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Providing environmental services across the UK
Serco has successfully delivered full mission rehearsalin support of recent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Operational Support

Serco designs and delivers operational support to improve the availability of people and equipment worldwide


Serco has a depth of experience in providing safe services in complex marine environments. We run a number of critical and lifeline services where customers expect efficiency and customer service.

Serco operates more ships under the UK flag than any other company, including extensive operations in the international marine market through Marine Services Support for the Royal Navy and Defence Marine Services in Australia.

In May 2012, Serco was selected by Transport Scotland to provide ferry services to the Northern Isles. Serco operates ferries for freight and passengers between the Scottish mainland and the Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands. You can find out more about NorthLink Ferries here.

Clyde and Hebridean Ferry Services

Serco has recently been short listed as one of two bidders for the Scottish Government’s Clyde and Hebridean Ferry Services contract. If your query is regarding Serco’s bid for the ferry services, please feel free to contact our team caledonianferries@serco.com 

Last Updated: 22 Oct 2015