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Middlesborough, Redcar and Cleveland Community Services


Company - Serco Healthcare
Client - Middlesborough, Redcar and Cleveland Community Services (MRCCS)
Customer - NHS Property Services
Contract Type - Integrated Facilities Management
Contract Award - October 2010
Contract Director - Andrew O'Donnell
Contact Details - Andrew.odonnell@serco.com

What We Do:

Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland Community Services (MRCCS) is responsible for delivering over 30 healthcare community services to the two local Boroughs.  These services include: health visitors, physiotherapy and specialist nursing for people with skin complaints, diabetes and dietetics and are delivered at 12 clinics throughout the region.  There are also 3 community hospitals providing primary care to the elderly and stroke patient. Additionally there are walk in urgent care facilities at two of the main hospitals.

In October 2010, Serco commenced a new 5 year contract with MRCCS to provide integrated facilities management services. 
Services Provided:


Serco is responsible for planned and reactive maintenance of all electrical and mechanical services, building fabric, infrastructure and grounds maintenance at the 12 clinics and 3 community hospitals throughout the 2 Boroughs.


Serco is responsible for providing a range of Soft FM services including; patient catering, linen and domestic cleaning services.

How We Do It

New Solutions

Serco introduced key service solutions to modernize the hotel services operations at MRCCS.  These include:
Introducing the Housekeeping function to order and prepare patient foods, ensuring the immediate bed space is clean and tidy, and importantly links with other hotel services throughout the hospitals.

Patients are now able to experience a healthy continental style breakfast, choosing from fruits, breads, cereals, beverages and preserves to be enjoyed at the patient bedside or in ward dining rooms.

Serco have also introduced a new flexible cleaning service, and a dedicated FM helpdesk which is accessible 24 hours per day via email and telephone.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015