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Viewpoint Comments

As always, our annual engagement survey, Viewpoint, ran during September and is now closed. This year, nearly 30,000 of our colleagues took the time to share their views and opinions and encouragingly so, despite the continued disruption of Covid-19, our engagement score remains strong. We also received more written comments than ever before: 67,700 – over 12,000 of these were in response to our ‘Tell the Board’ question which invited colleagues to state what it is they’d like our plc Board to focus on now. 

The richness of this information is incredibly helpful as we continue to work with colleagues to understand these important messages and agree actions to further improve the experience of working with Serco. 

As a business, we want to be transparent in all that we do and therefore, we wanted to publish what it is our people say about us. Please find below a sample of comments that relate to our three key strengths (Customer Focus, Role Clarity and Acceptance) and our two key areas of opportunity (Career and Opinions Count).

Customer Focus - Where I work, we provide a high level of service to our customers/service users

  1. I have worked for four different contact and all gave great customer service.

  2. I believe the team I work with provides a high level of service but it is not often backed up by other departments and levels.

  3. I feel we cannot provide a full customer service experience to our customers as with only 1 receptionist on per time it does not give the receptionist time to deal with a customer effectively due to queues, phones ringing etc.

  4. Yes we always provide an excellent service to client/customers.

  5. We are constantly striving to keep the customer at the forefront of developments, ensuring they receive the best product available. 

  6. We still have better ways of providing excellent service to our internal customers. 

  7. Where I work, I ensure my customer service is to a top standard and the customer will always feel satisfied with the end result.

  8. We strive for quality customer service.

  9. I always do.

  10. We are sometimes short staffed and our level of care can be compromised. 

  11. I work with a fantastic local team.

  12. I have spoken to many customers who are frustrated with the fact that processes are slow and that we are not up to date with communication systems.

  13. I take great pride in the quality work we provide and take satisfaction that our work is really meaningful.

  14. We try to provide great service. 

  15. I have a fantastic team that pride themselves on providing an excellent service.

  16. I provide a high level of service to our customer. 

  17. I believe our customer service could improve with better training and greater day-to-day support.

  18. Overall I genuinely believe that we do. People are professional in the way they go about the work and more often that not, the assignments that we work on deliver positive outcomes.

  19. We want to provide the best.

  20. I feel that we could do so much better, by making our systems easier. Not using old technology and long winded processes. Using Apps that are live and can generate reports instantly. 

  21. Yes and no. I feel I provide the best service that I can provide. 

  22. We change peoples lives through what we do, every day.

  23. The commitment is great and the synergy amongst departments is fine.

  24. Services could be provided to a higher quality with staffing levels being upped.

  25. We are the best as what we do.

  26. We try to deliver the best service with the product available.

  27. We believe in quality of service on a difficult contract.

  28. The level of service has improved a great deal since coming back from Lockdown.

  29. I always do my job with customer in my mind. I analyse, prioritise and adopt to any challenges I might encounter during my work.

  30. Our deliverables are always on time.

  31. Its what I like about the company, we strive to do our very best for whatever project is tasked to our team.

  32. I think people that receive our work are satisfied.

  33. The standard of work could be even higher if there was more staff.

  34. Most of the time we provide a great service to our customers.

  35. We have worked very hard to provide a best in class service.

  36. Because of the high demands and shortages, at present I feel we are unable to provide this service like we have done previously.

  37. As best as we can given the current circumstances and lack of support.

  38. I feel we provide a high level of service.

  39. We always provide the very best service to the customer, often going beyond what is expected of us.

  40. I believe the team I work in is very professional and provides a high standard of service and genuine care.

  41. Everyone works hard to do their job to a very high standard, however as an organisation, I believe we are not utilising modern technology to be more efficient, productive and innovative for our customers. As an organisation it feels that investment in frontline technology improvements is lagging.

  42. We have significantly improve our business and are high performing across the BU.

  43. I feel we try and provide what we can, but sometimes our hands are tied by process or management or lack of training.

  44. Historically no, and through Covid there have been significant challenges, but I am hopeful that as we move out of restrictions, we are able to significantly improve the service that we offer. 

  45. It's our mission.

  46. The business function provides high level service. 

  47. We are always looking at improving our service.

  48. The team tries their best, we're just not really succeeding at the moment.

  49. Its great with customers on board.

  50. Team plays a important role and our communal efforts are high.

  51. I absolutely believe that we perform a high level of service to our customers/service users. We are constantly striving to make our process better and ensure that we providing a quality product for consumers. We are always in the business of trying to get better at what we do on a daily basis.

  52. Yes we do provide a high level of service because that's who we are but this could be improved by adding more resource to a number of areas.

  53. We are only as good as the equipment, tools, and hardware we can install. 

  54. Most of the staff I work with directly try to.

  55. Customers is Serco business and I am proud to work with each and every customer.

  56. I give my 100%.

  57. I feel my team does provide a high level of service because we are dedicated. 

  58. Given the circumstances, we are providing great service.

  59. I think we provide the best service we can and we are all striving to do better.

  60. We have some very dedicated staff who strive for care and service.

  61. Lack of funding makes this less than ideal.

  62. My team and I always want to provide the best service to our customers (our fellow employees).

  63. Absolutely, but as in everything in life there is always room to improve. 

  64. I was taught to do the best job you can do. No matter the surrounding circumstances. I try to instill this to my team as well.

