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Serco operates a number of fire-related contracts across the UK and globally with diverse contracts in civilian and defence markets. Serco Fire Services consists of any Serco contract who operates in fire or whose work touches on fire.

Across its operations, Serco employs 400 fire fighters and provides fire and rescue services at civilian and military airfields around the UK and internationally. Serco Fire Services' clients include the Ministry of Defence, NATO, CERN, the German Air Force and the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

One of the better known parts of Serco Fire Services is the International Fire Training Centre (IFTC), a world leader in equipping aviation and industrial fire fighters with the skills needed to face any fire emergency effectively and confidently.



The IFTC was acquired from the UK Civil Aviation Authority in 1996 and, with investment from Serco, now offers customers access to the best fire ground of its kind anywhere in the world. This is demonstrated by the growth in export sales that IFTC has achieved over recent years. Investment in new rigs, major foam tenders, a virtual reality suite and the business infrastructure is attracting clients from around new markets and increasing penetration of existing ones. For example, the IFTC is the only training provider outside France that has secured accreditation with the DGAC, the French aviation authority, to deliver accredited courses to aerodrome fire fighters.



With expertise in fire protection, prevention and response, Serco Fire Services knowledge, resources and investment deliver savings and operational improvements while meeting all statutory standards.

Serco Fire Services transforms business operations in both public and private sectors by drawing upon on methods that have been tried and tested by professionals in some of the toughest change programmes around.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015