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Tracking our ESG performance

We seek not only to meet our reporting obligations but to provide assurance that we are properly addressing our ESG responsibilities and communicating our position and performance across ESG criteria.

We have again published our ESG Data book 2022. This provides a full suite of publicly available ESG data points with notes and commentary. The Data book combines existing ESG reporting requirements with relevant GRI reporting requirements. The information is separated into Environment, Social and Governance areas.

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The data reported is captured through a range of systems.  These are detailed in the introduction tab of the ESG Databook 2022. We recognise the potential risk to the accuracy and completeness of data that multiple systems can raise and are seeking where possible to consolidate through single systems. 

As in previous years we have published Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”) Content Indexes to enhance our ESG reporting and transparency and help stakeholders navigate our disclosures more quickly and easily.

To provide assurance of the data we have this year engaged Grant Thornton to undertake limited assurance of our ‘Social’ and ‘Governance’ ESG KPIs. Carbon Intelligence, part of Accenture, is used to provide independent third-party verification of our carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) and wider environmental metrics to a reasonable level of assurance. CO2e emissions are in accordance with our chosen standard ISO 14064-3:2019.

In addition to our Environmental basis of reporting (“EBR”) supplement provides a guide to the scope of the environmental indicators in our ESG Data Book, we have published this year our Social and Governance basis of reporting supplement. This is a guide to the scope of the social and governance indicators in our ESG Data Book, setting out the reporting approach and criteria to non-financial reporting.

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