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A guide for individuals, teams and managers Embracing hybrid working

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Our ways of working are evolving.

Many more of us are working remotely some or all of the time, where our role allows. Which means many of us are adapting to ‘hybrid’ working. Hybrid working is where you and/or some of your team might work in different locations – whether from home or from another Serco site – some or all of the time; and where work might be going on at different times of the day. 

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This more flexible approach to work can have a wide range of benefits for individuals, teams and the Company including:

- Helping us maintain wellbeing with a healthy work/life balance

- Building work relationships founded on trust

- Improving our effectiveness and productivity

- Reducing our environmental footprint and cutting the time and cost of travel

- Attracting a wider, more diverse range of talented people to our business

To realise these benefits and modernise our ways of working for the longer term, we’ll need to experiment. We’ll have to be open-minded, creative and innovative.

This guide to hybrid working will help us consider how we strike a positive balance between business requirements and personal preferences. How we can make the best use of technology to enhance our ways of working. And how we can create an inclusive, collaborative and productive working environment that allows us all to be at our best.

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Getting this right will depend on good quality, open conversations across the business. One size will not fit all – each individual, each line manager and each team will have to find the right recipe for success.

Anthony Kirby, Chief Operating Officer, Serco Group plc TEST title

"Flexibility is about working when and where you can fullfil your role effectively. It’s about give and take,and staying effective".