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Hospital Facilities Management

Facilities management services play a critical role within the healthcare environment, directly impacting the patient experience and enabling the efficient provision of clinical care.

As a major international provider of non-clinical services, Serco demonstrates capability across the whole suite of hard and soft facilities management services for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

We focus on providing patient-centred care that is responsive to cultural, technological and business process changes in the health sector. Our service delivery is integrated, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Around the world, we provide services that keep improving and incorporate the latest innovations for the benefit of patients and clinical staff. We are committed to achieving high standards of customer satisfaction and incorporating patient feedback mechanisms across our services through satisfaction surveys, complaints, compliments and feedback management.

Service innovations

Staff at Fiona Stanley hospital showing a patient how to use the touchscreen services from their hospital bed

Advanced patient entertainment systems providing touch screen technology to patients and staff and a range of patient entertainment options.

Automated Guided Vehicle in a hospital corridor

Automated guided vehicles to reduce workplace injuries and improve efficiencies.

Serco staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital answering call on a headset

Single point of contact through a helpdesk for all non-clinical requests.

Patient in hospital sitting up in bed giving a thumbs up whilst eating

Freshly cooked meals made from scratch using local ingredients.

Female cleaner mopping the floor on a hospital ward

Leading practice microfibre cleaning methods delivering the highest standard of cleaning.

Hospital employee pushing a patient passing a colleague pushing a cleaning trolley in corridor

Real time location systems in place for staff, equipment and patients. Linen tagged with location tags, ensuring efficient lifecycle management and theft reduction.

Facility Snapshots

Prince of Wales Hospital building in Hong Kong by night

Providing a clean and safe work environment at Prince of Wales Hospital

Since March 2012, Serco has provided cleaning and transportation services at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong under a contract with the New Territories East Cluster. The hospital first commenced operations in 1984 and has grown to become the largest hospital in the New Territories East Cluster, providing acute and tertiary services. It is also the teaching hospital of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Under this contract we provide:

  • Daily cleaning services to the clinical wards, hospital offices, common areas, call rooms, car parks and outdoor areas
  • Movement of patients, medical records and other medical supplies
  • Transportation of food trolleys and central sterile supplies including meal delivery to patients
  • Ad hoc support and cleaning services during emergency periods
Exterior of Fiona Stanley Hospital

Delivering non-clinical services to one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities.

In what is the largest outsourced health contract in Australia, we provide services to Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities, delivering 25 facilities management services at the 783-bed tertiary hospital, and performing to 480 key performance indicators.

  • We handle more than 1.5 million calls each year through our hospital helpdesk
  • We produce more than 850,000 freshly cooked meals on site for patients each year
  • We undertake more than 1,000 patient and equipment movements each day
  • We use a state-of-the-art building management system with more than 150,000 data monitoring points
  • Our cleaning team services more than 40,000 rooms or areas each month
  • In 2015, we renegotiated gas and electricity contracts achieving cost savings of over 50%, delivering more than AU$4 million in savings to Western Australian taxpayers over two years

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