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Matt Wilson - Senior Bid Manager

What’s the focus of your current role? What is your purpose?

In my current role as Senior Bid Manager, I am responsible for managing and delivering high-quality bids on time and within agreed budgets. With experience across Serco’s key sectors, I now support Serco’s regional Transport sector with strategic analysis and planning, sales / opportunity tracking, bid management and solution development.

The primary purpose of my role is to oversee specialist bid teams, manage challenging project timelines, obtain relevant internal approvals and maintain effective working relationships with a wide array of internal and external stakeholders.

What do you typically do in a full day’s work?

8am - 9am

On a typical day, I will arrive at the office for 08:00 before checking my emails, drafting a list of key actions for the day and preparing for any key sessions that I may have in the diary that day. There’s often a fairly lively atmosphere in the office in the morning – which certainly helps create a positive environment and one tailored for success!

9am – 12:30pm

I tend to manage my diary and organise meetings focused on creative thinking in the morning – this is when the mind is most alert and the creativity really flows!

During a typical bid process, meetings can range from technical solution workshops and creative writing sessions to detailed legal discussions and pricing challenges. The variety of people and functions that I work with is what really makes my job interesting – there’s no one meeting the same and they always drive enthusiasm and debate.

12:30pm – 1pm

12:00 – lunchtime! I always try and take at least 30 minutes away from my desk or any meetings to grab a bite to eat and catch up with my colleagues across the business. We have a shared kitchen within the office which provides a great opportunity for my colleagues from all functions to congregate away from the screen.

1pm – 5:30pm

Fueled and ready to hit the afternoon - I take to my desk and will usually have a longer ‘to-do’ list than I’d prepared in the morning! During the afternoon, I tend to focus on completing the actions resulting from my morning sessions and other previous meetings. More often than not, this involves collaborating (either in person or virtually) with many different stakeholders in the business. 

If it’s a Tuesday, my afternoon will most likely focus on preparing for the weekly management session. This is the opportunity that myself and my fellow Bid Leads have to present our respective opportunities to Serco’s regional Executive Management Team – think Dragons’ Den but in Serco’s boardroom…


Arriving home after work, I tend to wind down by taking my dog for a walk, going for a run and cooking for my fiancé. I always try and find separation between work and personal life; even in today’s modern and connected world!

Why would you recommend Serco to graduate jobseekers?

Serco’s diversity in its’ people, operations and its’ general global footprint is an appealing factor for me.

Since joining Serco in 2014, I have been fortunate enough to experience the true value of diversity within this great company; working with a variety of extraordinary people through the management of projects in the UK, Australia and the Middle East.