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Enabling Independent Living. At Hertfordshire County Council, our digital pen and paper technology has enabled Adult Care staff to place immediate orders for essential independent living equipment.
Making a difference in public health, we are delivering healthy living progrmames across local communities

making a difference

in public health. We are delivering healthy living programmes across local communities

Health and Independence

Never before have issues around healthy lifestyles and provision of healthcare been so high on the social and political agenda. A major change is occurring in the need for healthcare and adult services to recognise and adapt to the demographic shift of an ageing population. The challenge here will be to develop innovative and affordable services that improve the quality of life and dignity of the ageing population, supporting these individuals to live as independently as possible.
Equally, there is a role for local government to continue the drive towards bettering public health across the whole population. For example, the focus on improving life expectancy for all citizens requires joint working between local authorities and Primary Care Trusts whilst an information driven focus on strategies to reduce health inequalities, should lead to a narrowing of the gap in all-age, all-cause mortality.

What we do

At Serco we have helped local authorities such as Hertfordshire County Council plan their future health and adult social care services to meet the demographic changes whilst achieving balanced budgets. 

For the London Borough of Newham we are delivering a Long Term Condition Management Programme to reduce emergency admissions, employing Community Matrons to proactively manage the cases of those most in need.

We are making a difference in public health too - from delivering healthy living programmes at our leisure centres across the country through to the addictions programmes we run for prisoners at Kilmarnock Prison to reduce drug-related deaths following release. 

The value Serco brings 

Dual perspectives. One of our strengths is that we understand and operate both in the health and social care space - many of our service specialists come from a social care or clinical background.  This enables Serco to see issues from both health and social care perspectives - vital in helping to deliver the shift required over the next few years from responsive to preventative services, as well as increasing the focus on those citizens with low and moderate needs.  

Innovative solutions. Identifying resources to invest in improving service quality can be very difficult to achieve in the current era of Gershon efficiencies and other financial constrictions. At Serco we recognise this and have solutions that drive efficiencies and release resources for investment, from flexible and mobile working solutions, to shared services in the back office and in front line delivery.  We can also help you analyse how cost effective your services are, as we did at the Isle of Wight.
Holistic Approach. Combining our social care and health expertise with our knowledge and experience in delivering social and public transport, housing, benefits, justice and education, means that Serco is uniquely positioned to help Councils improve the seven wellbeing outcomes for adults and older people confirmed in the Government's white paper, 'Our Health, Our Care, Our Say'. 


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Last Updated: 18 May 2015