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Helping to minimise costs and protect the environment through the management of hazardous materials for the US Department of Defense

In delivery of its national defence mission, the US Department of Defense (DoD) makes use of a wide range of substances classified as ‘hazardous materials’, all of which are subject to complex regulations in place to ensure careful management of the health, property and environmental risks that these materials represent.

Serco has a strong background managing hazardous materials (HAZMAT) on both ship and shore, with a focus on helping the DoD reuse and minimise the amount of HAZMAT procured to reduce costs and protect the environment. For nearly twenty years we have provided HAZMAT management services to the DoD through a number of different contracts spanning the entire HAZMAT lifecycle from planning and procurement, through inventory and storage to distribution and disposal.

For example, for the Defense Logistics Agency, we help to reduce HAZMAT inventory and storage levels, and then lower overall ownership and hazardous waste disposal costs. For the US Navy’s Fleet Logistics Center in San Diego, our team manages the procurement of HAZMAT materials to meet operational needs across multiple Naval installations in the region, whilst also helping our customer to identify viable substitutes to reduce the current use of HAZMAT materials.

“Our customer relies on us to provide just in time delivery of mission-critical HAZMAT safely and securely,” says John Dye, DLA CMS Program Manager. “Our expertise in HAZMAT management is underpinned by diligent respect for the risks that these materials represent as well as their value to essential military operations. Anything we can do to further mitigate those risks – for the benefit of all stakeholders, including the environment itself – is always a priority.”