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Serco Middle Easts ramps up ESG initiatives in collaboration with Dubai Chamber

Published: 7 Jul 2022

The network promoted a ‘Give and Gain Campaign’ providing opportunities for companies and their employees to participate in community engagement activities supporting charities, such as the Red Crescent.

All Serco contracts in the UAE took part in this year’s ‘Give and Gain Campaign’.

We selected 4 UAE-wide Collection Drives and Volunteering programmes for D&I to support:

  • Personal e-waste Collection Drive (Ecyclex) – Serco collected a total of 551kg of e-waste products from two of our sites during the Give and Gain Campaign from Dubai Chambers.
  • Rice Collection Drive – Serco collected approximately four tons (4000+ kg) of rice, contributed by employees from across the Division, and donated these to the Red Crescent, to help combat food insecurity.











  • Stationery collection for Education4all (Red Crescent) – Serco collected 12 + boxes of stationery worth AED4000-5000 (once again contributed by employees from across different contracts in the UAE) and donated these to the Red Crescent, to support the education of underprivileged children.
  • Volunteering Projects joined by Serco:
    • Around. 15 volunteers participated in a group volunteering program where Serco employees engaged with the students of Special Needs Future Development Center (SNF), to create and paint handicraft items.
    • 20 Serco volunteers helped to prepare aided language displays and tactile numbers in arts & crafts for the residents of the Al Noor Rehabilitation & Welfare Association for People of Determination.
    • 10 Serco volunteers participated in various arts and crafts activities with students from the Manzil Center for People with Disabilities. They got creative with painting bags, games and creating bead artwork. These were to be sold to benefit the centre. Volunteers also assisted in taking inventory and packing items in storage at Manzil.
    • 5 Serco volunteers, including management, coached special needs children at the Rising Sun Fujairah Centre for Special Needs in football. They spent the morning playing various ball games, practicing eye/hand/foot coordination and trying out different strategies for the eager students.