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Providing environmental services across the UK
Serco has successfully delivered full mission rehearsalin support of recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Operational Support

Serco designs and delivers operational support to improve the availability of people and equipment worldwide


At Serco our aim is to add real value to your organisation. Transforming the services you need delivered so that you can focus on what you are good at; safe in the knowledge that we will deliver ongoing efficiencies and better outcomes for your customers and citizens now and into the future.

Our approach to ensuring we are well placed to deliver your service promises is built on bringing you:

Depth of sector expertise

We believe that having a deep understanding of the current and future service requirements of individual market sectors is important in the design and delivery of services but must be balanced with the ability to bring in fresh thinking drawn from across different sectors. After all why restrict ideas on service excellence to best practice within a sector when proven concepts from other markets may make more of a lasting difference.

To find out more, the markets in which we operate are listed on the left hand side of this page.

Operational know-how

Transforming and delivering great and consistent service is underpinned by the right systems and process which is we are continually investing in our operational know how. We are experts in identifying and integrating the right capabilities, systems and proven processes to solve even the most difficult service challenges.

Our people and service ethos

Delivering great service starts with our people. At Serco all our people, no matter where they work, are specialists in service delivery. They share our service ethos - the drive to go the extra mile and do the right thing, the confidence to look beyond their responsibilities and work as part of a team and the desire to look to the future and put great service ideas into practice wherever they are needed. We enable our people to build out their service delivery capabilities through rigorous coaching and performance management, continued investment in core skills and the tools needed to deliver great service.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015