  65. Every single day! I'm proud of the facility and the staff we have working in here.

  66. It is sometimes hard to balance with the pressure of KPIs but management are continuously trying to make improvements. 

  67. Under sometimes extremely trying circumstances, I think that most of the time we give a high level of service, but this is because people really care and will go above and beyond if required.

  68. Personally, I'm provide maximum service to the customer.

  69. We strive to provide the best service to our customers, but must keep in mind that there is always room for improvement.

  70. Very client focussed.

  71. I always make sure I act professional around detainees, staff and other Stakeholders and provide the highest level of service at all times.

  72. Its about delivering on our committments to the general public and provide a 1st class service to our customers.

  73. No matter how hard we work, I am sure there is room for improvement.

  74. We can do better.

  75. Everyone I work with is dedicated to providing high quality product and customer satisfaction.

  76. Those who provide the actual service do a good job despite all the impediments.

  77. We definitely do but there are areas of improvement as well. 

  78. Not everyone provides the same high standards.

  79. Passing on the knowledge of our more experienced workers is a invaluable tradition in our trade.

  80. We give our customers what they ask for, but I don't believe they know what they really want and I feel like they would get a better service if they trusted us to be an intelligent provider. 

  81. We all work so hard for such a small team.

  82. The staff do their best with the hand they're dealt.

  83. We answer to stakeholders and are proffessional in our dealings.

  84. Our site is currently making excellent, positive and remarkable strides to becoming a first class establishment that gives everyone a sense of pride and purpose. 

  85. Often I feel company policies make us work in a way that does not best benefit the consumer. 

  86. If anything, we do consistently provide good customer service and we seem to do well when our customers provide feedback on both the work we provide or the staff they deal with.

  87. I would strongly agree with this as we look after numerous hospitals and take tens of thousands of calls each month.

  88. This is well recognised by customers/service users on a daily basis. 

  89. Most workers do the best job they can with the resources available.

  90. My line of work requires me to offer high levels of service to all those that chose to work with me. As a department we thrive on going above and beyond and will take every aspect into consideration before making decisions, talking to service users or other professionals. 

  91. The team is very experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible service to the client, often going above and beyond what is expected.

  92. We aim to provide a high level of service, but the demand for services is so great it is hard to achieve.

  93. The work we do provides a very real, direct and essential service level especially around case management where we provide coaching to managers.

  94. Always try to provide a high quality service however staff shortages make this difficult.

  95. This is due to my own professionalism and care.

  96. The whole team does their utmost to ensure best service to the customers and service users, I believe we are all passionate about our role.

  97. We do the best that we can within the limitations of our contract and guidance.

  98. This is true for the most part, but technology problems can be detrimental.

  99. It’s the only way to do the job.

  100. If not, you are in the wrong job.

Role Clarity - I clearly understand what is expected of me in my role

  1. What's in my Success Profile differs to what I do. Regardless, I want to perform all tasks assigned to me to the best of my ability and skill sets.

  2. Yes, and the guidance to achieve it.

  3. I understand what is expected of me in my role but having a clearer and more consistent view on priorities would be even better.

  4. My continued dotted line in my department has ensured that I understand my expected delivery.

  5. My customer and I are very clear on what I am doing and how I do it.

  6. This can change at a drop of a hat according to what is required.

  7. I am in a high performance role with SERCO. I am part of a specialist team that handles unique and difficult situations and yet there is no outline of how my role differs from any other officer on site. There is no directions as to the requirements of my role. As far as I can tell, although onsite I am performing non-standard duties and have been selected for this position and require training from external agencies to carry out these duties in excess of what a regular officer has to do, there is nothing actually written down to show this.

  8. This is because I have pride in my work and I'm self disciplined. I would be this way in any employment.

  9. Expectations are always changing and different.

  10. My day to day routine is often interrupted with other tasks.

  11. I have a clear understanding of my role and what's expected of me.

  12. This is true to a point. There seems to be a lot add ons and changes to my role, some good, some make no sense.  

  13. Yes but the role or procedures constantly is being updated or changed with new things so sometimes its confusing what rules or regulations are enforced. 

  14. They make it clear.

  15. I was hired during covid and I feel like communication has been challenging. I can do my job well, I think, but those who have been employed longer seem to expect me to know more about the ins and outs than I actually do.

  16. I do not but the rules change all the time and it can be hard to keep up.

  17. I go above and beyond the expectations of my role, my role is abnormal for the sector. 

  18. It has taken time to get my head around everything but that's because I didn't have a predecessor to establish a handover and a lot of the materials I use, I have had to create from scratch. I have been happy to make the role my own though and I have now built strong relationships and feel comfortable discussing training needs.

  19. I believe not enough is being done to help staff with all the changes that have happened since Serco have taken over the contract. Serco seem under alot of pressure to implement change too quickly.

