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Being more flexible on when, where and how we work

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Flexibility is about working when and where you can fulfil your role effectively. It’s about give and take,and staying effective.

This will often mean finding a productive blendof working at home and at your usual Company location. It could also include working at other sites,as well as customer or supplier premises.

Woman working from home on laptop in kitchen
When deciding what will work best for you, your team and your customers think about:
>When you can do your work effectively – are therecore hours when you need to be available andwould there be a benefit to you or the Companyin doing some work at different times?
>Where you can do your work effectively – can yoube equally or more productive at home; do youneed to be on site for some activities?
>What combination of when and where will helpyou be most effective, efficient and responsive?
>How will changes to your ways of working affectyour colleagues and customers?

If you want to work in a different way more permanently, you can talk to your line manager to explore a flexible working arrangement, which may mean a change to your contract.

This can include:

>Part time working
>Term time working
>Job share
>Compressed hours

Once you’ve agreed ways of working, it’s important to keep talking about what’s working and what might be more effective.