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Serco Launches Charitable Foundation to mark its 25th Anniversary

Published: 20 Dec 2012

Serco, the international service company, celebrates its 25th Anniversary as a publicly traded company next year. To mark this occasion Serco is establishing the Serco Foundation, an independent charitable organisation, which will seek to help charities and other organisations.

The success of Serco is built on a strong service ethos and the effective delivery of services to millions of people around the world. Serco's people are passionate about making a difference and the Foundation will enable them to make an even greater impact.

The Serco Foundation will work with charities and NGOs, within the regions where Serco operates, to capitalise on the passion of its people to do good and to make donations that will significantly benefit the campaigns of the charities it chooses to work with. It will also seek to work with large scale Foundations and NGOs to help them consider how to improve the delivery outcomes they seek to achieve.

The Foundation will be independent of Serco and will operate on a not-for-profit basis. To ensure that the foundation will have a long-term future it will be established with a one-off endowment of £5m from Serco. In addition Serco is planning to make small regular donations to the Foundation comprising cash donations and secondments.

Over the last 25 years, Serco has supported many thousands of local causes across the world within the communities where we work. This work is vital and will carry on as we continue to support and build these strong relationships. This local support has typically amounted to 1% of Serco's annual profits.

Christopher Hyman, Chief Executive of Serco Group plc, launching the Foundation today, said: "Serco's people make a real difference to the lives of many millions of people around the world through the services that they deliver and in the communities that we serve. The Foundation will enable us to make a sustainable difference by making donations and tapping into the passions of our people to do good, helping charities and other organisations make an even bigger and long-lasting difference in addressing some of the world's most critical issues."