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Tracking our ESG performance

We seek not only to meet our reporting obligations but to provide assurance that we are properly addressing our ESG responsibilities and communicating our position and performance across ESG criteria. This year, amongst all other developments, we have:

  • consulted with our investors, whose strong, positive response is informing the current and future evolution of ESG reporting at Serco;

  • grown our ESG transparency through further expansion of our ESG Performance and Disclosure Data Book, now also published as a standalone Excel file in addition to its full inclusion in our ESG Report;

  • published our first:

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  • proactively engaged with ESG analysts and commentators;
  • commenced the collation of independent and publicly available performance and regulatory reports on Serco operations on our website for ease of public reference; and
  • continued to monitor the rapidly evolving ESG regulatory reporting landscape, working to prepare appropriately for new and emerging requirements, such as elements within the anticipated EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan and UK Green Finance Roadmap.

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