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Serco designs and delivers operational support to improve the availability of people and equipment worldwide

Unattended Pantograph Monitoring Systems

In early 2009, problems were encountered on the West Coast Main Line with damage occurring to a large number of pantograph carbons.

Serco's extensive experience in pantograph testing and overhead line monitoring enabled us to develop an unattended pantograph monitoring system in partnership with Transmissions Dynamics Ltd.  This system needed to be capable of being fitted to vehicles operating in passenger carrying service and has been designed to automatically detect and report the type of faults which lead to pantograph damage and possible de wirement incidents.

The fitting of this equipment to trains operating in normal passenger service enables monitoring across large parts of the infrastructure on a daily basis and at line-speed without the need to run additional, specialist test trains.

The Unattended Pan System combines the latest technology to provide:

  • Accurate locations of incidents using GPS coordinates
  • Real time alerts of incidents
  • Real Time Data Streaming via Bluetooth
  • Signal waveform and context data for post analysis using comprehensive viewer software
  • Statistical mapping of events location according to a number of variables (train speed, coordinates, direction of travel, time and date)

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Last Updated: 17 May 2016