  20. We sometimes face the challenge of unclear or changing priorities.

  21. I feel that Serco is always changing what my role is and what is expected of me.

  22. I understand but not because it was told to me.

  23. The continual engagement with my manager lets me know how I am performing.

  24. My role is to support my team, but it seems that if someone in my team cannot do their tasks, it gets added onto my list of tasks, which feels very over-whelming when I have deadlines to meet at certain stages.

  25. It varies depending what manager is in.

  26. Yes I am fully aware of what I need to do.

  27. Sometimes is not clear the expectation of my role and no info is provided; it is just assumed.

  28. This is a new role for me, there is a steep learning curve but I know my line manager is there to support and guide where needed.

  29. Usually but not always.

  30. No expectations have ever been given.

  31. The more I do the more I am demotivated and demoralised because there isn't appreciatation for my hard work.

  32. My roles haven’t really been defined as of yet. 

  33. I was promoted in February but my new role is still unclear.

  34. My job role has changed, but my salary has not. 

  35. Yes, I am responsible person and understand what is expected.

  36. I feel with the on going changes to policy’s due to COVID-19 we need to be briefed better.

  37. To meet contractual requirements.

  38. Expectation and workload is constantly rising without consideration of current workload.

  39. Yes it is very clear of what is needed.

  40. There are still some areas of my role that I would like clarified.

  41. Yes I would agree and I strive to carry everything out and try to make it better that normal.

  42. I am having to learn and understand what is required, and adapt to this. At this point in time, I am not 100% what good looks like in this space yet.

  43. Things change very quickly and aren't often communicated in a timely manner, or at all which can lead to some frustration.

  44. Yes this is very clear.

  45. Strongly agree, I know what my customer expects. 

  46. The scope of my role has evolved over time. I am better placed to understand my role now than when I first took on the role.

  47. The role I am in is evolving.

  48. It's shifting sands in this Covid climate so processes change regularly.  

  49. At times my manager seems to want to make decisions that I should be making instead. 

  50. I understand what is expected but know there are some grey areas which makes the role confusing at times.

  51. With the recent restructure, it would probably help with some clarification as to where I sit and what is expected.

  52. Seems to be clear. 

  53. I have daily conversations with my line manager so know exactly what is expected of me.

  54. I have never miss work for no reason, my attendance is great, and I work harder than anyone else. 

  55. When I was hired, I was never given expectations and a clear idea of what was expected of me but I figured it out. 

  56. My objectives are clearly stated to me. 

  57. I understand what is expected but it's to much workload for the current staffing.

  58. Sometime it's easy to get lost in the shifting priorities.

  59. Again, I have worked in my role for 13+ years now, I know my customer needs and what I need to do to accomplish them.

  60. I am clear on my role and responsibilities. I am unsure if anyone else is.

  61. Definitely!

  62. Even though I have a clear understanding of my job role, there are constant updates and changes that are communicated, usually, via email and this is getting lost in the amount of emails we receive on a daily basis. 

  63. That is down to me, developing and wishing to carry out the best job I possibly can.

  64. Yes, I understand my role as a Certified Fitness Professional. 

  65. I do know what is expected of me in my current PM client facing role. What I want to know is how I can use that to position myself into another role.

  66. We tend to do a lot of things to support the business we shouldn't and pulls us away from the work we should. This is something we are actively trying to address and clarify as a team and as an individual. 

  67. I clearly understand, but nothing has ever been defined by management.

  68. Conflicting information from all departments - no one seems to be on the same page.

  69. Yes l do but l can always ask if anything arises and l am unsure.

  70. I have been given a good understanding of the role requirements. 

  71. I understand what is expected of me within the workplace with our stakeholders and my fellow staff members also.

  72. Our roles have been changed, but very little training with the change so you are trying to learn as you go.  

  73. I clearly understand what I want to do in my role.

  74. Its been difficult trying to learn a new role remotely and my role changed after acceptance of the position.

  75. It has been sketchy at times, but on the whole yes.

  76. I understand what is expected of me in my role but not sure the senior business leaders understand what is expected of me.

  77. This does change regularly though as a result of external demands.

  78. Yes, I complete my tasks as required.

  79. I once was very clear of my job but now it is too confusing because there is no consistency.

  80. I know what is expected but cannot develop in my role as I should due to work load.

  81. Yes, I definitely know what is expect of me in my role. I also back up my manager during his absence to help prepare me for higher roles at some point in my career. 

  82. My role has evolved into many different aspects, with several managers telling me what I am doing.

  83. As the role evolves, it is not even clearly documented or communicated in a consistent fashion to employee and customers alike. 

  84. I understand what is expected of me but there are no discussions about expectations and insufficient resource makes it difficult to deliver on all expectations.

  85. I believe I have a good understanding but this could probably be improved with further guidance.

  86. Yes, we have recently been issued with a work description - however their a no formalized procedures in place.

  87. Mostly yes but I've only been at Serco for a short amount of time so I am still learning.

  88. Sometimes the boundaries are slightly blurred between what is my responsibility and the responsibility of someone in a slightly higher position. 

  89. I understand my role, however my line manager will often interfere without having an understanding of the processes which need to be followed, and this generally creates more work which makes me appear less productive than I am able to be. 

