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Operational Support

Serco designs and delivers operational support to improve the availability of people and equipment worldwide


"Serco made considerable efforts to produce an offer that delivered the outcomes required by Sport England.  They have demonstrated a real commitment to deliver against the commitments given.  We have been impressed with the company ethos and the determination by senior management to deliver culture change through the on-site teams."
Kevin Mills, Strategic Director, Sport England

"Throughout the bidding process, Serco's straightforward and open approach impressed all involved on the client team. Since appointment, they have delivered what they promised in their bid, having undertaken a successful TUPE transfer (winning the hearts and minds of transferring staff in the process), taken on existing leisure services and phased in a new £38m leisure complex, demonstrating an innovative and successful approach to marketing in the process. They are keen to work in open and honest partnership and we are pleased to have them as partners."
David Warden - Director of Leisure and Community Services, North Down Borough Council

"Although we are only five months into the contract, I wanted to congratulate you and the rest of the Mansfield team on how much you have achieved in this relatively short period.

I appreciate how hard everyone worked in order to gear up for transfer and to ensure that handover on 1 May was seamless.
Since then there has been a flood of improvements; major capital investment at Water Meadows and Oak Tree LC; a refresh at other centres; new products and pricing structures - with reduced price options and targeted products; vastly improved web site, on line booking; mobile Apps; the appointment of additional staff; the list goes on.
The hard work is already being reflected in user figures and in some great early successes at River Maun RC and Meden SC and in the Swimming Lesson DD take up.
From my perspective, the positive manner in which any issues have been addressed can only bode well for the future success of the service.
I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team on behalf of Mansfield DC for such a positive performance to date; for everyone's professionalism and for their commitment to providing a quality customer experience; I look forward to the service going from strength to strength."
Mandy Mellor - Leisure and Cultural Services Manager, Mansfield District Council

"We have a good relationship with the local authority, Serco and local clubs. We have Swim 21 status and have visits on a regular basis from ASA staff, who are very supportive.

Our record of achievement and excellence has a great history.  We have developed swimmers that have attained county, district, national, commonwealth and Olympic standard."
Bolton Metro Swimming Squad

"We have found Serco Leisure easy to work with, as their key strengths are having the ability to build strong, lasting and positive relationships, whilst taking the time to interpret, analyse & coordinate actions identified within the Health & Safety Audits effectively, hence a steady but noticeable increase in their audit scores year on year.

Serco Leisure also has the flexibility and knowledge to adapt their working practices & support to their business needs.

It is a pleasure to work with forward thinking organisations such as Serco Leisure, especially where health & safety is taken seriously and is managed effectively & proportionately."
Joe Ryan, Right Directions (Management) Limited, Company Director

"The investment Serco Leisure management has made in its digital platform and social media activity shows an understanding that organisations need to listen and respond in real time to its customers. Very impressive."
David Minton, Managing Director, The Leisure Database Company

"Serco Leisure is a glowing example of how to use social media best practice and it is our aim to help other members benefit from their success.  Only by doing this can we unlock the full potential of this innovative form of communication"
Richard Hunt, Chair of Chief Cultural and Leisure Operators

Last Updated: 18 May 2015