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Delivering outcomes. Serco has a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience, that local authorities can leverage to improve citizen services.
Partnership working. Serco is working with and across the whole local community to make citizens' lives better

Serco is

working with local communities to make citizens lives better.

Bringing excluded children back into learning with fresh motivation

Laura didn't like school and stopped bothering to turn up. With the support of the New Leaf Centre she has found new ways of learning which she enjoys. Drawing out the best in people who work for Serco enables us to draw out the best in people who receive our service. Nowhere is this quality more vital than in the field of education.

Since Serco took over the troubled Education Authority in Walsall, exam results have improved significantly, a joint
anti-truancy campaign with the local council and police has achieved record school attendance and the New Leaf initiative has brought excluded children back into learning with fresh motivation.

We start simply with the needs of individual children and schools, and build teams and expertise around meeting them. In fact, all our 600-plus contracts are managed this way. Lines of communication are short. Decisions are made by the people on the front line, close to clients, customers and communities. This empowers Serco people to use their potential to the full.

After more than 20 years with Serco, Jim Lawless is a project director leading large-scale bids across different sectors. 'Contracting has changed to bundle together all the stages of complex projects into single contracts, so we've developed the capability to design and implement services that are huge in scale and sophistication. We invest heavily in development and training to ensure that our people have the skills to keep us in lead position.'

'The Serco people are wonderful. The educationalists are professional, experienced, they engage, they are extremely supportive of schools and do not necessarily tow the corporate line.'
Austin Cheminais,
Head Teacher, Rushall JMI School, Walsall,
West Midlands

Last Updated: 18 May 2015