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What you'll be doing

On the Serco Graduate Programme, you’ll be exposed to a range of multi-sector operational and corporate functional roles and environments, giving you the foundations to become an exceptional leader and manager. 

If your application to the program is successful, you’ll have the opportunity to work in multiple locations (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh) each location covering different Serco portfolios in which you’ll gain experience across three 8-month placements. 

The programme offers you the chance to gain exposure to senior leaders, develop excellent leadership and interpersonal skills and gives you the opportunity to gain valuable business experience. During your two years on the programme, your placement manager will formally review your performance at regular intervals and provide feedback, guidance and coaching to build on your key strengths and development areas. 

You will be taking on responsibility and contributing from day one and will be given all the training and support you need to succeed. 

Development through experience 

Your development will not be left to chance. Each placement will be carefully designed to help you develop strong leadership capabilities through critical experience, focusing on: 

  • Serving our customers: supporting our account, bid and commercial teams to understand our customers and the markets we operate in 
  • Excellence in service delivery: being part of the contract delivery team 
  • Supporting our people: working with your contract or site manager in understanding how best to manage the workforce 
  • Supporting growth: being involved in conversations about future opportunities, market intelligence and innovation 
  • Effective business management: being involved in a business risk mitigation exercise 

What’s expected of you at each stage of your development journey will build as you progress through your placements.  Meanwhile, although your growth in understanding our business will be first and foremost through your on-the-job learning, you will also benefit from a comprehensive curriculum of capability- and career-enhancing learning and development, aligned to the key pillars of our business strategy: 

  • Winning good business 
  • Executing brilliantly 
  • A place people are proud to work 
  • Profitable and sustainable. 

You will be mentored and coached by highly successful leaders and senior managers within multiple business groups and receive guidance and support to develop leadership skills and business acumen to excel in your career.