years LTI free.

  96. Mental health of employees needs to be a bigger priority with reasonable workloads and timeframes for all parties involved.

  97. Every staff member's safety is taken very seriously and is a priority.

  98. Yes it is and I make sure of it because I am the rep.

  99. Our manager really does care about the safety and welfare of staff and customers.

  100. There is general consent of Serco ensuring the well being of staff is imperative, both pre/post pandemic.

Opinions Count - My opinions seem to count

  1. This depends upon the subject matter being discussed. I feel that my opinions count when the topic relates to my core expertise but when providing my opinion on something considered outside of my core expertise (but something I might be knowledgeable, interested or passionate about), this is rarely considered / valued.

  2. At times my option matters but not in the grand scheme of things.

  3. It is a very inclusive environment, I can express my opinion.

  4. Field based workers aren't listened to.

  5. I have been raising concerns that our employment facilitators are facing without any response.

  6. I know my opinion counts to those within my team. I think wider than this, there is some value - though I think this could be developed across the board.

  7. Missing transparency on results of feedback so unsure if it is counted.

  8. I do not agree with this point as my opinions appear to be counted as more of a moan that a constructive opinion which will then make me feel as though there is no point to raise an opinion as it will be cast aside.

  9. The opinion of the staff has been taken notice of just recently.

  10. I feel my team leaders and managers are very receptive and are looking out for me.

  11. We are not asked for our opinions When we reach out with concerns, we are told they are noted and being worked on. However, we have gone months with our concerns not being addressed or resolved.

  12. At a local level, your opinion can count dependent on enrivonment but in the grand scheme it can be very easy to feel unheard. There are also issues with ensuring that the opinions and views align with the requirements of the business.

  13. I do not often share my opinions, they are not valued given my position. However if they are related to my job role I can give some insight.

  14. I can make suggestions and these are listened to and considered.

  15. I no longer feel that my opinions count for very much at all unfortunately and my opportunities for giving these are currently limited.

  16. My opinions are always heard by the management which I appreciate.

  17. I feel like my opinions are one of many and may not count towards much. I’m not even sure if these comments will be read but I like to think they would be.

  18. No, and if my idea is a good one, my manager takes it and looks like a super hero.

  19. Unfortunately I believe the management is not interested in the opinions of its staff as it simply ignores them.

  20. Within my site I feel like my opinions do matter, however, I feel Serco don’t care as much.

  21. Opinions are listened to, but very rarely acted upon.

  22. I can speak freely as I like and will be listened to.

  23. My opinions are taken into consideration.

  24. No one cares or listens to the people that actually do the job.

  25. I feel they do within the department but less so within the establishment as a whole.

  26. Definitely not. My opinions are not important in this workplace, not to my manager and not to my colleagues.

  27. I believe my opinions count for my colleagues and manager, however there is little to no opportunities to provide my opinion outside of that.

  28. I have made suggestions and asked for change but have been basically told to stay in my lane.

  29. My line manager values my opinions but I think that's where it stops.

  30. My opinion counts to my line manager. It does not count to my director. I do not feel that she genuinely cares about my opinion.

  31. I love my job, but I find it hard when things don't seem to change each year after this survey.

  32. My opinions are considered not only by the customer for techical questions but also by my contract manager to take decision on a activity.

  33. Yes... when I have submitted suggestions, they have been looked at and discussed.

  34. My manager listens and responds to what I contribute.

  35. Management are open to everyone's opinions in the department.

  36. I have never worked anywhere where I felt my opinions and thoughts mattered less.

  37. If I have any ideas, I feel comfortable to express my ideas.

  38. My opinion is heard but only goes so far.

  39. I have suggested certain ways to make my job easier which has caused me grief.

  40. My team are a very open and supportive team where I feel safe expressing my opinions.

  41. I feel listened to and heard.

  42. Opinions count with my line manager but I do wonder if the senior management team think the same.

  43. My opinion is always welcomed and valued by my leadership!

  44. I believe my opinion is listened to always.

  45. My opinions count only in the area of busines where I work. At serco level, it is not the same case.

  46. Always feel that I can voice my opinion and have a good conversation/discussion around them.

  47. I believe at times my opinion is at times disregarded.

  48. My opinion does seem to count but sometimes I do not feel that I am heard when I voice an opinion.

  49. People often ask my opinion, and I feel "heard".

  50. Within my immediate work group, my opinion definitely counts. Within Serco organization as a whole, I have not felt that my opinion means anything. I cannot tell if executives are even listening but I will say that there has been improvement in the past 4 years.

