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Careers in Facility Management (FM)

Serco’s expertise in Facility Management (FM) gives us a unique capability to deliver operational excellence and cost effectiveness to our customers, especially in environments where a wide range of services need to be integrated successfully to enable outputs to be effectively provided. Are you ready for a new challenge in FM?

We possess high-end facilities management capabilities from the delivery of large-scale building projects and complex maintenance, through to traditional hard and soft facilities management. We proudly combine global experience with local expertise and knowledge, and we are always looking for new talents to help us deliver the best possible service. 

Serco offers FM careers opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Have a look at our different FM operations :That's where your next opportunity as a Serco employee might be.


Serco are trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities on behalf of military organisations around the world – we have deep expertise in delivering high quality defence FM services. In Belgium, Serco delive.sr Military Base Operations support / FM Services to the Belgium Military.

We use our unparalleled, in-depth understanding of what is required to support the military to ensure that our services will be centred on the needs of service users. 

We use our comprehensive knowledge of military installations to deliver the lowest possible risk to mobilisation, standing up both maintenance and accommodation facilities quickly and safely. We deliver the best possible service, using the detailed knowledge and experience gained from other geographies.

European Institutions

We provide facility management (FM) service desk, switchboard and related services to various institutions including the European Patent Office and the European Central Bank in Germany.

Joining our FM Community

Careers in FM cover multiple responsibility areas that stretches across many sectors. Find out more about the different services we provide across Europe.

FM services for Belgian Defence

We provide base operations including integrated FM services to the Belgian Defence in two key logistics camps in Heverlee and Meerdaelbos. 

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