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Collaborating across contracts to save the US Navy money and time while delivering high quality security solutions

Sharing ideas between our teams can result in saving our customers time and money whilst delivering high quality solutions. A recent example is with our Shore Electronic Security Systems (SESS) team, who collaborated with another Serco team in a different part of our business to borrow and adapt a highly efficient method for installing security components at elevated heights.

Our ‘Giant Voice’ team provides production and installation services for the US Navy’s Giant Voice Mass Notification System at multiple locations in the Western Pacific Region. The Giant Voice system uses exterior speakers to warn the local community at and near naval installations of impending danger due to an emergency.

The Giant Voice team shared their method of standing up large speaker arrays, which involves using a free-standing monopole on a large concrete gravity block weighing nearly 10,000 kg.

The SESS team modified that method to suit their requirements, developing an improved process for installing intrusion detection systems, security cameras and secure wireless mesh networks for the US Navy Munitions Command.

This innovative repurposing of the Giant Voice team’s proven solution has eliminated the need for digging the extensive footings and foundations required for a typical tower erection. Cost savings over the traditional method exceed $100K per pole and the schedule is reduced by twelve months or more due to the elimination of engineering and studies needed to prepare the area for a tower.