  51. On my direct team absolutely, to upper management no, their hands are tied just as much.

  52. My management does listen to me and consider my opinions, they also give me feedback whenever needed.

  53. If the opinion is acceptable, it's always taken into consideration. That's my understanding in the team.

  54. My opinions seem to count with most of the people in my team.

  55. For the most part I feel "heard" when I voice my concerns to my supervisor. He lets me know he is following through with suggestions and recommendations and he advances them up the chain of command where he is able.

  56. Opinions are always challenged because they are not understood or represent a cost. 

  57. There have recently been some really good examples where concerns have been listened to and I felt I drove a direction. It took a while to find the right channel to get those opinions heard and it was a fairly senior level that I spoke to but the senior involved took time out of their diary, listened and acted. I can't fault that in the end.

  58. Some days I feel unheard, it depends who I am having a conversation with.

  59. I feel that my opinion are listened to.

  60. People listen to what I have to say at Serco!

  61. Frequently we get the impression that management are to busy to hear individuals or have the will to listen.

  62. Being a member of staff who hasn’t worked at serco a long time compared to others people see this as a negative and aren’t willing to listen to my opinions because they may have worked there for years.

  63. I do not feel my opionions count in my work place.

  64. My opinions count within my role but any suggestions to Serco are usually rebuffed.

  65. We have a forum where we are free to express our opinions. I don't think any one who has spoken has ever had their opinion acted on. Less and less people talk as it is a waste of time.

  66. My immediate line manager discusses my views and opinions.

  67. It is challenging at times, attaining my supervisors understanding. Once understood, I feel like my opinions seem to count.

  68. Taking meaningful action would be helpful when opinions are aligned and decisions agreed.

  69. Our team have regular meetings and are given the chance to speak and have an opinion which is important. We also have our supervisors and other managers to discuss with at any time.

  70. Yes, I feel that if I'm not happy about something I can speak to the management team.

  71. I feel that my opinion is heard and taken into consideration by my direct superiors but the ideas are shot down or never acted upon by upper management.

  72. My line manager and head of dept are always open to new opinions and are straight enough to tell me to my face whether they are viable or not. I appreciate this honesty.

  73. Not given much of an opportunity for my opinion to be heard.

  74. I do not believe that my opinions count or that they matter.

  75. I began working with Serco in April. I'm still new and learning the company's culture. I haven't really had to share any opinions yet, however, I have a very supportive and helpful site lead & regional manager.

  76. I feel sometimes in meetings that due to my length of service and experience, my comments, opinions and views are dismissed and therefore don't count.

  77. Little feedback is provided on ideas put forward.

  78. I feel my opinions are heard by site management.

  79. I often feel my opinions and comments are overlooked.

  80. I rarely get asked my opinion and if it is voiced I have been told that 'I don't want any push back'.

  81. The company don't seem to take into account my length of service and the experience I can give.

  82. You never get any feedback with anything you put forward.

  83. I feel that management at a local level think I am a bit of a pain when I express my opinion.

  84. I feel my manager always takes time to listen to not only my opinions but her whole team.

  85. I like to think so, at least I hope so. But sometimes the business is to money driven for logic to prevail.

  86. Management does not care about what their employees think.

  87. I don't believe a space is always created where our opinions/concerns can be expressed.

  88. Feel I am able to voice my thoughts and concerns and they are taken into account and discussed openly.

  89. Locally I feel that my opinions are respected and listened to.

  90. With Serco if you tell them something they do not like then they will not listen.

  91. I feel my opinions fall on deaf ears the majority of the time.

  92. I have been part of a forum group but results are yet to be seen.

  93. Our voice does not matter.

  94. I have so much feedback to give but my job does not give enough time to do that.

  95. My opinions matter on my crew, we are all involved.

  96. I always feel encouraged to speak up. Even when an idea won't work, its not handled negatively, but usually accompanied by a clear reason as to why.

  97. I feel I can have an opinion and it is listened too.

  98. Sometimes my opinions, whether right or wrong, can be ignored or shut down.

  99. Always listened to which is a breath of fresh air.

  100. Managers often will take my opinions onboard without negative feedback.

Career - I have good career opportunities at Serco

  1. Within my program there are only limited advancement opportunities as space and roles become available. I suspect that my only realistic advancement opportunities would be within the wider Serco network and other programs.