  90. Role is continually changing.

  91. I am very confident in my own and my colleagues ability. 

  92. I feel I have good relations with my line managers and good support.

  93. The role seems to keep expanding and I am taking on more and more. There is not enough people in the team to deal with the amount of work required. 

  94. My staff and I do understand what is expected and we do our job the best we can.

  95. There is good transparency.

  96. I know my job. And I know I'm good at my job. What frustrates me is the lack of problem solving within Serco. 

  97. Obviously there is a guideline and policies of what we are expected to do and the standards to uphold, however the ways in which we can do these things are very limited.

  98. I fully understand my role.

  99. I totally understand my role and more.

  100. I have been in my role for 15 years and know how to perform my role well.

Acceptance - Serco makes it easy for people from diverse backgrounds to be accepted

  1. It appears so, I have noticed the diversity of staff.

  2. We have a wonderful diverse workplace with regards to age, ethnicity, and background. Everyone is given equal opportunity here and it's something to be proud of.

  3. It appears to me that Serco are certainly diversity aware, however, I feel that only someone from a diverse background could give answer.  

  4. 100%

  5. We are not very diverse, at all. Our senior management team is all-female. Whilst women in business should be celebrated, it would be nice to have some diversity. 

  6. From what I've seen, yes!

  7. As a service, diversity is very high on our agenda. 

  8. Serco is very good at accepting people from diverse backgrounds.

  9. Our remote and rural communities always seem to be forgotten about.

  10. There is little to no diversity in our team. I would like to be able to attend cultural competence training as I think this is vital for the people we work with.

  11. No issues here as far as I've seen.

  12. Inclusiveness is apparent.

  13. I am so pleased that there are services available for all protected characteristics, which I have not encountered before. I have recently become a Wellbeing Ally, have signed up to become an Inclusion Ally, I will be mentoring a young adult in care and I have joined the EveryWoman hub. These are opportunities which I will not only relish but I know will support others in a positive way.

  14. An excellent job.

  15. I think there is room for continued improvement in this area, for example, to address unconscious bias.

  16. There is nothing but diversity all throughout my office. It is very refreshing.

  17. Hiring managers need to embrace diverse experience and skills when hiring for positions. A team full of the same experiences, skills, and background is going to be less successful then a team with a broader spectrum of each.

  18. Can only speak from my own personal experience. I myself have been accepted despite my disability.

  19. I have never detected any sense that there was a lack of acceptance here. 

  20. Once again i feel we are heading in the right direction, would be good to see more people at the management level from BAME backgrounds.

  21. It is uplifting to see all the sessions that have been arranged to discuss and inform on diversity.

  22. Treat people how you wish to be treated and you will get the same treatment back.

  23. Serco is the first place that I worked that strongly believes in hiring people from a diverse background.

  24. The staff body is quite diverse which is a good thing.

  25. The contract has a strong culture for diversity, it's been on our Action plan for a while and is working well.

  26. We are getting better at this.

  27. I do agree, however, this a challenging job and I think this should be considered when employing people.

  28. I’ll admit there is a genuinely diverse workforce 

  29. I have no reason to doubt this. 

  30. Serco accept people from diverse background, but they don't feel belonging.

  31. Strongly agree but sometimes I do think we go "over the top" with regards to diversity issues. 

  32. I feel Serco are excellent at this - the doors are firmly flung open for everyone, as it absolutely should be. 

  33. I do not have much personal experience of this, but it appears to me that there is a lot of support and positive reinforcement throughout the company.

  34. Serco most certainly have a very diverse culture and highly promote this. 

  35. Diversity is very important in our team.

  36. SERCO invites everyone to the table. No-one has the right to judge another. Equality and Diversity are what makes up the spectrum. No-one is above another. We are all equal.  

  37. I feel there could more people of minority background representing senior managerial roles.

  38. Hire the best person for the job, not the most diverse.

  39. I think there's always more we can do here.

  40. I'm saying that as a middle aged, white male who hasn't faced a millimetre of discrimination in his life.

  41. Serco has always been a melting pot of diverse backgrounds. From the very beginning, it was very evident that many different cultures, types & backgrounds would be working at Serco and all were welcome. We made it work and we had fun doing it!

  42. Diversity and Inclusion seems to be merely a statistical outcome for Serco. No true measures are taken to make people feel included. For example, Serco does not truly acknowledge the presence of different religions. 

  43. It is our diversity that makes us the great company we are. 

  44. I have seen no discrimination of people based on race, religion, background, etc. so as far as I am aware there is no issue in this regard and recruitment has been the best I've seen for a while.

  45. There could be much better training for managers on this. The online course is ok but doesn't do much more than scratch the surface. 

  46. Huge strides have been made in the past decade, however I feel that some of the older generation is not very accepting of core concepts such as diversity.

  47. Can't really comment on this subject as I don't work with diverse people, but I'm sure Serco welcome all people, as indeed I would. 

  48. This hasn't been a problem and believe that the company has spent too much time focusing on the issue.

  49. Debatable- in certain areas of the business yes but I think there is still limitation on promotions.

  50. I am gay and have a disability but Serco does not see this, they see a human being. I have ever felt so comfortable in coming to work knowing I am accepted for who I am.

