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Improving life chances. At a local level we are delivering the Integrated Children's System (ICS) at a number of authorities.
Raising standards for all. Walsall LEA had the lowest possible Ofsted improvement score:7. With our help, it was raised to 2 in 2 years.

I now feel that

there is someone fighting for Education in Walsall (Headteacher, Wallsall Primary school)

Children and Young People

Improving the lives of children and young people through highly integrated services, is at the core of local government's work to shape the communities we live in. The  'Every Child Matters' agenda presents both opportunity and challenge, at a local and national level, to develop child and family centric services which have a positive impact on children and young people, across the full range of the 5 outcomes. 

What we do

Serco Education & Children's Services engages in the provision and management of universal, targeted and specialist services across the continuum of care and across the education and children's social care agendas. We are at the heart of service delivery for some 200,000 children and their families and have over 1500 staff who are experts in their field and across the Every Child Matters agenda. 

Serco's work includes:

  • Leading the Together for Children partnership, on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills, supporting all Local Authorities in the delivery of 2,500 Sure Start Children's Centres as they develop sustainable capacities 
  • The management and delivery of the full range of services for and on behalf of the local authority and its schools in Bradford and Walsall. We are also the strategic partner with Stoke-on-Trent, providing the leadership and management of the entire Children and Young People's Services Directorate.  In our partnerships, outcomes for children continue to improve at all levels and Ofsted rated Education Walsall as the fastest and most improved LEA in the country ever. We focus on service delivery and organisational improvement.
  • Building Schools for the Future where we are actively engaged in the   development of future schools and the transformation agenda. We work with LAs and others in developing innovative approaches and services. 
  • A focus on children's social care - through for example children looked after,  CAMHS, child protection and children in need agendas. In partnership with others we deliver the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and we also provide Integrated Children's Systems in a number of authorities.  
  • The provision of  consultancy and interim management services to many LAs and develop and deliver leadership and professional development programmes for professionals and practitioners across the entire children's workforce.  

Serco engages in partnership with a range of stakeholders and providers and in particular with The Third Sector, adding value to our work with local communities. We work with local authorities across England and Wales and national government departments and agencies.  

The Value Serco brings

Holistic approach. Just as Local Authorities and their partners  must work together to provide child and family centric services, at Serco, we bring together our experience in Health, Education, Social Care and Youth Justice to ensure a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our children and young people.  We provide consultancy, service delivery, project and interim management support to Children's Services Departments across a range of Local Authorities - assisting in the vital transformation agenda. 

Innovative Solutions. Our breadth of experience across all areas of Children's Services means we can frequently assist clients in finding innovative solutions to their more complex challenges.   For example the UK parliament-industry group, EURIM, have recognised the excellent model for child protection in Enfield following Bichard recommendations to established a local children's index. 

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015