  2. Applied for multiple opportunities considering the level of my skill and expertise. Unfortunately, I was not given the opportunity.

  3. In my role, and particular career path, there are options for development and progression. For operational staff, this seems to be less so.

  4. I have no idea, it does not matter. I like what I am doing today.

  5. I am keen to explore some secondments/other opportunities and how I can further develop my career and strengths with Serco.

  6. Unsure what opportunities are available to me.

  7. Opportunities are very limited unless you are prepared to move house and family.

  8. Yes, there are ways that you can progress in the company, but with the limitations attached to that progress a lot of people can end up feeling stuck in their roles.

  9. I don't believe we have career progression paths or opportunity paths. Rather opportunities seem to be based on "what seems like a good idea".

  10. Although I have been in the company for over 2 years and I have implemented a lot of improvements, I have been unable to progress with my career within the company.

  11. As non-operational staff, the opportunities/progression has felt very limited. There seems to be greater opportunities for operational staff.

  12. For our department, I think there could be more opportunities as sometimes progression is slow.

  13. In my role there are limited opportunities but I am happy in my current position.

  14. Would like to see more secondment opportunities.

  15. I think my career hasn't progressed particularly but I think that has been my choice (due to family commitments) rather than the opportunities not being there.

  16. I am purely interested in my current job role.

  17. I don't feel like there are many opportunities for advancement aside from a seasonal job. I feel stuck.

  18. Although I am happy in my current role I know that if I was inclined I would be given every opportunity to progress in other areas and on different contracts.

  19. Too many temporary positions, not enough permanent positions.

  20. I have a good career doing what I'm doing, but non-operational or admin staff struggle to progress into better career opportunities.

  21. I don't think they're made as widely known as they could be. Unless you have a managers account e.g an email, Teams, access to serco databases, it's much harder to access these possible opportunities.

  22. I feel I'm only a number here and as long as I can do the shifts there will be no career opportunities fourthcoming.

  23. I understand that the position I am in means progression up is limited, but I am not being remunerated for the experience I have and effort that I put into my work.

  24. There are very few opportunities within my sector to progress which forces staff to look elsewhere.

  25. I believe that the graduate programme is the best opportunity I could have within Serco for career prospects. I'm not sure that other staff have the same opportunities, especially those that do not have access to their Serco email or the company portal.

  26. I don't think there is any extra ways to go up from the position I'm in now. No room for growth.

  27. It depends who you are noticed by.

  28. Definitely!

  29. I would hope the ability to move around Serco UK and indeed Serco 'Rest of the World' is actually there and positively promoted rather than it being a hollow recruiting slogan. I don't see anything in place except the standard Job Board.

  30. Serco is on par with most other companies. In most cases, it is up to the individual to find opportunities.

  31. In my role, very little opportunities for me to progress have been given. There has been no on the job learning opportunities and despite continuously asking, no opportunities have been created for me to expand my working knowledge and put study into practice.

  32. I personally feel this has been the case for me so I marked accordingly.

  33. I've had none since 2004.

  34. Having been in the same role for 5 years I have tried to advance my career but to no avail. It seems someone external with good experience is prioritised over internal candidates being given an opportunity, even a secondment opportunity.

  35. I feel external candidates are preferred over internal ones. This is my personal view from my experiences over the last 12 months.

  36. I am so proud of my team that I rarely consider the other opportunities so I can't really speak to this.

  37. Sometimes it's difficult to find them due to the amount of different job titles out there. Standardising them would help.

  38. Good opportunities although pay is rather low.

  39. There are jobs within serco as a company i.e. internal vacancies, but not local to me.

  40. Not really but I am happy with my current role!

  41. Opportunities are there if your willing to find and work for them.

  42. While I am very happy with the skills and experience provided from my current role, I am not exactly happy with the base pay and I do not feel enthusiastic about internal career progression opportunities.

  43. Although I enjoy my job, I don't see any career path or opportunity to move up a band.  To do either, I would need to change my career completely.

  44. There may not be a specific job that someone is interested in but there is no shortage of opportunity for all employees at varying levels. Jobs are constantly posted and sometimes new roles are created based on business need, allowing people to try new things.

  45. I have had opportunities on my contract but unaware (apart from the vacancies email) of opportunities elsewhere unless I actively go looking for them.

