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Serco selected as preferred bidder for London Community Payback

Published: 13 Jul 2012

Serco Group plc (Serco), the international service company, announces today that it has been selected as preferred bidder by the Ministry of Justice for a new contract to operate Community Payback throughout the Greater London area in partnership with London Probation Trust. The contract, which is expected to be signed in the next month, is due to start in October of this year and has an estimated total value of £38 million over 4 years.

Community Payback, which requires offenders to do unpaid work for the community, gives courts a sentencing option which is robust, cost-effective and constructive. In London, around 15,000 offenders receive Community Payback sentences every year.

Serco and London Probation Trust formed a strategic alliance three and a half years ago to bid for this opportunity. Drawing on each partner's capabilities and expertise, we have designed an integrated and comprehensive approach which ensures the best balance between punishment, risk management, community engagement and localism. Serco will be responsible for providing the overarching service, including managing offender journeys; coordinating the service from our Control Centre; and providing Supervisors who oversee offenders on placements. London Probation Trust will provide the Case Management services and will undertake the initial assessment of offenders.

While not compromising on quality, this contract will give the taxpayer excellent value for money, saving more than a third on the current cost of the service. Serco and London Probation Trust are committed to making Community Payback work for society and reducing levels of reoffending. Engaging with local people is at the heart of how we will do this, ensuring that offenders make reparation in the communities where they commit their crimes.

Jeremy Stafford, Chief Executive of Serco UK & Europe, said 'We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver this crucial public service for London. With our partners in London Probation Trust we can make Community Payback a really effective part of the criminal justice system, giving offenders challenging and demanding work which will directly benefit the communities affected by their crimes. Serco is proud to play a part in making justice visible and efficient and to help break the cycle of re-offending.'