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Delivering outcomes. Serco has a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience, that local authorities can leverage to improve citizen services.
Partnership working. Serco is working with and across the whole local community to make citizens' lives better

Serco is

working with local communities to make citizens lives better.

Helping Hertfordshire County Council improve service for vulnerable adults

At Hertfordshire Council Council, Occupational Therapists at the Council used to have to create and send off 3 copies of every equipment order that they did, including faxing a copy to Finance and providing the client with a copy.  1 in 3 faxed forms had to be sent back to the Occupational Therapist as they were illegible due to the way the fax machine copied the image.  

Digital Pens were implemented, with automated emailing on receipt of an electronic assessment to the relevant parties and the original paper copy left with the client.  The benefits are such that now very few forms are having to be sent back to Finance, the teams are much more up to date with the latest assessments, there has been a 66% reduction in paper forms needing to be filed, Occupational Therapists can be home based, and the turnaround time for assessment forms has dramatically improved from 7 days to 3 days.  The implementation of Digital Pens for Occupational Therapists was so successful that they are now being implemented throughout Hertfordshire's adult services.

Kilmarnock Drug Team takes action to save lives

Helping ordinary people in the community is something that Serco's business teams excel at. 

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015