  46. There is not room for growth in the division I work in. I could apply within Serco but I am happy in what I do.

  47. If your hours are different such as flexible hours you have no progression here.

  48. I've been give roles, but not officially, and would like to have been given more responsibility and greater earning power and be in a more stable position in a permanent role. I am pretty thankful for the opportunities I have been given so far though!

  49. I am applying but management not considering me for the higher position.

  50. Yes I believe so. That is my reason for staying!

  51. Yes, if you want to develop but I'm comfortable where I am at present.

  52. New contracts are filled with people in the organization managing that contract rather than opening it up to experience from the broader company.

  53. Possibly but I don’t want to work anywhere else within the company.

  54. I hope so, I’m thinking of furthering my career for the first time in my tenure with Serco .

  55. There are so many great opportunities, we need to showcase them more often not just positions available but projects and development ideas.

  56. No opportunity for growth within serco due to nature of contract.

  57. Mostly but you have to be recognised to get them.

  58. There is a job site which is good but it would be better if there was more internal opportunities/priortisation and also to connect with employers on different contracts/regions.

  59. There is a flat structure in my area and the only way you can 'progress' is by choosing to do a completely different type of job which you typically won't have the skills for.

  60. I am not really looking for job opportunities beyond my current role.

  61. Whilst I enjoy my role, there are no clear career advancement opportunities at Serco, nor any career/succession planning. Implementing something in this space would be positive for retention.

  62. This needs to be more visible and step shown how and what you can achieve.

  63. There is a glass ceiling on my contract. No-one is promoted to first line management from within, so the only option is to leave.

  64. I have tried but Serco must not see me as valuable.

  65. Have never been given the opportunity and made to feel my age is against me.

  66. I don't see many opportunities listed with my job title. Luckily my superviser knows my worth and keeps an eye out for opportunites that I can apply my skill to.

  67. Yes I strongly agree, Serco is good platform to develop a career.

  68. I feel like there are plenty of opportunities for career growth but the understanding of each role is very minimal, having more understanding of what each role actually does within the business would help direct peoples' potential career growth.

  69. There are many opportunities although I have not personally taken them.

  70. All the jobs are well advertised internally however there is such a wide variety.

  71. Sure there are lots of opportunities but the pay is terrible so it's not really worth it to stay - you can get those same opportunities elsewhere for far more money.

  72. Yes new contract and opportunities are advertised on a regular basis.

  73. Looking at the vacancies there is not much opportunity out there.

  74. There are job opportunities out there but currently nothing geographically within my remit.

  75. There are no career opportunities at all.

  76. Career progression is quite stagnant. Unless someone leaves Serco (specifically my team), there is no considerations on how the role can develop or grow.

  77. I would like to progress within the company however, I am not told of any opportunities which are available to me.

  78. There are plenty of opportunities especially with new contract wins.

  79. Not relevant to me. However, I do not think there are good career opportunities for my colleagues.

  80. Definitely, hence my 24 year tenure at Serco (and at least 9 different roles).

  81. Stuck in this role. Even when applying for a higher role, the opportunity is given to outsiders.

  82. If I were looking to develop a career, then the options are there.

  83. All career information send to me via email - new function, very good idea.

  84. I feel that some of the career opportunities have already been designated to another person.

  85. Yes Serco will always let us know what is available.

  86. I feel that if I show a desire to focus on a related work stream, I would be supported.

  87. There are opportunities within the company to change my path, though at this time these are not something I am seeking.

  88. All jobs already seem to have someone for them. What’s the point in posting a job when you have already given it to someone?

  89. Wish I could have joined the company earlier as I am eternally grateful for the chance I have had since I came to work with serco - great company!

  90. I have no career opportunities as they are only given to the selected few within the favoured group.

  91. Not within my contract, but I accept that there are many parts of Serco and job vacancies are regularly advertised.

  92. I feel there is development opportunities at all times.

  93. There are always career opportunities, but I am happy in my role and hope it will see me through to retirement.

  94. I think it completely depends on where you work within serco.

  95. I feel that at Serco they prefer there managers to be younger and feel that when you get to a certain age your chances dwindle.

  96. Everything is there for you to grow, Serco are great and encourgae you to grow.

  97. I can see the potential but don't know about the opportunities.

  98. Serco is good place for career opportunities for entry level roles however extremely limited for professionals.

  99. Promotion is available to those who want it.

  100. The internal vacancies process has improved tremendously, I am hopeful for the future.