  51. I work with a wide diverse group and everyone is given equal opportunity.

  52. Serco at my site employ a number of people from diverse backgrounds. 

  53. Diversity is key. That is why we have such a good team of staff.

  54. Real effort and energy is placed on acceptance of people from different backgrounds.

  55. I absolutely agree with this. Beautiful, supportive diversity here. 

  56. A vast amount of work has been conducted around the Inclusion Hub and diversity. 

  57. Being part of the LGBT/open groups, yes I believe Serco have an excellent diverse work ethic.

  58. Sometimes I feel there is a lack of representation or emphasis on inclusivity. 

  59. Within our management team, we do not accept any form of discrimination, and treat everyone equally. I feel like on a national/international level Serco could push much harder towards equality, such as supporting causes such as Black Lives Matter, Pride etc.

  60. From what I have seen everybody is treated fairly and respectfully.

  61. I agree and the recent focus on First Nations employment, although small, is a step in the right direction and one that needs to be expanded.

  62. Really enjoying the Inclusion network, I've learned so much about other cultures and different challenges people face.  I am happy to see very senior managers support and be part of the LGBTQ+ network too - nothing better than seeing people like yourself in senior positions.

  63. There are not a lot of managers with different ethnicity but very few black people. 

  64. From a Group & central perspective I'd say yes. From a contract lense I'd argue the feeling is different.

  65. We have a good mix of people from all walks of life in our team, which is great to see.

  66. There is little diversity within my area, but I believe anyone coming to work within this area would be accepted as they are.

  67. I have not noted any issues with diversity and inclusion within Serco. 

  68. One of the only truly positive points is that gender, race, sexuality or background are of no importance in regards to integration of staff.

  69. I personally have always felt included and we have a great range of diverse backgrounds at Serco.

  70. We are trying to get better at this but we are not inclusive and we still do things that make it difficult for people to be accepted and part of the business, across the whole of our business.

  71. We do have a diverse range of nationalities. Hopefully we all feel accepted.

  72. I have specifically recruited a diverse Team, but there needs to be more focus on the recruitment of female and BAME candidates into the technical disciplines.

  73. Difficult to see the evidence of this in the Defence environment but the ambition is there, just not sure we have cracked the recruiting element.

  74. This is actually the most positive thing I've seen with the transition to Serco.

  75. We are improving a lot here, albeit with some way still to go.

  76. Wide range of diverse people working at Serco.

  77. Although the D&I initiatives are welcome, it remains the case that there exists significant disparities especially in leadership roles. Intentions may be well meant but ultimately, it is not translating into tangible results.

  78. Slowly getting there but a long way to go.

  79. But I feel that more value is placed on 'ticking the diversity box' rather than talent.

  80. Lots of procedures and processes in place to facilitate this.

  81. I agree we are welcoming company. My one gripe is there isn't enough support for learning disabilities across the business. This includes training. This is something I hope to embark on throughout the year and the next but I feel more needs to be done to recognise and take seriously learning disabilities from the top down.

  82. This is improving as we become more flexible in our approach to people from all walks of life and nationality.

  83. We have a diverse team from cultures who work well together.

  84. We are working towards this goal but we are not there yet.

  85. Diversity is accepted and encouraged.

  86. Serco are always promoting equality and diversity.

  87. Diversity and inclusion is evolving in the part of the business that I work, though more needs to be done proactively to address this topic.

  88. Definitely, all backgrounds and culture are accepted.

  89. I find Serco very good for this.

  90. I think so but coming from a position of privilege, I honestly find this one difficult to answer. I do not feel that the diversity of our senior management and leadership reflects the diversity of our workforce and pace on improving this feels painfully slow.

  91. Serco is a very rare company that is open to people from a diverse backgrounds.

  92. From day one it was evident how culturally diverse Serco are which came as no surprise given our involvement within the community and the services we provide.  

  93. I have learnt a lot from working with Serco and have ensured people from diverse backgrounds are accepted and feel part of the team.

  94. Serco does not seem to show any impartiality towards this, as long as the person in question is confident and able to work accordingly then there is no problem. 

  95. There is room for improvement here. There is a focus on certain diversity groups and others are not necessarily afforded the same amount of attention.

  96. There are Serco wide groups, such as Embrace but I feel the contract would gain from doing more.

  97. Yes but leadership lacks diversity.

  98. Serco provides good self awareness of diversity and inclusion and welcomes people from all walks of life.

  99. I believe so, yet always room for improvement and awareness.

  100. Completely agree. We live diversity and inclusion.

Career - I have good career opportunities at Serco

  1. I have already moved with great opportunities at Serco.

  2. I haven't been with Serco that long so I have not been looking at other opportunities. Having said that, I do like the fact that we receive updates on roles within different areas and it is great to see that, from my work, Serco embraces moving people around to utilise skill sets.   

  3. Yes, if you have the right attitude and skill set, opportunities are there for the taking.

  4. I feel I am not being used at my strongest capabilities. The area I am extremely passionate about and have great experience in is not being used.

  5. I was taking calls when I started and now I am a team leader.

  6. Unable to expand due to the current COVID situation.

  7. I've been able to progress my career significantly while working with Serco.

  8. There is lots of room to grow and maximize my potential.

  9. I have applied for other positions but don't hear back about them. Also don't receive any feedback on how to improve to get those positions.

