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Fiona Stanley Hospital opens

Date: 03 Oct 2014

With the opening of the State rehabilitation service today (3 October 2014) as part of the phase one opening, Serco is proud to be part of the team that has welcomed the first 100 patients to Fiona Stanley Hospital, where we deliver 26 non-clinical services.

Three years ago, Serco was selected by the WA Government to develop and set up the new public hospital in Murdoch, including the procurement of all of the hospital's equipment, design and development of non-clinical services and delivery of the complex ICT infrastructure.

Now we are delivering 26 non-clinical services at the hospital, including sterilisation, supplies management, estates, patient catering, internal logistics and reception services.

Joe Boyle, Serco's Transition Director at Fiona Stanley Hospital, said: "We were challenged to make the hospital Australia's best - with the most advanced ICT infrastructure, world leading technologies, leading clinical and non-clinical equipment and outstanding non-clinical services.

"At Serco, we have delivered numerous benefits to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, including a single-point-of-contact Helpdesk, freshly cooked meals, modern microfibre cleaning methods, patient entertainment systems at every bedside, an Australian first air glide system in our sterilisation department, automated guided vehicles to deliver meals, linen and supplies, and the first managed equipment service in Australia.

"We have implemented the very best of technology, equipment and people through our work at Fiona Stanley Hospital, all to benefit the health of the community in Western Australia.

"We know that the clinical services delivered by WA Health will be exceptional. What will set this hospital apart will be the environment in which patients are cared for, much of which has been created by our outstanding team. We are proud to be part of the team with WA Health at Fiona Stanley Hospital."

For more information, please contact:
Serco media team
Tel: 0061 2 9409 8700 or Email: media@serco-ap.com.au

About Serco at Fiona Stanley Hospital:

  • Serco is responsible for 26 operational services at FSH, including:
    • ICT services, HR, recruitment support, training and education
    • Procurement, management and maintenance of all hospital assets, including major medical equipment
    • Soft facilities management services, including catering, cleaning and linen
    • Sterilisation
    • Hard facilities management services, including energy and utilities, estates and pest control.
  • Serco will provide 2200 freshly cooked meals each day at Fiona Stanley Hospital when it is fully operational.
  • Serco has 18 automated guided vehicles at Fiona Stanley Hospital, helping to move many of the heavy and regularly distributed items such as meals, linen, waste and supplies around the hospital, complementing the work of support services staff and reducing the number of occupational health and safety injuries.
  • Serco is responsible for working with the Department of Health to procure all of the equipment, furniture and fittings for the hospitals, including ICT infrastructure and major medical equipment.
  • Serco is deploying almost one and half million items of clinical equipment, furniture, fittings and other equipment required across the hospital's 9000 rooms.

About Serco in WA:

  • Serco has been delivering essential services in Western Australia for almost 20 years.
  • In WA, Serco has more than 1400 employees, making it one of the largest employers in the State, outside of mining and government.
  • Serco employs more than 120,000 employees in more than 30 countries around the world, with 9000+ employees in Asia Pacific.
    In WA, this includes Great Southern Rail, Transperth ticketing and information, DMS Maritime, Acacia Prison, Wandoo Reintegration Centre, immigration detention centres and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

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