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Rail Engineering; Rail Data
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Operational Support

Serco designs and delivers operational support to improve the availability of people and equipment worldwide

Asset Management Software and Consultancy

We provide asset management software and consultancy services to the rail industry, enabling our clients to reduce whole life costs through better asset management plans and improved asset information, for example: 

  • We develop investment decision-support software tools and associated information systems for track, vehicles (wheelsets) and trains to help improve performance, manage risks and reduce costs by targeting renewals, maintenance and inspection. For example, we have developed the Vehicle-Track Interaction Strategic Model (VTISM) and the Wheelset Management Model on behalf of RSSB, the Vehicle-Track System Interface Committee (V/T SIC) and Network Rail
  • We undertake software requirements analysis, functional specification, development and testing of asset management-related databases and web-based applications, accredited to ISO9001/TickIT standards;
  • We provide engineering consultancy for individual clients as well as collaborating in industry research projects, relating to:
    • Track and wheelset deterioration modelling and impact on track and vehicle costs;
    • Whole life costing and investment scenario analysis;
    • Optimisation of track and wheelset renewals, maintenance and inspection activities;
    • Risk and reliability analysis;
  • We support review and application of best practice in asset management processes and information systems development;
  • We provide bespoke training to clients, industry training in the use of decision-support tools such as VTISM and helpdesk support.

Information Brochures

To find out more about our services and how we might be able to help you, please contact enquiries.srts@serco.com
01332 262672

Last Updated: 17 May 2016