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Designing and developing rapid prototype solutions to enable the US Navy to determine manpower requirements

In North America, we help the US Navy to test mission-critical theories quickly and accurately through the rapid design of sophisticated ‘predictive model’ prototype solutions.

A recent example is our design and development of a variable manpower model prototype that enables the US Navy to flexibly determine shore manpower requirements across almost any operational, mission or scenario-based requirement. The model provides a sophisticated estimate of the specific manpower requirements to accomplish a given mission as well as providing insight into the risks associated with manning shortages.

​In this case, our team was given limited to understand the total depth and breadth of the customer’s challenge and requirements and gather all necessary inputs, working closely with our customer throughout the project in order to do so.

The required solution was delivered on time and with extensive training for the end-users.  It was extremely well received by the customer – so much so that they are now exploring opportunities to expand the work and engage Serco to develop other, similar tools.