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Healthcare for older people

Demographic change will, for many countries mean that health services will increasingly treat a greater proportion of older and more frail patients.  Healthcare providers and staff need to think and act innovatively if they are to meet these changing demands whilst living with constrained budgets costs.

What are the challenges? - The Health Service Journal (HSJ) Serco Commission on hospital care for frail older people

As a provider of healthcare services to governments across the globe we see first-hand how the specific needs of older patients need to be taken into account in the design and delivery of healthcare services (to see a first-hand example of this view the short film that illustrates some of the issues facing older people in hospital.

The importance of treating every individual as a person with a history and of making connections between services becomes all the more critical, particularly given the funding pressures facing public services in many geographies (click here to download examples of how Serco's healthcare solutions have been tailored to meet the needs of older patients).

It is for this reason we are proud to support the HSJ Serco Commission on hospital care for frail older people.  Whilst being rooted in the evidence of what works and why, the commission report has a distinctly practical focus, it is short enough to be used and it has tools for the boards of hospitals as well as commissioners and the general public to use. 

How well are you placed to meet the healthcare needs of older patients?

Drawing on our experience of designing and delivering healthcare solutions across the globe, ranging from Forth Valley Royal hospital in Scotland to Fiona Stanley hospital in Australia, and the excellent work of HSJ Commission on hospital care for frail older people we have put together this simple health check to help you start to assess how well you are placed to support the growing needs of elderly patients (click here to download your health check).

If you need further help, support or best practices to drive through the changes you have identified please contact us at john.myatt@serco.com

HSJ Serco

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HSJ Serco Commission Report on hospital care for frail older people

How is your care for older patients?

Why not try the Commission Questionnaire?

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016