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Base / Integrated Support to Operations

Serco provides integrated and cost effective support to military operations at home and abroad to enable delivery of the Whole Force Approach, with proven specialist facilities management and service integration capabilities.

As the primary provider of base support to the international military forces, we have a broad array of specialist capabilities that, combined with commercial innovation and productivity enhancement, deliver market leading base operation solutions.

Serco’s base support services keep airfields operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our operations in the United Arab Emirates are a perfect example where around 20 different services are supplied to keep operations running smoothly. We provide a large range of airfield services such as internal and external cleaning, apron services, passenger, and cargo handling. Non-air-side operations are just as important to the smooth running of a busy airfield, with services including cleaning, catering, and accommodation management for the hundreds of people moving through the airfield.


Dubai ATC Control

Interesting facts

  • We are the primary deliverer of logistics and base support to the Australian Defence Force.
  • We provide over 20 different services from power supply and catering to procurement, fleet management, and facilities management services.
  • We are the largest private sector provider of air traffic control services in the world.
  • Serco’s International Fire Training Centre has over many decades developed a reputation for excellence in delivering authentic firefighter training. IFTC provided fire training and related services to civilian clients from around the world and also serves a portfolio of military customers including national air forces and multinational agencies.

Our capabilities

Our capabilities include air traffic control, real life support, fire and rescue, power generation, engineering, bird control, ramp services, logistics, armament and fuel handling, MT, and others using Whole Force principles. 

The Whole Force Approach leverages our strong customer relationships, agility at the point of delivery, and service delivery record. 

Through our services, we help our customers to reduce operating costs, improve asset availability and utilisation, manage asset lifecycle, improve safety, and enhance troop morale

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