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Light Rail and Metro

From design through to operation and maintenance, we manage urban transit systems that help cities to improve the social and economic lives of communities.

Operating and maintaining world-class light rail services

Serco provides light rail and metro services to public and privately funded transport authorities. Our capability spans the entire service lifecycle including consultancy, design, mobilisation, operation, and maintenance.

As a pioneer of light rail, metro, and tram systems, we are well placed to deliver leading transport solutions that meet the development and expansion needs of the region. We strive to transform the travel experience with a focus on delivering service excellence and modern facilities that offer value for money.

Our global credentials, capability, and experience positions us to work with both government and partners to build sustainable long-term solutions that are aligned to rising transportation pressures.

We operate and maintain world-class light rail services, characterised by impeccable customer service, operational excellence, and optimum efficiency. Serco provides a ‘turn-up-and-go’ service that is frequent and reliable, with seamless interchanges to ensure hassle-free journeys and friendly, competent, and knowledgeable staff. 

We provide expert services in both infrastructure design and transformation of existing operations. We have significant experience in mobilising both brown field and green field operations, through comprehensive planning, monitoring, and resourcing to ensure that programmes are commissioned on time and with minimal risk.

The Dubai Metro

We successfully launched the Dubai Metro in 2009. We now operate and maintain the system and, through continuous improvement techniques, we have introduced 49 significant change initiatives that have resulted in an overall cost reduction of 20% to our customer.

The system transports over 500,000 passengers daily with an average availability of 99.99% and average punctuality of 99.96%. We operate and maintain the 74.6km metro infrastructure, 435 vehicles, and 47 stations - the largest driverless system in the world.


Interesting facts

  • We currently operate all forms of rail transport within Dubai, including Dubai Metro, Palm Jumeirah Transit System, Dubai Airport Automated People Mover, Dubai Tram, and Downtown Dubai Trolley System.

  • In partnership with Alstom, we successfully launched the Dubai Tram in 2014, the first catenary-free tram system outside of Europe, achieving average availability of 99.98% and average punctuality of 99.9%.

  • We operate the Palm Jumeirah Transit System and have achieved 23% reduction in utilities consumption and introduced a ticket recycling scheme saving in excess of AED6 million for the customer.

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