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Life at Serco in space

A space career at Serco Europe offers more than just an opportunity for professional development.

Joining our team as a space expert is a great way to make a difference every day through working on European space programmes at our various clients’ site.

Choosing a space career at Serco Europe is the best way to develop your skills, create a meaningful impact, and connect with passionate, like-minded people with a love for space. Our range of opportunities within the space industry varies from space engineering, telecommunications engineering, and electronics engineering, to project controlling, quality assurance, business administration and finance to name a few.

Our people’s stories

Become part of an international community of passionate space experts across Europe. 

Marco Casanova Alvarez standing outside a building

International supercharged early space careers

Six years ago, two students – Marco Casanova Álvarez and Ana Cambon – finished school and left home to seek their fortunes in Aerospace Engineering, starting at the University of Vigo in Spain. And today?

Working for Serco in Germany, they are pursuing exciting careers beyond their student dreams as they support our customers’ prestigious space missions.

Headshot of Marco Mastrecchia

Tackling climate change and monitoring the marine life

Copernicus is the European Union's Earth Observation Programme, looking at our planet and its environment for the benefit of Europe’s citizens. If you had spoken with Marco two years ago, he would never have imagined he would be working for a global company that supports one of the world’s most prestigious space agencies.

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"We are always looking for talents for the European space industry who can be a perfect fit with our and our clients’ culture and values to deliver impact on a daily basis. Space is not just for engineers!"

Roberto Mulatti
Managing Director, Space

Headshot of Roberto Mulatti

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