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Deployable Support Services

As a member of the local business community in the Middle East, Serco is extending assistance during the nation’s response to COVID-19. Across the world Serco is assisting national governments and health providers with their responses to the COVID-19 crisis to serve additional demand and support with the cover staff absence.


Artist impression of COVID-19 field hospital internal

Hospital Surge Support

Serco provides support services and operations and maintenance to 28 hospitals globally and is familiar with the critical processes and procedures to ensure patient flow is effective; increasing bed turnover to support surges in demand.

Patient flow management
(inc. temp. facilities and operational support)

  • Discharge lounge
  • Patient arrival and triage
  • Portering
  • Bed turnaround
  • Discharge and deep cleaning

Relaying information and distributing key supplies

Skilled project managers and coordinators to assist in information management and service planning

Provision of administrative support

Artist impression of COVID beds in field hospital

Temporary Medical Services and Facilities Provision

Serco has a local partnership with a provider of temporary facilities and can provide turn-key operational solutions within 7 days.

Construction and provision of fully operational temporary buildings and facilities including:

  • Drive through and mobile testing facility
  • On site temporary testing facility
  • Quarantine and recovery facility
  • Storage facility
  • Morgue facility

Conversion and utilisation of hotels

  • Work with our existing real estate partners to identify space
  • Fit out and set up of space as required

Conversion and utilisation of event centers & stadiums

  • Work with current clients and partners to utilize space
  • Construct and set up of space as required

Support in the operation of the temporary facility

  • Across any of the temporary facilities Serco can provide full support in the operation and running of the facility
Artist impression of COVID-19 field hospital internal view

Skilled & Trained Leaders and Front-line Staff Provision

Serco has a 4,500 strong regional workforce to support additional surges in capacity.


  • Supporting MEP staff shortages
  • Heighted reactive maintenance support for critical infrastructure (i.e. ICU, CCU)

Cleaning and infection prevention

  • Fully trained cleaning staff that understand infection control and prevention procedures
  • Support in deep cleaning high risk facilities and high touch point areas

Contact centers

  • Support in provision of trained contact center agents to supplement client’s team
  • Support in uitlisation of Serco existing contact center to reroute calls to handle additional calls
  • Support in designing and implementing call and enquiry handling for COVID-19 responses

Case monitoring and tracking

Artist impression of COVID-10 field hospital external

Monitoring and Logistics Support

Serco provides essential supply chain management and logistics services. Serco can deploy teams to safeguard the supply of critical items. Using remote technology Serco can provide monitoring support for individuals in quarantine.

General logistics support services

  • Reception services
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Movement coordination
  • Accommodation management
  • Fleet and transportation management

Supply chain support services

  • Procurement support utilizing global partnerships
  • Extension of existing Serco service partners to client
  • Asset hire
  • Fleet hire


  • Remote monitoring of conīŦrmed cases
  • Utilising the latest GPS and geofencing technology

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