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Serco signs contract with Peterborough City Council to deliver service improvements and efficiencies

Date: 25 Nov 2011

Peterborough City Council and Serco have now joined forces to create a strategic partnership that will improve services to residents and deliver at least £20m savings over the next 10 years.

The partnership was formally confirmed at a special signing ceremony in the Town Hall on Friday 25th November with the Deputy Leader, Councillor Matthew Lee, and Darryn Gibson, Chief Executive of Serco's Local Government business.

The event marks the end of the Council's year-long search to find an experienced and reliable partner to build on the success of the award-winning Manor Drive - developed in 2008 to bring together the Council's back office services into a single, coherent structure - which delivered £2m of savings in 2009/10.

From Monday 28 November, Serco will take on the management of a wide range of front-line services, including customer services, benefits processing and council tax collection. Serco will also now be responsible for the Council's comprehensive service transformation programme to improve service standards and efficiencies for customers and deliver ongoing savings for the Council.

The 10-year deal, with the option of two further five-year extensions, will see all 370 city council staff who currently work in these services transfer to Serco, with their terms and conditions protected under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) regulations.

Both organisations have emphasised the benefits and new opportunities for all transferred staff as a result of Serco's plans to develop its new operation in Peterborough as a regional service base.

Councillor Matthew Lee said: "This is a big and exciting change to the way we work that will help us deliver better, more efficient services to the people of Peterborough. "From Monday, any customer enquiry will be dealt with by the same people as it is today. The difference is that they will be employed by our partner, Serco, rather than directly by the city council.

"The priority at this stage is to ensure the handover is seamless and that residents don't have to do anything differently. The way you contact us and the service you receive won't change - at least initially. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Serco will be working hard to make dealing with the council easier, quicker and more convenient.

" Jonathan Prew, Managing Director, Serco Local Government, said: "We're very excited about this partnership and the benefits we believe it will deliver to the Council and local communities across Peterborough. This decision reflects our strong track record for innovation in the delivery of high quality and efficient services for Peterborough and our customers across local government.

"By introducing new technology, which allows citizens the flexibility to communicate with the council in a variety of ways which suits them, we will improve customer experience and drive efficiencies for the Council. "However, the most important thing is a smooth transition with no drop in service for Peterborough's citizens and Council staff, and I'm very much looking forward to welcoming the new team to Serco on Monday.

" These services will remain located in Peterborough and provide a platform for Serco to develop and expand its operation by providing services to other businesses in the region.


Notes to Editors: For further information please contact Serco:
Luke Allen, Communications Manager: Luke.Allen@serco.com

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Last Updated: 25 Nov 2011