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Road, Tunnel and Bridges Operation and Maintenance

Integrated solutions that encompass the full spectrum of regional transportation needs for road, tunnel, bridge, and traffic management.

Serco has more than 30 years' experience developing and operating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for national highways, state-wide transportation networks, major cities, counties, and municipalities.

We enable our customers to define a vision of an advanced intelligent transportation system that best suits their needs, roll it out quickly, achieve high levels of efficiency and safety from day one, and then monitor and analyse performance based on agreed upon metrics.

Our integrated solutions encompass system development and integration, operational control center development, incident detection and management, lane control signals, CCTV control and surveillance, intelligent congestion management, and manual and automated toll collection.

As a global organisation, Serco draws upon international best practice and our deep experience in delivering transport services around the world. 

  • In the US, our Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) provides a consolidated view of 3,500 separate devices for Georgia’s Department of Transportation (GDOT) sophisticated Intelligent Transportation System. When Serco began working with GDOT in 2010, device availability hovered around 50%. Serco was able to bring this to an average of 99.3% which is significantly above industry standards. In 2016, GDOT and the Serco team received the Best of ITS Award at the ITS America conference.
  • In Hong Kong, Serco worked with KML Engineering to design, supply and install the HK$82.6 million system for the Shenzhen Western Corridor. The system has 11 gantries incorporating eight full-function, Chinese-English Variable Message Signs, lane control systems, and variable advisory speed restrictions, and includes links to external applications such as weather and structural monitoring systems.

Our history in Hong Kong 

Serco has more than 30 years' experience in tunnel and bridges operation and maintenance in Hong Kong. Our local experience combined with the knowledge and expertise of our team of dedicated professionals makes Serco one of Hong Kong’s leading road tunnel management contractors.

In 1993 Serco was awarded the contract to deliver the management, operation and maintenance of the road tunnels and toll roads for the Government owned Kai Tak Tunnel and the Lion Rock Tunnel. In 2013, Serco was further selected to provide the Management, Operation and Maintenance contract for the Tsing Sha Control Area. In 1994, Serco was engaged by the Transport Department to provide the management, operation and maintenance of Hong Kong’s parking meters, followed in 1998 by the management, operation and maintenance of the Aberdeen Tunnel. In 2018, Serco was awarded the contract to manage, operate and maintain the new Lung Shan and Cheung Shan Tunnels.

Outside an entrance to a tunnel in Hong Kong

Lung Shan & Cheung Shan Tunnels, Hong Kong

In 2018, Serco was awarded the contract to manage, operate and maintain the new Lung Shan and Cheung Shan Tunnels in Hong Kong.

The Lung Shan Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Hong Kong. Under the contract, Serco is responsible for traffic operations management, incident response, and maintenance and repair work for all tunnel equipment.

This contract builds on Serco’s 25 years’ experience supporting Hong Kong in road and toll management.

Vehicles driving into the Hong Kong toll traffic control area

Tsing Sha Control Area

From 2013 to 2019, Serco managed, operated and maintained the Tsing Sha Control Area (Eagle’s Nest Tunnel and Sha Tin Heights Tunnel). Tsing Sha Highway is a 13-km dual three lane highway connecting Sha Tin, West Kowloon and Tsing Yi. Tsing Sha Highway together with the existing Lantau Link and North Lantau Highway form Route 8.

In 2017, the team was recognised by the Transport Department for their response to cyclone Hato, which wreaked havoc across Hong Kong, with 66km/h wind gusts causing debris to be dropped all over the 13km Tsing Sha Control Area.

"We would like to thank for your support in maintaining smooth traffic operations under the strong Typhoon on 23 Aug 2017, including the implementation of high-wind management on Stonecutters Bridge, the prompt reactions on failing trees within the control area, cleansing of carriageways and passenger-waiting area of the bus-bus interchange, etc. Your colleagues had demonstrated good team work and please express my heartfelt thanks to them." - Transport Department of HKSAR.

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