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Information Technology Solutions

Advanced and enabled information and technology solutions that drive better patient care and innovative practices.

Serco is trusted to deliver information and technology solutions that drive better patient care and innovative practices. We provide the most advanced and enabled ICT platforms in the world to benefit patients, clinicians and our government customers.

We integrate technology seamlessly into the healthcare environment and drive a culture of digital innovation across all health services, continuing to improve services and outcomes for patients.

Within Serco’s health technology services, we enable our clinical and non-clinical partners to facilitate change that leads to improved patient services.

Working as an integral part of our customer’s environment, we design, procure and build advanced infrastructure and application solutions, offering some of the most sophisticated and technologically enabled services available.

As the lead service integrator we manage complex subcontractor relationships and have demonstrated a broad capability including fully managed services, unified communications, mobile and desktop computing, patient entertainment systems, network convergence, enterprise computing, application integration and security.

Man using a tablet in an empty lecture theatre

Case Study: Fiona Stanley Hospital

At Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia, Serco is the lead services integrator for the hospital’s technology services, working in partnership with BT and the Government.

Fiona Stanley Hospital has a single converged network, providing scale and efficiency, as well as a unified communications system allowing voice, text and video messaging between fixed and mobile devices across the site.

Technology advances established by Serco include an extensive audio visual service across clinical and non-clinical spaces and real time location systems keeping staff safe and providing a more efficient way to manage equipment.

  • 25 digitised services.
  • 80,000 service requests managed each month through our integrated maintenance and facilities management system. Staff receive tasks and service requests in real-time via a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).
  • Site-wide video conferencing (telehealth) capability is installed throughout the hospital, including through mobile computing devices. This technology enables live-streaming of surgeries.​
  • Serco uses automatic guided vehicles in non-public areas to reduce manual handling activities and improve efficiency. The vehicles run on the hospital's wireless network. 
  • Equipment is tagged with real time location systems to ensure efficient lifecycle management, cost allocation per ward / department and theft reduction.​
Prince of Wales Hospital building in Hong Kong by night

Case Study: Hong Kong Hospital Authority Capital Works Department

The Hospital Authority Capital Works Department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of 46 public hospitals in Hong Kong.

In 2015, Serco developed and implemented a multi-function management and maintenance system to provide real-time maintenance and stock information through a central online interface. The system enables:

  • User and group management
  • Call logging and task management
  • Planned preventative maintenance management
  • Asset management
  • Reporting

Serco manages and maintains the system for all public hospitals in Hong Kong.

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