  10. There are lots of opportunities that Serco provide both with our facility and overseas.

  11. I really hope so!

  12. I have only had 1.5 years experience working in Corrections and yet have been offered opportunities to stand up as an acting supervisor which I am sure would not happen elsewhere. I am grateful to have been given that opportunity.

  13. I have been promoted four times in six years and I am grateful for the opportunities afforded me. 

  14. While I haven't looked at other opportunities, vacancies are regularly advertised via email. 

  15. I personally had a really positive trajectory.

  16. I think there is more work to do in this space and we have commenced discussions on talent and succession for our people, and this will further improve and continue over time to focus on developing our people further. 

  17. Serco give employees opportunities to grow and develop further.

  18. There's really nowhere to go in our area.

  19. I am not really sure of my development path, I have my first MyCatch Up next week.

  20. There does not seem to be progression for those with differing opinions.

  21. I hope so...I like to be upskilled.

  22. I have reached the highest I can go without aiming for a national level or another department.

  23. For every role, anybody can apply if it is open to candidates. If it gives you the feeling that you can make your own path.

  24. I think there's some great opportunities.

  25. In my area there are very limited opportunities for advancement at my level however Serco as an organization (once travel restrictions are removed) will hopefully open up new opportunities on the international scene.

  26. At our site level, none.  

  27. I have been given ample opportunities within this contract.  

  28. I am a manager and there is not much opportunity for progressing vertically.

  29. I have not had any discussions about career development for over 2yrs and am unsure where my next career opportunity would lie.

  30. In my short time at Serco, I am very impressed with the staff movement. I am excited to see where I can go here.

  31. Not being in the position where I can uproot my family and move around means that I personally am not in a position for advancement beyond a very limited prospect of where I currently work.

  32. I'm not seeking anything more than what I have at the moment.

  33. I am an advocate for my own development.

  34. Yes, it is a place that you can use to improve your career opportunities.

  35. Promotion pathways are ad-hoc rather than well-trodden, we lose a lot of talent because of this.

  36. I fully support this as there is always opportunity to grow supported through our strong leadership. 

  37. Over my time at Serco I have had many opportunities and am encouraged & supported by my manager when opportunities do arise. 

  38. There are good opportunities but they don't come up often.

  39. Yes, I would like to continue working with Serco and moving up.

  40. There are very few opportunities to advance.

  41. True. I'm just unsure how much support is available for my opportunities. 

  42. There isn't enough focus on moving existing employees between business units/sectors. 

  43. Its a narrow bottle neck, with little cross training or staff development. 

  44. I believe this is a great stepping stone to other jobs. 

  45. Currently, I don't think so - need to win more contracts.

  46. I have personally had great career opportunities.

  47. I would hope that there would be career opportunities at Serco to further my career, but anytime I have applied, I always get a response which leads me to believe this is not the case. 

  48. As stated before the business model is flawed and I will most likely be out of a job as soon as they employ more people in my area, as it wont be sustainable to work reduced hours.

  49. Severe lack of progression opportunities which means I must view job opportunities outside of Serco in order to progress my career.

  50. Career advancement and getting promoted to higher positions is limited. 

  51. I am enjoying my time at Serco, so yes, very good career opportunities.

  52. I have good career opportunities because of the department I currently work in. 

  53. In our company maybe yes. But in my present worksite, it's impossible. 

  54. I have options if I wish to pursue them.

  55. I do not see a future here beyond this contract.

  56. Limited due to zero growth in the business area.

  57. I don't feel I can do everything I want to do.

  58. Since starting with Serco in 2014 I have managed to have a great career journey with great supporting managers at every level!

  59. I agree that opportunities are available to staff however time is not given to undertake the work. 

  60. Lots of effort has been placed in making this more structured.

  61. I am happy on my contract and my location, but am aware of training and other job opportunities across Serco if I wish to pursue them.

  62. I have been with serco for nearly 18 years, I have worked in many contracts and have a wealth of experience. 

  63. Our managers are always committed to help our career path. 

  64. The training Serco offer is very good, however I feel that the qualifications I have gained would be best suited elsewhere.

  65. There are opportunities to work up the ladder especially if one would like to cross to other departments.

  66. There are a lot of opportunities for me if I want them.

  67. There are not enough permanent opportunities to progress - change and restructure is far too frequent.

  68. I feel like the opportunities at Serco are fantastic, although I do appreciate that I have been fortunate enough to have exposure to a great deal of the business, thus having the opportunity to expand my network more than I would have in normal circumstances.

  69. I know this is being looked into.  However I don't think there is room to progress doing work that I love, I am content with this situation but I would like an idea of what else might be available.

  70. I hope that I can progress my career in Serco and look forward to the future.

  71. One thing serco does do well is deliver training.

  72. Many colleagues have been unable to move forward with their careers as they are needed to stay where they are until replacements have been found. This hinders a person's career development.

