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ICT and Digital Transformation

Serco has a wealth of expertise in the delivery of technology platforms to better serve our customers’ needs.

Serco has the capability to leverage knowledge and experience from our global Facilities Management contracts to implement proven technologies, enabling better outcomes for our customers. When we have a better understanding of the solution architecture and requirements of a contract, we then seek opportunities to implement complimentary technologies, particularly in terms of mobility and analytics, to drive better efficiencies. 

The application of advanced analytics is a cornerstone of the Serco offering. In addition to the deep analysis of asset data, Serco will also analyse all asset-related transactions, as this is an important source of performance and quality of service information.

Serco’s comprehensive ICT and digital transformation capability includes:

  • Enterprise architecture services
  • Service integration and management
  • IT infrastructure services
  • End user computing services
  • Enterprise central services
  • IT data centre and facility services
  • IT operational management services
  • Application development services.

Facility snapshots

Empty operations control room at European Space Agency

European Space Agency

Under a contract awarded in 2014, Serco provides a wide range of IT Workplace Support services to around 5,000 European Space Agency employees and consultants based at the organisation’s main sites in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as its headquarters in Paris. 

Serco’s responsibilities include IT Fleet Management, Mobile Device Management, Asset Management, and Web Conferencing services, as well as migrating and managing Messaging and Collaboration tools and applications on the Private Cloud. Serco also run a Local Helpdesk function with technical staff on site at five major locations across Europe, allowing users to ‘walk-in’ and open an incident/ticket.

Additionally, Serco maintains workplace infrastructure at three datacentres located in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, as well as managing a Test Environment in Italy. ‘Virtualisation’ technology forms part of Serco’s innovative solution, to enhance and make the workplace infrastructure much more robust and efficient.

Man using a tablet in an empty lecture theatre

Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia

At Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia, Serco is the lead services integrator for the hospital’s technology services, working in partnership with BT and the Government. 

The hospital has a single converged network, providing scale and efficiency, as well as a unified communications system allowing voice, text and video messaging between fixed and mobile devices across the site. Technology advances established by Serco include an extensive audio visual service across clinical and non-clinical spaces and real time location systems keeping staff safe and providing a more efficient way to manage equipment. 

Highlights include:

  • 25 digitised services
  • 80,000 service requests managed each month through our integrated maintenance and facilities management system
  • Staff receive tasks and service requests in real-time via a secure mobile device
  • Automatic guided vehicles used in non-public areas to reduce manual handling activities and improve efficiency
  • Equipment is tagged with real time location systems to ensure efficient lifecycle management, cost allocation per ward / department and theft reduction.

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