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Facilities Management

Serco is one of the largest facilities management providers in the world. Our proven experience and broad capabilities help our customers manage and improve their infrastructure, respond to emergencies, monitor and manage their facility resources, and keep their facilities safe and secure.

Serco manages airports, hospitals, parks, gardens and other specialised public facilities across the globe.

Serco is a world leader in facilities management services, with capabilities across the full suite of FM services to help our customers meet the demands and challenges of complex operating environments. We bring unique benefits to our customers by combining deep facilities management experience and capability with market leading technology to provide a cost efficient solution. This is underpinned by the provision of rich management information produced by the market leading systems and technologies that we employ. Serco's best-in-class facilities management services are designed around our customer's needs using our standardised service streams as the building blocks. This means we offer our customers a flexible and adaptable service while delivering in a standardised way, leading to greater efficiency, reliability, and customer experience. 

Facilities management statistics:

  • Serco provides facilities management services to more than 20 healthcare facilities around the world.
  • Serco has a proud 50-year history delivering complex facilities management support to RAF Fylingdales for the UK Ministry of Defence. Serco is the only contractor to have continuously operated and maintained the facility, despite 11 competitive tender exercises. 
  • Serco maintains more than 4 million square metres of grasslands, turf, and median strips for the City of Melbourne.
  • Since 2009, Serco has provided facility management services to secure onshore immigration detention centres in Australia.

Our global facilities management expertise:

Prince of Wales Hospital building in Hong Kong by night

Providing a clean and safe work environment at Prince of Wales Hospital

Since March 2012, Serco has provided cleaning and transportation services at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong under a contract with the New Territories East Cluster. The hospital first commenced operations in 1984 and has grown to become the largest hospital in the New Territories East Cluster, providing acute and tertiary services. It is also the teaching hospital of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Under this contract we provide:

  • Daily cleaning services to the clinical wards, hospital offices, common areas, call rooms, car parks and outdoor areas
  • Movement of patients, medical records and other medical supplies
  • Transportation of food trolleys and central sterile supplies including meal delivery to patients
  • Ad hoc support and cleaning services during emergency periods
Exterior of Fiona Stanley Hospital

Delivering fully integrated non-clinical services to one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities.

In what is the largest outsourced health contract in Australia, we provide services to Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities, delivering 25 integrated facilities management services at the 783-bed tertiary hospital, and performing to 480 key performance indicators.

  • We handle more than 1.5 million calls each year through our hospital helpdesk
  • We produce more than 850,000 freshly cooked meals on site for patients each year
  • We undertake more than 1,000 patient and equipment movements each day
  • We use a state-of-the-art building management system with more than 150,000 data monitoring points
  • Our cleaning team services more than 40,000 rooms or areas each month
  • In 2015, we renegotiated gas and electricity contracts achieving cost savings of over 50%, delivering more than AU$4 million in savings to Western Australian taxpayers over two years
Children going down a slide and playing in sand at Melbourne Royal Park

Managing 500 hectares of open spaces in one of the world's most livable cities

Since 1995, Serco has provided open space management and maintenance services to the City of Melbourne. Our team helps Melbourne look its best by delivering first-class Horticulture, Water Management, Turf Maintenance, and Infrastructure services to keep the city’s recreational spaces vibrant and safe. 

  • We manage 500 hectares of Melbourne’s CBD open spaces.

  • We maintain more than 4 million square metres of grasslands, turf, and median strips.

  • We care for more than 300,000 square metres of floral beds.

  • More than 3 million people visit the Fitzroy Gardens each year.

  • Melbourne Parks & Gardens services directly support Melbourne being voted the world’s most liveable city six years in a row.

  • In 2017, the Serco-run Royal Park and Fitzroy Gardens were each honoured with a prestigious Green Flag Award. Green Flag Awards recognise the world’s best parks or green spaces displaying exemplary horticultural standards, cleanliness, sustainability, and community involvement. Only six parks in Australia received the award.

Colleagues wearing Serco uniform looking at a clipboard

Delivering facilities management services in secure environments

Serco provides integrated hard and soft facilities management services in secure immigration detention centres and correctional facilities around the world. Since 2009, Serco has provided facility management services to onshore immigration detention centres in Australia. Our services include garrison services, hard facilities management, security services, transport and escort services, welfare and engagement services andd business management.

  • We perform around 1800 work orders per month on average

  • We have approximately 160,000 assets under management

  • We have completed 643 capital works projects across 10 facilities since commencing the contract

  • More than 8 million program activities have been delivered across our sites, including cultural cooking, education, and sporting activities.

  • We have managed more than 1.3 million transport and escort movements

  • We have served more than 20 million meals that meet the cultural and individual needs of those in our care