  73. Although a big company, with lots happening. I am not sure of my career pathway and/or succession planning.

  74. I am able to progress in my current line of work.

  75. I thank Serco for always giving me the opportunity to grow.

  76. I would like to see where my career ends up within Serco.

  77. Serco has a lot of opportunities for my career but I don't have a clear career path and I don't know how I can access these opportunities.

  78. I don't feel there is anywhere for me to go in this role.

  79. The training available is very good.

  80. "Serco do offer good training opportunities for those wanting to go forward in their careers."

  81. Yes, career opportunities can be pursued.

  82. It is very difficult to see how to progress my career within Serco.

  83. Have not seen this as yet, awaiting feedback on what they have to offer.

  84. Yes, able to apply for roles within my capabilities with no fear of repercussion.

  85. It would be useful to see more activity around supporting GROW and LEAD graduates in their next moves.

  86. I am not interested in climbing the ladder as I am 58 and just want to do the best job I can and go home at night, hopefully not stressed.

  87. I have had developmental opportunities that may lead me away from Serco in the future.

  88. I enjoy my job but i'd prefer to be rewarded for my current role rather than having to seek another job.

  89. I have moved departments over the many years I have worked here. I have also been fortunate with support in undertaking many qualifications/training.

  90. I have been given good career opportunities and very grateful of that! But currently do not feel like I am doing the role I'm meant to do!

  91. Serco is a supportive organisation in regards to development.

  92. I am not sure what career opportunities are available to me that fit my skills/ talents. My current job is very easy and there are times that I would like more of a challenge.

  93. I am currently working toward a team leader position with good support from my manager.

  94. Beyond a potential management route (which I don't want to pursue at this time) there only seems to be sideways positions potentially available and there doesn't seem to be much information on whether these would be a good career move or if they have the scope to progress within. 

  95. Opportunities for progression are frequently advertised and I have benefitted from the culture that seeks to promote internally before looking outside. I am satisfied that there will continue to be opportunities in the future.

  96. There are opportunities but I am just happy doing what I am doing.

  97. I have been advised that Serco offers a lot of opportunity for progression and development but I do not feel that there were many permanent roles available. I cannot afford to remain in a temporary position indefinitely and have now found a permanent position elsewhere. 

  98. Opportunities are widely available for those who are fully mobile.

  99. I have had brilliant career opportunities at Serco - I have been supported to develop my qualifications and progress within my career.

  100. There are so many developmental opportunities to get involved in at Serco including projects and support out in the business with have have helped my skillset and experience for when career opportunities become available.

Opinions Count - My opinions seem to count

  1. I feel supported to provide my opinion/input in the daily tasks I provide.

  2. My line manager is always keen for me to have an input in how we deliver.

  3. I agree.

  4. I am still new here at Serco but the few times I have expressed an opinion, my Supervisor has been very supportive.

  5. My opinion does not count. 

  6. In my former workplace, my views and opinions were actively sought by management. Here, not so much.

  7. Where I work it does.

  8. Sometimes, depends who you are voicing your opinions to.

  9. There is always an opportunity for my voice to be heard.

  10. I meet daily with my immediate supervisor and he is happy for me to share my opinions.

  11. I feel if I need to discuss or raise any issues I am able to speak to my line manager who will look into this and will give feed back, all managers are very supportive.

  12. People listen but nothing happens, actions speak louder than words.

  13. My experience as a manager was that the operational staff don't feel connected to Serco at all and often feel that there opinions don't matter no matter how well they are championed up the food-chain.

  14. If in regards to my support to the program, yes, my opinion does seem to matter. 

  15. Opinions are voiced but never seem to travel to the right ears.

  16. Opinions are asked for but I haven't seen any evidence that they count.

  17. I believe my professional opinion counts most times.

  18. I have recently seen this. 

  19. I feel that my opinions within my business unit are valued.  

  20. This is a true reflection on middle management they do not wish to listen anymore as they know they cannot change anything and are just going thorough the motions.  

  21. The only time I share my opinions is within my immediate team.  

  22. The VP of our organization seeks out my opinions and advise often.  He listens to what I have to say, and while he may not always agree with my opinion/thoughts/perspective, he values my input.  

  23. The management always listen to employee opinion and encourages team members to be open and honest while empowering them to find solutions to problems.

  24. Within my own department, I feel that my own opinion and those of staff at my level are sometimes completely disregarded without thought. 

  25. Being in such a large organisation, I thought I may get overlooked but we seem to be making a positive contribution.

  26. I ensure that I make opinions or suggestions to improve or expand our experience in a way that could positively impact the business and it's employees.

  27. Suggestions made within the team are considered.

  28. Haven't had a lot of experience with this yet, but this survey is a great start.

  29. I feel my opinion counts to my line manager and my department, however anything above that it does not. 

  30. I feel in some areas my opinions count.

  31. Whenever I talk to my manager, I'm always listened to.

  32. Opinions, whether factual or otherwise seem to be brushed under the carpet, so long as Serco meets its contractual requirements.

  33. We are given the opportunity to express our opinions however we do not think they are valued as in most cases the decisions are already taken before even looking at the different opinions.

  34. Sometimes they do count yes but not all the time.

  35. At the contract level, my opinion counts for sure. At the higher level, I appreciate that the company has made a significant effort to improve the mechanisms/processes for listening and sharing our views.

