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Hertfordshire Social Care


Company - Serco
Client - Hertfordshire County Council
Customer - Health and Community Services
Contract Type - Social Care Access Services
Contract Award - April 2012
Contract Director - Pauline Pickering
Contact Details - pauline.pickering@serco.com

What We Do:

In November 2010, Serco signed a contract to deliver a ground breaking strategic partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, to transform the council's internal business processes and achieve efficiency savings of at least £25m.   Serco was challenged to identify ways the Customer Service Centre could extend the services provided by the council.  Serco prepared 15 business cases, and the Social Care Access Service was approved by the Council in April 2011. 

The overall objective of this project is to create and develop a new Adult Social Care Access Service, encompassing elements of triage and service solutions within a three-tier operating model. The new operating model will enable the Council to deliver a more personalised service at the same time as reducing operating costs.

Services Provided:

Adult Social Care Access Service, GP integrated referral centre, Children's contact centre, Social Care E-Marketplace

How We Do It

Inform and Advise: (prevention and cost avoidance): The model includes greater focus on prevention activities designed to deliver the wider well-being agenda by making best use of information to run targeted early interventions.

See and Solve: Citizens will be able to complete their own referral with support where required.  As part of the self- assessment process citizens will get an early indication of the level of resources for their need, which will initially focus on enabling them to remain at home safely and ultimately, where it appears unlikely that this will be appropriate, assisting them with planning for extended support.

Enable: All but a small number of citizens will be offered support which enables them to continue to live at home or within their community safely. This may include specialist equipment, housing adaptations or a programme of enablement to relearn skills lost or temporarily restricted.

Plan: Planning will involve facilitating the citizen to plan their support to achieve the outcomes they want. It will build on the networks available in the community as well as family, carers and friends

Finding Services: Information on services will be available to assist the citizen's decisions as well as being able to purchase services on-line. 

Deliver: Individualised budgets will be available to all citizens (including those who are eligible for a local authority contribution to their support plan) and will be initially calculated, following a period of enablement home care, through a resource allocation system as part of the universal self-assessment process.  Individual budgets will provide an upfront transparent allocation made up of multiple funding streams (including the citizens' own resources, different benefits, possibly NHS monies, and other sources). By pulling all of these together both Serco SCAS and HCS will be able to work with citizens to design a support plan that meets their needs. Crucially this will remove traditional rigid boundaries between services as the citizen will set out a holistic view of their requirements and the approach to meeting those needs.


The new operating model has seen resolution at first contact increase from 14-37% by month 5

Last Updated: 18 May 2015