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Fiona Stanley Hospital - Western Australia


Company - Serco Healthcare
Client - Government of Western Australia
Contract Type - Integrated Facilities Management
Contract Award - July 2011 - operations began 2014.
Contract Director - Joe Boyle
Contact Details - joe.boyle@serco.com

What We Do:

The 783-bed Fiona Stanley Hospital will employ over 3,000 people and is the size of four city blocks. It will be one of the leading hospitals in Australia and the major tertiary hospital serving communities south of Perth and across Western Australia. It will provide a full range of acute medical and surgical services including emergency care, a major trauma centre, comprehensive cancer services, a mental health unit, a burns service, maternity and pediatric care, as well as medical research and education facilities.

Under the Facilities Management Services contract, Serco will integrate non-clinical services through state-of the- art technology to ensure the smooth running of the whole hospital. We will design and deliver the technology solution, along with our management system, to support the Western Australian Department of Health to improve efficiency and the quality of care for patients and provide a world-class experience.

Services Provided:

Within the overall management and integration, Serco will be responsible for 30 service lines, including: procurement for the fit-out of the hospital; management and maintenance of hospital assets including medical equipment; information communications technology (ICT); estate and property management; recruitment and HR processes for all clinical staff; safety and incident management; reception, help desk and communications services; design and provision of integrated bedside information and patient entertainment systems; the management of patient electronic medical records and a wide range of other support services. When fully operational, Serco will directly employ over 1,000 people to provide these extensive services.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015