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Reducing crime and the fear of crime. We work to help resettle offenders in the community.
Community monitoring. We are safeguarding communities through our electronic monitoring services of some 4,000 offenders.

Due to our CRT

at HMP Doncaster, 75% of people leaving prison have not re-offended, compared to 30% nationally.

Safer and Stronger Communities

A key focus for local authorities is the role to play in building safer and stronger communities, where people can live, work, and enjoy life fully. Increasingly, statutory authorities, such as councils, police, fire and rescue, primary care trusts, and probation services, are adopting a multi-agency approach to tackling this agenda - collectively securing the right for everyone to feel safe on the streets and in their homes.

What we do

Offender Management. Serco is committed to reducing crime and fear of crime. We work with a wide range of agencies in the community to provide offenders with the support and skills they need for a law-abiding, fulfilling life after release. Our pioneering alliance with two volutary sector organisations to deliver the Path2Work programme, is providing employment and rehabilitation support to offenders returning to the community in the east of England. At Doncaster prison, we even help offenders open bank accounts before they leave so they can easily receive their first week's wages. 

Community monitoring. We are safeguarding communities through our electronic monitoring services of some 4,000 offenders, enforcing curfews to restore stability to sometimes chaotic lifestyles. Serco has been working with local authorities to deploy CCTV cameras. For example, the network of cameras in place at stations on the Docklands Light Railway help to create security and prevent crime. 

Safer Roads. For over 18 years we have been working with local authorities to make roads safer, though installation, maintenance and calibration of safety and red light cameras. Our road safety partnership with Gatsometer BV won the Prince Michael Road Safety Premier Award for its role in reducing accidents and saving lives. 

Effective resource deployment. We are reducing crime and the fear of crime by enabling resources to be deployed most effectively. For example, Serco supply the Single Non-Emergency Number for Hampshire Constabulary through Altaris, Serco's Emergency Services Command and Control System. The calls are received at the HQ and are passed out to over 20 local authorities.

The value Serco brings

Breadth of capability. Serco is a partner and supplier to many of the public sector organisations that are stakeholders in our communities.  Our breadth of capability ranging from management consultancy through technology to service delivery means that we are well equipped to play a role as an integrator of services in an increasingly multi-agency environment.
Breadth of relationships. Our strong relationships and market knowledge, for example in Police, Health and Education combined with our technical capabilities enable us to make connections for the benefit of communities across traditional silos.

Path2Work programme

It is run in alliance by Serco, Turning Point and Rainer to provide a support service to both ex-offenders seeking employment and employers path2work is run by an Alliance of Serco, Turning Point and Rainer for probation services across the East of England region.

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Hampshire Constabulary

The AltarisT system went live in Hampshire Constabulary on 1st April, 2001. Prior to go-live Serco worked with Hampshire Constabulary to develop new business processes merging the existing five control rooms covering the counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight into one control room.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015