  36. I finally have a manager that hears me, sees me and respects me and what I bring to the table.  

  37. Within my team my opinion does, however I think this varies with stakeholders.

  38. I do not think my opinions are allowed to be voiced. 

  39. Yes, my opinions are highly valued.

  40. I believe it should to help the safety of the staff and the services users.

  41. I think that they do!

  42. Not sure at this point but looking forward to brighter and better days.

  43. I have to say that when ever I have had a concern, problem, or an idea my supervisors and superiors have always made time to listen and help with advise if needed.

  44. Very much so and as the team work closer the more everyone's opinion is listened to and the more it counts.

  45. In some areas of the business, yes my opinions do count.

  46. I have had very few opinions that were rejected.

  47. Hopefully when these comments are read and taken onboard.

  48. I feel my opinions are valued and always, at least at a minimum, considered.

  49. I pointed many areas where improvement needed and I even suggested ideas that is cheap and easy to implement but never saw anything done about it.

  50. I feel I have a voice within the company.

  51. Being fairly new to Serco, this survey will be my first opportunity to give my opinion. However, I feel I can give my opinion without a negative response.

  52. I have always been provided an opportunity to contribute and have my say.

  53. My opinions count depending on who is listening, which isn't everyone. Those who have respect for me and my role will listen.

  54. Locally they do.

  55. At least on site level, I feel like my opinions are taken into consideration.

  56. Management are always helpful and ready to help.

  57. My supervisor is always willing to listen to my viewpoints or opinions. 

  58. Within the wider department, I feel much more valued.

  59. With my direct line management yes, not confident further up the chain.

  60. Most of the time I feel like I am being heard but when you ask questions around processes or other centres I never get answers.

  61. I am always able to express my opinions to my line manager.

  62. Definitely feel a valued member of the team and I feel free to express my opinion which I know will be heard.

  63. Our opinions and beliefs are often counted and taken seriously within our department and raised with the appropriate senior staff. However, I feel that sometimes these opinions are lost along the chain of command when raised beyond our department which can sometimes feel as though we do not have a voice or impact.

  64. Except for my military service, I have never felt more heard or respected in my 35 year career.

  65. My head of department gives all in the department equal opportunity to raise their opinions and implement ideas to benefit the team and customers. I have never felt I could not raise an opinion because it will not be listened to.

  66. I have chats with my line manager frequently.

  67. My opinions are listened too.

  68. All matters concerning staff are taken as a priority. Should anyone have an opinion on any subject , I feel this would be dealt with in the proper channels.

  69. I feel heard; whenever I share ideas, they are noted down.

  70. I feel like my new manager listens and cares about my opinion.

  71. I feel heard.

  72. I have had a lot of great feedback in relation to providing my opinion. Management are very on board to listening and asking for ideas.

  73. My manager always takes my comments on board, and implements suggestions that I have. 

  74. Where I work, my opinions seem to count.

  75. I think they do but we need to be better resourced in order to have group discussions on important topics in order to hear opinions.

  76. I'm always asked for my opinion.

  77. Initially, I provided a number of "Have Your Says" suggesting new ideas and advice and put my name down for a response but no one responded so I stopped putting them in.

  78. In those that understand what I do, yes I feel heard.

  79. My line management take opinions into consideration, and often try to implement ideas brought forward by the team.

  80. Depends who you voice your opinion to.

  81. As a head of a department, yes it does. I am given a platform to voice my opinion, I just need to use it in the right way and set a good example.

  82. My managers listen to me and helps me.

  83. Managers always seem to emphasis how important it is to gain the team's input, however they seem to just carry on and make their own decisions without utilising the inputs gained from the team.

  84. My line managers take my opinions into account and generally respect my views.

  85. I feel at my level I do have an opinion and I am free to voice it. I encourage all staff to speak freely and will adopt process changes or introduce new ways of working if they provide savings in time or just help the guys at the coal face.

  86. Voicing opinions is encouraged yet rarely taken into account.

  87. I feel they are listened to for the best of the team.

  88. Within my immediate group, this is true, but less so among other groups.

  89. My concerns and suggestions are listened to and feedback is usually very swift.

  90. I am always interested to participate in surveys of this nature as it is useful information which management can analyze and critique moving forward in getting an insight from those at the coalface in preparing and planning for the future.

  91. Line managers listen well and know how we can improve our services.

  92. I've seen change come from the results of the Viewpoint survey.

  93. I would not say me opinions don't count, however due to certain policies/ procedures and just being a part of an established company with specific rules it can feel like our opinions don't have much impact.

  94. The Director is always open to suggestions.

  95. We’ll see what happens after this survey is completed.

  96. I feel that my opinion has a place in our organisation. 

  97. My opinions are considered within my national team.

  98. The company always asks for new ideas on how to improve work flow and when ideas are provided they are shot down because it will cost money or people don't want to pick up new work tasks.

  99. I feel that my line manager takes on board my opinions, but I also feel that he doesn't get the support he should from his superiors. 

  100. My opinions count to my team and my manager, I think more can be done with regards to our employees in front line roles who are working to support our clients who feel that they are just a number, and have limited capacity or ability to voice their opinions about changing the way we work.